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Soon after that he took an unfortunate photo in front of a mirror while model-bowling and his wife left him.  His star continued to fall faster than Lindsay Lohan’s breasts after she takes her bra off at the end of the day.
This supercut does a very nice job of summing the entire movie up but of course I had to see just how bad the entire thing was. Pressly deserves a toast for doing the best she can with what she’s given-which is a terrible script, amateurish direction, and a bland co-star. The movie is written and directed by some guy named Jimbo Lee.  No really, that’s his name.  Surprisingly this is his first feature  film!
It’s too bad Lee didn’t make a full-length version of “The Donkey” (starring Thicke as the donkey, of course) instead because it sounds a hell of a lot more interesting than this tedious piece of shit. I held out and watched this damn thing to the end hoping she’d get some kind of comeuppance and both the men in her life would ditch her rotten, jerk ass but nope, everything works out just great for Abby.  She just learned an important lesson. For a romantic drama, there sure isn’t a lot of romance.  Not that I was itching to see a sex scene involving Robin Thicke (we pretty much already got that at last year’s Video Music Awards and I shudder just thinking about that), but damn, there isn’t a shred of chemistry between him and Pressly. And Robin Thicke’s hair is stupid too.  It looks like he has that poop emoji on top of his head. Have I mentioned how excruciatingly painful this thing is to watch?  It drags and drags and then it’s just over.  There are long takes of characters doing everyday, mundane things like crossing the street, walking up stairs, ordering food at restaurants, getting appliances fixed (seriously, what is it with this movie and freaking appliances?), and having long conversations about the appliances getting fixed.

I think it’s Jimbo’s attempt to make it feel real.  It’s very similar to the way Tommy Wiseau tried to make The Room feel real by having us listen to every customer’s order at the place with the cheesecake.
This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  Not “worst” in the fun, so-bad-it’s-great, way, worst in the I regret spending 78 minutes of my life watching this when I could have been doing more fun things like going to the DMV or getting a Pap smear. Bigg Boss is the most popular television reality show that airs on Colors channel in India.
The World War II tank movie fromEnd of WatchdirectorDavid Ayer is getting ready to start their production in September as talks to cast Brad Pitt have reached the final stage.
The action inFuryis set in the waning days of 1945 World War when the Nazi regime collapses and the five-man crew of an American tank called Fury battles a desperate German army. The life of Abby is centered around the fast-paced days of being a successful sous-chef and her marriage to Matt, a loving husband. I’ll invest millions of dollars into it!”  I could see someone greenlighting it during the whole “Blurred Lines” thing for a quick cash-in, but this was filmed a whole year before that.  I just don’t get it.
The direction is laughable.  I don’t know if Jimbo Lee is trying to be artsy or is just plain clueless (most likely both) but there are long, static shots of inanimate objects like buildings, a clothes dryer, and an air conditioner.  And those are the most exciting scenes!
Now it seems that the lump sum of $1 million funded by QED International for the project will be worthy as Pitt will star in the film.QED is financing and producing the movie along with Le Grisbi Productions.

QED and Ayer are looking forward to make a war movie for modern audiences as Ayer said he intends to “bring a fresh execution to the genre. A sudden accident in the kitchen forces her to leave the job she loves, and worse, to forgo a dream promotion.
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The summer intensifies as she confronts a growing emotional gulf between herself and her husband, much unsolicited advice from her prying girlfriend and the temptation of an old flame..

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