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Save time and energy and take a look at our printable phonics resources, activities and worksheets to help you in delivering high quality phonics teaching. A creative phonics resource that allows children to learn through what they love best: colouring, painting and so much more!
Put it on your classroom door to let parents, visitors and generally the rest of the school know what letter sounds your children are learning. A great activity to help children with writing letters in the correct order by reading the word, finding the letters needed to make it and sticking them on the sheet then finally writing the word. Bright and colourful flashcards of all the letters in the alphabet showing both capital and lower case letters.
An assessment sheet to see which tricky words the children know already and which ones they might need some more help with.
A fun letter book to learn about the letter P reinforcing letter recognition, letter formation and beginning sounds.
A great way to embed the letters of the alphabet in young minds combined with encouraging children to read! Sorting pictures by their initial sounds is a great activity to help children practice listening out for beginning sounds. This is the second set for the Read it, Make it, Write it activity with letters m,d,g,o,c,k, and the digraph ck.
A lovely and popular cut and stick printable activity to practice listening out for initial sounds.
A fun and engaging tricky word activity that helps children to learn their tricky words- sight words. Display the letters as you learn them with your children using this colourful phonics display bunting!

This is the forth set of the Read it, Make it, Write it activity with phonemes b,f,ff,l,ll and ss. Write and write and write!A¬† He loves them and if you have been following the saga of my son hating to write you will know that him lovingA¬† writing is a big deal. What I love about these is that they are small and light enough to take in a car or a plane but big enough for small hands to write on. Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox. Thanks- one of ours is hanging on the wall as a cafe menu board for our play kitchen right now. Great idea for to use with grandchildren now visiting — Can send the boards along with them for their long trip home after using here.
As a parent use this at home and get your child to tick off all the sounds you've been learning together.
This resource comes on four A4 pages which need to be printed then folded in half and stapled in the middle to make an A5 size booklet with 6 pages of activities. This printable activity comes on 4 A4 pages that need to be folded in half after printing to make the A5 size letter books. Print, laminate and hang the words up on a tree branch for example and let your children aim at them with water pistols or if you prefer a spray bottle.
Handwriting practice, beginning sounds, capital and lower case letters and decorating the letter D!
Handwriting practice, beginning sounds, capital and lower case letters and decorating the letter L!
They will definitely be in the bag for our next long plane ride but will be used all the time at home too.

I use a mini chalkboard with my son for preschool, but the one I got is from the dollar store and it could use an upgrade. As an OT, I use small chalkboards all of the time for the extra tactile feedback it provides. This activity comes on 4 A4 pages that need to be folded in half after printed to make and A5 sized book to create an 8 page booklet including front and back pages. To take it further the keys can then be hole punched by the children which is a great way to support the development of muscles in little hands so important for writing. They do handwriting on little chalkboards and his teacher even pointed out that traditional chalkboards provide resistance that smoother surfaces like dry erase don’t.
From then on, just fold in half, staple it in the middle and your Letter A book is ready to use! Children can then feed a piece of string through the hole to connect the different tricky word keys. Then, I can just pick up the book look and get started with incredible, fun, easy to make for moms and teachers, educational activities?!???
Take home a bunch of keys so children can keep looking at them at home and as a bonus parents are informed of what their children are learning about in school.
If there is anyone on line in children’s fun bloggaverse that should have a book published its YOU!

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