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Focus Group is a very valuable technique to collect important data of the objective market. At ROE SMITHSON & ASOCIADOS in Chile, a well recognized company with broad experience in marketing research and business counseling, not only in Chile but some other countries in South America such as Brazil and Colombia among others, know how to build a Focus Group to measure and figure market variables. Building a Focus Group is made by selecting specialized personnel of certain characteristics such as ages, men and women with specific profiles and different social economical levels to have the broadest sample of the society as possible and generates an important input from the objective market. There are three steps to lead a Focus Group such as Conceptualization, Interview and finally, Analysis and Report. Focus Group is a powerful tool to figure out and test valuable market information to be shared in Focus Group sessions. Market research is a research which is conducted by collecting and investigating the target market. It is known that market research is the research which will only analyze the situation about the market.
The one who is conducting the market research will be directly going to the society which is as the customers of the product that a company will produce. When the market research is conducted, then it will influence the strategy in producing the research.
This kind of research will reveal the demand for the product so that the company will find out how big the demand for the product it is. Pew Research Extraordinary Research Methods in the Digital Era, which Revolutionized the Way Scientific Research Today!

A Focus Group is a small sample of the market with members who represent their role in order to know in advance market behavior of players and also trends of the market among some other important information.
This research is usually conducted when a company is planning to produce a product to the public. The market will tell that what product that becomes the favorite one for the people and how the product will look alike and to whom the product will be targeted to. In conducting this research, the researchers will need many opinions and suggestions from the people about the things that they need. It lets the company get improvement about the marketing strategy so that the product which is marketed to the people will be successfully promoted. In conducting the research, the researcher will find out the information about marketing in society, the target market so that the product is expected to have a good result in the market and the trade of the market in which the  company can have a chance to market a product when it is needed by many people. Bottom line, a Focus Group is an important mean to figure objective market information and design new strategies to achieve goals and increase profitability of the business. Talking about business, this research seems to be very important to plan the strategy for doing business so that the product which is already a product will be precisely targeted.
After the data has been collected, the all of the data can be gathered each other to find out the conclusion of the research. This kind of investigation is divided into two, which is quantitative and qualitative research. As a result, when a company is planning to create a new product it is important to have market research with market research methods.

And finally, third, Analysis and Report, includes evaluating and presentation of results and analysis of the collected data.
By conducting this research, all about the target market will be revealed so that it enabled the producers to create something which is needed by many people.
This research helps the company to produce the product which can be competed with the same products. Once the conclusion is found, then the researcher can take make it more systematically so that the company will take the right way in planning its product to the people. When it is conducted with the quantitative research method, the result of it will be in numbers or percentage. Therefore, people as the customers can just get what the need to be used to their daily life.
Then, when it is conducted as the qualitative research, the result will be in the description.

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