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Learning in this tutorial is based mostly off explanation and demonstration through pivot files!
So I encourage you to download and study the pivot files as I am not explaining frame by frame.
Before we get into doing any movements, I want to cover some general problems new animators run into. Here is a quick 5 frame loop I whipped up in a couple of minutes, nothing special but it will do. Acrobatics involves tumbles, jumps, flips, twists and turns alike, in most cases these movements are based of real life.

So some key factors in animating acrobatics are using realistic poses, correct spacing and applying the laws of physics. So make sure you have an adequate build up, nothing looks more awkward than a flip that has little to no arm movement in the build up.
I made this to show how to animate a standing backflip, take note that the build up plays a big part in the realism of the flip. Take into account these things and apply them to your own acrobatic movements and hopefully you will have a nice animation going.
Modelling your movements after your own and off videos of others is a great idea, and a great way to improve.

We gotta know how to animate some basic punches and kicks if we even want to consider animating a fight. Get creative with your combos, combine them with acrobatics and it will set you apart from the generic 3 hit combos everyone else animates. Adding in those movements keeps your fight interesting and entertaining which we definitely want.

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