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If you wan't a referance photo of how President Obama looks since being elected use the one below.
Put this out on your front porch Halloween it will scare all the kids away and you can eat all the candy yourself! Categories: free obama pumpkin carving patterns, presidents of the united states, barack obama, obama carved pumpkin, funny, alien, avatar, vulcan, mad magazine, alfred e.
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Just kidding, I love and respect our president but it is kind of mysterious and mindboggling how this guy got to be head of a gallery of alien pumpkin heads but stranger things have happened.

President Barack Obama carving pictures, patterns, stencils, templates and access to instructions and online turorials on how to make your own U.S.
Anyway from the best I can figure playing this new Presidential Game, Obama Alien Defense, Barack Obama seems to be a more proficient alien killer but here he is smiling ear to ear on the front of a pumpkin, leader of this great Alien jack-o-lantern gallery thanks to Ray Villafane. Anyway that said I am going to try and give you everything you need so you can make your own rack-o-lantern as I call it.
If you prefer the easier traditional two dimensional Halloween pumpkin carving I have provided several links there are scads of Barack Obama free pumpkin carving pattern stencil templates available.
Masters like Villafane dona€™t use patterns or stencils, visit his online pumpkin carving tutorial if you have interest in carving a 3D Barack Obama pumpkin like this.

Professional pumpkin sculptors usually use a reference photo to carve from, I couldna€™t find the one that Ray Villafane used for this pumpkin but with him smiling so big I figured it was taken before he became president anyway, I put together a small collection of Barack Obama smiling photographs for you to create your carved pumpkin masterpiece from, good luck, Happy Halloween!

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