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Team Fortress 2 is a team-based multiplayer first-person-shooter video game published by the Valve Corporation. The original Team Fortress was developed as a fan-made mod pack for the 1996 first-person-shooter Quake. Most Team Fortress 2 game modes have 2 opposing teams, the Reliable Excavation & Demolition (RED) and the Builders League United (BLU), that compete against each other in various maps to complete certain objectives.
Capture the Flag: Each team attempts to steal the opposing team’s intelligence briefcase from their headquarters and secure it back at their own base. King of the Hill: A central point must be captured and defended for a set amount of time to win the round. Payload: One team attempts to escort a rail cart filled with explosives to the enemies base, while the other team must defend their base for a set amount of time.
The players on each team must choose a class to play, each with their own set of abilities and special weapons. Medic: Heals fellow teammates with a Medigun that can UberCharged to make other players temporarily invulnerable. Heavy Weapons Guy: Also known as just “Heavy”, this is the largest and slowest moving of the classes.
Pyro: Wears a gas mask and fireproof suit while wielding a flamethrower and fire axe and is best at killing enemies up close.
Engineer: Can build teleporters, sentry guns and dispensers that aid other teammates in battle. Demoman: Wields a grenade launcher and sticky bomb launcher that can be used to kill enemies around corners, or lay traps for enemies to run into. Soldier: A rocket launcher equipped brute that is capable of reaching great height by jumping while firing a rocket at the ground. Spy: Can disguise themselves as members of the other team, and can kill enemies with one hit if they manage to sneak behind them and stab them in the back, more commonly known as “backstabbing”.
From left to right; Medic, Heavy Weapons Guy, Scout, Engineer, Sniper, Demoman, Soldier, Spy, and Pyro. This design was alter abandoned in favour of a non-realistic aesthetic system based on early twentieth century advertising illustrations (Norman Rockwell and Dean Cornwell).

There are two wikis dedicated to the game, the Official Team Fortress Wiki[1] and the unofficial TF2 Wiki.[3] Team Fortress 2 Fort[2] is an unofficial TF2 community site with a large discussion forum, steam group and its own TF2 server.
Nope.avi is a video clip of a BLU Engineer saying “nope” when his helmet floats above his head immediately followed by his neck extending to reach the helmet. The phrase has since become a catch-all reference used on any picture of a person with a large number of objects in his or her mouth, and with the word “gentlemen” altered as needed. The Spy Crab is a glitch that makes a Spy freeze during gameplay in an awkward looking pose. Demopan is a user-generated character based on the demolition expert “Demoman” from Team Fortress 2.
The phrase “Need a Dispenser here!” is a voice command used in Team Fortress 2 by the Scout character.
This is What I See With My Eyes Closed is a series of Gmod videos where a TF2 character is flying through space while listening to the 8-bit soundtrack from the Nintendo game Ducktales. Pop It, Don’t Drop It is a phrase originating from a YouTube video in which a BLU Medic is shown giving the middle finger and dancing to “Dream a Dream” by Captain Jack after evading an enemy’s ambush by using the UberCharge (shown below).
Search queries for “team fortress 2” reached their highest spike in October of 2007, the same month the Orange Box was released.
The game is known for its cartoony graphics, offbeat humor and wide variety of game modes and player classes. In August of 1998, the development team was hired by Valve to port the game over to the GoldSrc engine as Team Fortress Classic. According to the game’s audio commentary, the non-realistic look won out because it made it easier for the player to achieve suspension of disbelief for the other unbelievable parts of the game (the cordoned off maps and cartoon-physics being singled out). The designers made sure to give each character a unique silhouette and a unified colour palette (either red or blue) so that a player could immediately see what class they were and what team they were on. On Reddit[4], there is an entire TF2 subreddit that has 42,286 subscribers as of September 15th, 2011. According to the TF2 Wiki[8], most TF2 Machinima is created using Fraps recording software and standard demo recording[9] commands.
Because of its comically abrupt nature, the clip is most often used as a negative response or a curt dismissal in comment threads and discussion forums.

Videos of the glitch were uploaded to YouTube, and inspired the title “Rare Endangered Spy Crab”. Donning an eclectic assortment of items like shutter shades and frying pans, the character was designed to parody the insane volume of custom accessories and weapons that have been added to the game since its inception.
A dispenser is a building constructed by the Engineer class that provides health, ammo and metal to nearby teammates. Team Fortress 2 was not released until October 9th, 2007, when it was distributed as part of video game compilation The Orange Box that included Half Life 2 and Portal. A similar process went into designing the team areas, with the RED team’s base favouring warm colours and natural materials, and the BLU team’s base using sharp colours and more industrial building designs. TF2 Stats[5] collects data across TF2 servers including map usage, popular players and item usage. The sandbox software Garry’s Mod is often used when creating various Team Fortress 2 related YouTube Poops, as it allows for a wider variety of manipulations than standard demo recording techniques. A person could initiate the glitch in-game by readying the Disguise Kit item and look straight up while holding the crouch button. Scouts tend to run out of ammunition faster and have the lowest HP, which means they need a quick healer.
Valve announced that the game would be free-to-play through their Steam digital distribution software on June 23rd, 2011. Since the Dispenser is a great substitute for the Medic and provides ammo, Scouts often repeat the phrase “Need a Dispenser here!” as a cry for help. However, spamming “Need a Dispenser here!” has become a trolling method to annoy fellow teammates.

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