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Remember that original primary research may not be necessary to conduct quantitative analysis.
Qualitative Research – Unlike quantitative research, qualitative research is typically unstructured and exploratory in nature. Our anti-spam protection requires that you enable JavaScript in your browser to be able to comment!
Market research and statistics, symbolized by population (or consumers) described through charts.
Before you even consider undertaking marketing activities such as advertising, the publication of press releases, SEO and online marketing, you should focus on market research. As with any piece of research it requires several elements, from designing the study, to collecting, analysing and interpreting the data. If you haven’t undertaken market research before, it can be difficult to know where to start. Making yourself aware of your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses can allow you to find a niche market to cater to.
Once you’ve completed your market research, this can give you the insight you need to begin with any SEO company and marketing campaigns. According to Counterpoint Research’s Monthly Market Pulse report, global Apple iPhone sales grew a healthy 26% annually crossing 20 million unit monthly sales mark for the first time ever in November 2014.
Japan, Korea and China were the bright spots where Apple registered a higher than expected demand for its newer and bigger display sporting iPhone 6 & 6 Plus models.
In Korea, Apple captured a record one-third of the total smartphone sales in November, first time ever challenging rival Samsung’s strong foothold in its home market. Commenting on Apple’s performance in Korea, Counterpoint’s Research Director based in Korea, Tom Kang notes, “No foreign brand has gone beyond the 20% market share mark in the history of Korea’s smartphone industry.
In China, iPhone sales reached a record monthly high volumes, growing more than 45% annually in November, as rich urban Chinese consumers quickly warmed to the bigger iPhone form-factors.

Counterpoint’s Research Director Neil Shah, commenting on Apple’s record performance in China notes, “This has helped propel Apple’s smartphone market share to above 12%, capturing third spot behind Lenovo and the market leader Xiaomi. In other important markets such as the USA, iPhone demand remained relatively healthy compared to last year whereas in fast growing smartphone market India, Apple is on track to sell almost a million units for the last three months of 2014.
Our Monthly Market Pulse market share data is based on sell-out (sales) surveyed at major mass retailers, distributors across different markets (33 countries) by Counterpoint Research team plus sanity checked with demand side surveys & expert Analyst estimates to complete the global monthly sales database. Neil is a sought-after frequently-quoted Industry Analyst with a wide spectrum of rich multifunctional experience. For over more than a decade, he has been offering expert strategic advice that has been highly regarded across different industries especially in telecom. He is also an IEEE Certified Wireless Professional with a Master of Science (Telecommunications & Business) from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA. Apple market share in Japan fell year on year from ~70% in 2013 to ~50% in 2014 (for November). Without an understanding of your market, any attempts to sell your product or service will rely entirely on luck – research will give you the business insight you need to get the most out of your marketing efforts.
Try undertaking a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, as it is a great place to start developing an understanding of the business environment in which your company operates. Ensuring that your offerings are different to (and better than!) others on the market gives you a huge competitive advantage. Having analysed the market, you should now have a better idea as to what consumers are looking for, and how best to cater to this. In Japan, one of the most premium smartphone markets in the world, Apple captured more than half of the smartphone sales in October as well as November. Counterpoint Research estimates, Apple’s iPhone 6 & 6 Plus momentum will continue into December and help Apple register its best ever iPhone quarter. Apple is never gonna be as cheap as Android because Apple’s a brand, Android is the generic brand.

This means that your research should provide clarification of variables such as market size, market trends, pricing and demand. Consider which political, economic, ecological, social, legal and technological factors should influence your decision making at each level of the business. Japan has been one of the strongest market for Apple and it is becoming increasingly difficult for competition to challenge Apple’s dominance in near- to mid-term.
But iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have made a difference here, denting the competition’s phablet sales.
However, with improving supply of iPhone 6 Plus we believe the iPhone 6 Plus sales will contribute to a greater proportion of the sales mix in December and during the Chinese holiday season in Q1 2015. We include all MOAP Linux and Symbian phones while they only count iOS, Android and Windows.
Apple will likely benefit from the upcoming Apple Watch with a growing and premium iPhone user-base in this highly advanced consumer market. Korea being the world’s highest penetrated phablet market (handsets with 5” above screens) earnestly needed a large screen iPhone for quite a time and now this thirst has been quenched. You can say Apple has reached record levels in Japan if you count all the handsets now, including feature phones. Also the reason for the temporary Japanese decline is because last year was inflated due to the first time the iPhone was available in Japan.
But with launch of Xiaomi Note & Note Pro it is going to be a fierce battle in the premium segment, with Samsung being attacked from both ends”.

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