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Creating a Valentine's Day gift card says "I love you" or "You're a great friend!" in a way that a drugstore gift card can't.
If you're the super-creative type and you have time on your hands, go ahead and make your card from scratch. Purchase card printer paper or something light and beautiful for an extra-special touch (for instance, a piece of vellum to insert inside). If you're worried your poetic skills aren't up to the challenge, look for cards that already contain a message and then add a personal note of your own. Here's where you can go all-out romantic, really pull the heart strings with your Valentine creation. Friendship is important, too, and should never be overlooked -- but least of all on Valentine's Day. By using a template, it's easy to create different looks for each recipient -- and to make them all feel as special as they truly are to you.

First up Kate at The Homemakery has been busy making a gorgeous selection of cards and gift tags, with a little help from some doiles.
The girls at Trends with Benefits have done it again – created another cute DIY with a twist.
And last, but by no means least, Lisa at Mathilde heart Manech has created this card with some lovely wording.
Company Kids have made these awesome color-your-own Valentine's Day cards which you can download for free, print and color!
This gives you a professional look while containing highly personalized elements (as if you specialty ordered it just for her).
Compose your own poem, select a gorgeous font (or write it by hand) and express your true feelings. When it comes to quotes, never rewrite them unless they're meant to be humorous, or unless you are doing a simple insertion (for example, "How do I love thee, Jason?

Give a lighthearted card to him while you're exchanging gifts and leave a more passionate greeting on his pillow for him to find later.
The full tutorial can be found over on the blog, and all items used can be bought in Kate’s online haberdashery shop. In fact, it’s a lyric from one of my favourite Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros songs.
Pieces of lace or fabric, glued-on trinkets and decorative sprinkles in white, pink and red are perfect.

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