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Barney's Big Balloon (Featurette) - Barney shares fun facts about hot air balloons while showing some many different types of hot air balloons there are. BJ's Elephant Adventure - BJ introduces his elephant friend, "Kamba" while sharing fun facts about elephants with the viewers. Welcome, Cousin Riff (Featurette) - Barney, Baby Bop and BJ bring Riff to the park where they decide to form a band and sing Sing Your Song.
Barney's Juke Box - Features five songs from the Barney home video, "Let's Make Music" (Adventuring at the Fair, Trying on Dreams, Mr.
The first home video that was never released on VHS because Barney VHS tapes become obsolete worldwide. If you listen carefully during the song, "You Can Make Music with Anything", you can hear Barney, Baby Bop, & BJ singing way off screen. The version of the "Barney & Friends" version of "I Love You" from this video would later be used in "The Sleepless Sleepover" where that version has the violin music cut off.
Have you ever found yourself listening to a sad piece of music and felt yourself become a bit depressed your self?

This blog definitely caught my attention because music has always been a big part of my life and I've always said, "You can tell a lot about a person by their music taste". An article says that passing through a doorway into another room actually can cause a person to forget things.
Maracas are one of the simplest instruments to play for young children or the beginning musician.
Sand, salt, pebbles, birdseed, rice, beans, small beads, large beads, dried pasta, rice, dried peas or beans, small washers, paper clips, small erasers. Although you can use any type of small plastic bottles, the 8 oz (236 mL) size water bottles are just perfect for this project in size and shape.
So, now youa€™ve decided how you want your pair of maracas to sound and youa€™ve tightened the cap on your two water bottles.
Aside from shaking them back and forth where the sound comes from the contents striking the sides, you can swoosh them around. Award-winning childrena€™s performer, DARIA (Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou) has five cda€™s that have won national honors.

When a little girl named "Melanie" dreams of playing her violin in a talent show, Barney, Baby Bop and BJ help her realize her dreams with the help of a new dino friend, "Riff", who is also Baby Bop and BJ's cousin. In an article titled "Why Music Moves Us" the effects of music on the brain are discussed. Remember each filling produces a different sound, so that may also be part of your plan for creating your set of maracas. In my project, I did an experiment measuring several subjects breathing rates during 5 different songs of varying tempos.
He then shows the friends all about music and sounds as they sing songs, ride amazing rides and play games! Its such a power of the mind and body that music to help your moods has become a major in colleges and a profession, music therapy.

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