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These adorable little gingerbread houses are great fun to bake, and decorate, and make a lovely personal Christmas gift too.
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Gingerbread has been around since the 15th century, and the first recorded use of a Gingerbread Man was in the court of Elizabeth I of England. Here are two Gingerbread Man templates, which may be used for a wide variety of creative Christmas activities and crafts. Assemble it with Royal Icing, which dries super-hard like glue: (Royal Icing recipe) For a professional look, Tint half of your Royal Icing the same shade of brown as your gingerbread dough and use that icing to assemble the house (so that the icing does not show through in the cracks). FYI - Disco Dust, Lustre Dust, and Metallic Gilding Dust all fall into the category of "Non-Toxic" which means that they won't make you sick, but are not technically classified as "Edible" by the FDA.
GINGERBREAD HOUSEThis quantity of dough yields enough to make a house using our template, with some left over for decorations.
Why not have a go at baking them with your child during the Christmas holidays as a fun way to pass an afternoon? Celebrate the Winter Season by making Gingerbread Men using these free Gingerbread Man Templates.
The simple Gingerbread Man outline on the left could be scaled and tiled to create a very large Gingerbread Man. Print out this coloring page at half size and make a Christmas card that grandparents will cherish. Kids can cover the the Gingerbread Man template with buttons, bells, ribbons, candy canes, and presents.
These would be great for church posters, holiday cards to friends and family, or as ornaments in the Christmas Tree. Christa shares retro recipes and tips for baking the old-fashioned way, with a focus on All-American baking that often highlights New England. Very small houses can be assembled and decorated in one day, but larger houses need lots of drying time in between phases. Go around your grocery store looking for crackers, candies and cereal that could work as shutters, roof tiles, or accent pieces.
After baking your pieces and cooling them, you can pour crushed candy pieces into the window holes and bake at 350 for 5 minutes or so, just until they are thoroughly melted and no chunks remain (watch carefully to avoid overcooking). Prepare the gingerbread dough and cut out sections using a cutter or download the template below. When assembling, allow the icing on each wall to set for a few minutes before adding more walls.

The coloring template on the right could be decorated by children, or used in Christmas bunting decorations.
You can also use soup cans or something similar to hold the edges of your roof up while drying.
Your kids can decorate a house in one day, but competition houses often take weeks to complete.
Dusting the entire house with a touch of confectioner's sugar when it is complete will give it a "just dusted with snow" look. Most current interpretations of the Gingerbread man fairy tale use the saying, “Run, run as fast as you can! Regular Gingerbread Dough is tasty and suitable for building small houses and children's houses.
Large houses require a wooden board of some kind (scavenge your own from your shed or buy pre-cut plywood squares at your local hardware store). Remember that what you use for roof tiles will need to be pretty flat because shingles are stacked on top of each other. Put them inside (I prefer to have the side and front walls on before I place the lights, so I can tape down the strand while making sure I get the bulbs placed beneath the windows.) Make a little notch in the back wall to allow for the cord to go underneath it, then put the battery pack in back of the house.
If the house is lighted inside, the light will show through the windows a little, giving the gingerbread house a warm glow. You only need a little anyway, and in truth, most gingerbread houses do not get eaten after they have been getting stale on display for weeks. I have also seen gingerbread houses where the roof pieces are "embossed" with a shingle design prior to baking, or drawn on with royal icing.
Depending on how opaque your windows are, the lights should give a nice warm glow to your house. You can use any hard candy (lifesavers, jolly ranchers) but sometimes candy windows melt out after several days. Construction Grade gingerbread dough is tougher and harder to roll out, but it yields amazingly hard dough that will not warp after assembly. Brach's Butterscotch discs are the only ones I have found that never melt out, but they are more opaque than other candies, so it is a trade-off.
Construction grade is usually only used for large houses or competition houses (which may have to sit for a long time and are susceptible to humidity). I tend to make houses that are replicas of real buildings, so they are less whimsical than other gingerbread houses. 2) Lay a piece of aluminum foil on your cookie sheet and roll your dough out right on that (instead of rolling it on a board and then transferring it.) Transferring it can cause the dough to break or the shape to become askew.

If your dough spreads during baking, you can trim it with a sharp knife after it comes out, so your sides stay nice and straight. Many people prefer a gingerbread house that is whimsical and covered with a rainbow of different candies.
Using the template (or cutters, or your own template design), cut out one of the house sections then slide the gingerbread, still on the baking paper, onto a baking tray, being careful not to stretch or distort the shape. Repeat with remaining dough and template pieces, re-rolling any trimmings to make all the pieces needed.
Leave on tray for a few minutes to cool and firm up then remove to a wire rack to cool completely.7. Once the gingerbread is cooled, place the template pieces over the corresponding gingerbread pieces and use a sharp knife to trim around them a€“ this will give clean, sharp edges and make assembly easier.To make the icingMETHOD 1. Pipe a line of icing along the edge of one end wall of the house and attach it to the house front.
You can begin your decoration from here, adding a chimney and doors and other details to suit. Piping icicles on the roof line and under the eaves helps to disguise any seams.---GINGERBREAD TIPSa€? Print off the gingerbread house template from our website then cut it out from cardboard for durability and to ensure straight lines. The cooking time will be less for these; allow 8-10 minutes, depending on size and thickness. A a€? For gift tags or hanging decorations, make a hole in the top of the dough using a piping nozzle with a large round hole, or a drinking straw. The hole needs to be bigger than you may think, as it will shrink a little during baking.a€? The icing can be tinted with food colouring if desired. To cover biscuits completely with icing, use a small palette knife or the back of a teaspoon dipped in boiling water to make spreading easier. A a€? Cookies will keep for several weeks in an airtight container and 3-4 days decorated and hanging on the tree.
To keep it at its edible best, store the kitset pieces in an airtight container and assemble and decorate the house 1-2 days before it is needed.a€? This recipe can be successfully halved if you don't want to make a huge batch of biscuits.

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