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Creating a good Art Banner for your Youtube Channel is a must, If you want to attract more visitors. Most of the image may never be seen as I’m not sure how many people look at YouTube Channels on their televisions. Simply enter your email address and the download link will be sent directly to your Inbox (we can only send you the download link if you enter a valid email address). Michael Currey is an experienced web designer, front-end developer and social media manager with 15 years of experience and an education from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I took screenshots from both my mobile device and my desktop browser, and my screen is 1920×1080. Thanks for the template, I spent too much time configuring the image to fit on a deskop on a second monitor, the template saves so much time when you have to upgrade the artwork for multiple sites. Thanks Mike you saved me a lot of time and now I can make myself a youtube channel this thing is perfect!!!

With over 31+ million subscribers on YouTube and hundreds of millions of daily views on their videos, Kjellberg is living the dream of any young teenager or 20-something hoping to make it big in the video-sharing platform .Pewdiepie Make YouTube videos about video games as this is the primary job.
Google now offers a PSD file but still no guides… So I took what they gave me and created my own template.
What I am mostly concerned with is how the image looks in the newsfeed, that’s where most people will see them. I’m not exactly following… would you like to get on a Google Hangout so I can see what’s going on? Beats me why they didn’t give three options to load the artwork for desktop, mobile and whoever uses TV. First, follow what Youtube suggested in creating Channel Art Banner; make the area of your Channel Banners to be 2560 by 1440 pixels.
Third, take into account other devices used to view Youtube videos like tablets and smart phones.

I wrote about how to do this in photoshop but you might want to explore how to do this for those who don’t have the means ($) to use Photoshop. Of course, this does not apply to all the fans, or making funny YouTube videos to entertain people.
Fourth, you should remember that there is this area in your Channel Banner that would always be displayed regardless of what devices a person would use to view your channel, use this to your advantage.
You might be surprised at how many different places offer opportunities to sell their work, so it is worth investigating what works best for you.
Finally, always remember that social media buttons would appear in the bottom right corner of your channel banner so design your channel banners in a way that it would harmonize withe these social media buttons.

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