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Many people are making wine at home now, not leaving it to the prestigious wineries located all over the world. Although wine making equipment can be costly, local supply stores and even the internet make finding the equipment easy. The most basic piece of equipment you will need is a glass jug, known as a Carboy that is available in many different sizes.
I’ve been reminded again and again that some of what I’ve held on to with both hands has been more like sand than solid rock. Our brother Jack Lewis said the cosmonauts might as well have looked in Hamlet’s attic for Shakespeare. I’m not saying I understand all this, but I’m getting more comfortable with the presence and provision of God in what our modernist minds have called “natural,” or “ordinary” places. Sometimes it’s books or songs that tear away at the carefully crafted shackles we have allowed around our wrists, the bonds that blind us to the evident wonder of God’s great provision. Speaking of wine and bread: The sharp point of God’s provision is celebrated by Christians everywhere in these two gifts. I knew that a post beginning with such a quote from Rich Mullins was going to be something I needed to hear. My mother was recently diagnosed with an advance state of cancer and has gone from being self-sufficient to completely bed-ridden in less than three months. If I had to sum up what the Rabbit Room community has taught me these past few years it’s this, to keep my eyes open. As I read this today I thought it related, and as a token of my affection to the simple blessings of this community, I thought I’d share.
Sofia, I think your idea is excellent and I may try to post about this and open it up to everyone to chime in with their own lists, like JWitmer did. I will say that, as I mentioned above, the book Notes From The Tilt0A-Whirl has been huge for me in this area. Seeing God, as you set forth in this post, this simple act of continual recognition, is the butler that opens the door of the treasure house of peace and maturity. Sam Smith is the author of the children's fantasy adventure The Green Ember, a new story with an old soul featuring rabbits with swords. Building on its long history in home wine making, Home Make It has set out to educate seasoned home wine producers about combining modern techniques with traditional methods to ensure a great drop every time.
The Home Make It brand has existed for only two years, but its story can be traced back much further. Luigi and his wife Celeste set up retail stores, selling equipment used in making wine, passata and salami at home.
Then, around 15 years ago, their son Paul established a commercial arm of the business called Australian & New Zealand Winemakers.

To this day, the company continues to supply the commercial and consumer market through its various divisions. The recent Home Make It rebranding was designed to better capture the essence of what the business is all about – that is, providing the necessary equipment to enable its customers to make high quality food and drinks at home. Paul has studied winemaking and worked at vintages in Europe and Africa, in counties that include Italy, France and South Africa.
By testing grape juice early in the process, issues can be identified and rectified by adding the relevant products. Sign up now to Italianicious magazine's newsletter and keep up to date with everything Italian. More of what we ate and drank in later posts, but I wanted to show you some photos of why October is the best time to travel there.
October is harvest time for the grapes, and there’s plenty to see before your start stumbling in and out of the wineries.
Here are some snaps – kicking myself for not having my video camera on me – of the picking and crushing process……. Now I know the work that goes into preparing the grapes, I’ll try not to drink the end result quite so quickly in future! Mel is a seasoned keynote speaker who delivers inspiring talks on Social Media, Digital PR and Personal Branding.
Through his company - Delightful Communications, Mel helps businesses make the most of digital and social media.
The wine making hobby can be enjoyed by people who live everywhere, not just the more popular wine making areas like France, Italy or even California.
Check that the quality of the wine making equipment is high enough to make wine that you can drink safely. The Wine Thief is the plastic or glass sampling tubes that you see winemakers use when testing the wine. Racking the wine is just the official name for siphoning the wine from one container to another. Like the old cartoons, I have thrown high my rope, climbed it hand over hand into the sky, only to find there was nothing up there. Augustine confessed that he was wrong to marvel at the miracle at Cana, where Jesus turned water to wine, and not at the miracle that every single cup of wine has always been changed from water to wine by God. I read a book recently that addressed suffering not as the forming of a question about if there was good, or if God was good, but that it was an answer. I beleive this post has helped lift a fog that has kept me from seeing the beauty of God in all His wonderful detail.
When we couple omnipresence with God working all things after the counsel of his own will, and God working all things together for good to them that love him, and actually reckon it true, count it as Fact, it’s a very powerful cocktail.

And then I read this beautiful essay and I remember that nothing is ordinary if it is filled with Jesus.
Sam exists at the lonely crossroads of strange and wise, and in large part we keep him around just to see what he'll do next. It all started during the 1970s when Luigi Baggio, originally from Fanzolo in the province of Treviso in Veneto, began making wine crushers, wine making equipment and passata machines in Australia and supplying them nationwide. It supplies winery equipment and processing aids to vineyards throughout Australia and New Zealand. Through his experience, he has gained a great understanding of the commercial processes used in wine making and continues to stay on top of modern technologies being used and developed around the world. The rubber stoppers will have the airlocks installed in them after they have holes drilled in them.
Any oxygen that enters the wine can start oxidizing and ruin the taste of the wine you are making.
It resembles a large thermometer with a strip of paper with numbers on it inside the tube of glass. You hold your finger over the end, like a child with a soda and a straw, to make a vacuum seal to draw the sample of wine for tasting.
When deciding what size bucket to get, make sure it is large enough to hold all the foam that the fermentation process creates.
Like the cosmonauts who went to space and announced that they had discovered God wasn’t there, I have looked in the wrong places.
In Romans 1, Paul makes it plain that men are accountable because the truth about God’s presence, power, and provision is clear. Sometimes it’s math, basketball, corn dogs, Victoria Falls, making love, babies, adoption, a painting, a person failing well, a fancy car, poetry, or water, or bread, or wine.
It takes a lot of the sting out of seemingly negative situations, hurtful people, failures, lost hopes.
It will bubble up through every hole unless you run around like mad plugging here and stepping there, scheming, stomping, working like crazy to keep it down.
If the driver blesses God when he buys gas then he is right –even if it’s five dollars a gallon.
Sometimes he sends bread direct from heaven, but more often it’s from a grocery store or a mom’s oven.

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