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How to make seashell christmas ornaments - hubpages, You could buy these seashell ornaments, but if you already have the seashells at home tucked away in a box doing nothing, why not turn them into something fabulous?.
Edited to Add: With the ongoing issues related to the Mentality Polish Neons I'm adding this information to ensure all of you that attempt to make your own polishes, especially with neon pigments are as informed as possible. The most comprehensive coverage summary of the Mentality Polish issue I've read is here on the Mercurial Magpie blog.
Just remember, nail polish is made up of a whole bunch of chemicals, and adding mixing various components can have many unknown consequences. If you check out all these collections you will see they are all generally the same colours.
Then I add my custom little labels, which of course are completely unnecessary when you are making them for yourself, but I still love my polishes to all match.

I also test out the polishes on water as I go, to make sure they are thin enough and pigmented enough. The restocks are not even announced anymore, so the chances of getting them are Buckley's (for my non Australian readers, find out what Buckley's chance is). In Australia from the Nail Super Store and in the USA from places like Wonder Beauty Products, TKB trading and Llarowe - I'm sure there are others, but given I'm in Australia and get mine from the Nail Super Store, I've never bothered researching where else.
You don't need to the +silica one for these polishes, but I tend to buy that one as it suits my hobby polish making requirements best. I use Perfect nail polish solvet also from the Nail Super Store, you could also use Seche Restore. The article is about how some neon pigments have a resin coating than can break down in lacquer base over time and release formaldehyde as it dissolves.

I also add a few drops of white pigment just to make the finish more opaque, but not too much that the make the polish pastel.  Then again, if you want to make pastel neon polishes, just add more white!
Your best options for small bags of pigments are the places I listed above, Glitter Unique, TKB Trading and Solor Color Dust.

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