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We are hoping to fill the Pollack gallery with quilts from Rebeccas's Reel and Beach Plum guild members.See the attached information sheeti»?Modern QuiltsRRQ has started a new small group as of September 2014. The group is called a a€?modern quilt groupa€? and has a limited number of spaces for individuals to attend the classes that meet once a month on a Sunday afternoon. The class helps the quilter develop skills related to making a variety of blocks to be assembled in a modern manner using alternate grid theory.

The colors and patterns in the fabrics represent the individual quiltera€™s modern aesthetic. The participants need to be able to sew a quarter inch straight seam and be willing to try something different than traditional piecing and assembling techniques.
The quilt requirement is that each member makes a quilt inspired by one of the books the group has read.

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