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Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. You asked for a classic design with bold styling, with offsets to give aggressive enthusiast fitments; here they are. You wanted muscular 5-spoke 18x8s that will fill your wheel wells, without emptying your wallet.
Kunjal Panchal is a Digital Marketer at E2M, the fastest growing digital marketing agency in India. There’s no denying that content marketing has come as a boon for brands looking to engage their target customers. As content marketing continued to make waves in 2015, we asked a few noted industry experts about everything that mattered and will continue to make a difference in that sphere, and compiled their responses. Next year I’m increasing my investment in producing video content and paid social media on Facebook and Twitter. This article on working moms raising more successful daughters generated around 30 thousand shares on social media and generated nearly a million views. The future of content marketing is to create content that is focused on a target audience and doing it better than the competition.
The best content marketing strategy that’s working for me, is continuing to use my own expertise and success to grow my sites. The future of content marketing lies in deep integration in all other marketing activities such as SEO and social media.
Our most successful strategy was taking user-generating content and creating unique super informative posts with it.
My best strategy in 2015 was to create multiple images on many of my blog posts, and pinning them over a prolonged period of time to various group boards on Pinterest. The future of content marketing is not what we think it will be, but what we choose do about it. Content needs to be outstanding and this could mean a lot of things, but essentially it all boils down to providing something new and doing it well. One of my best content marketing strategies was influencer engagement during the content development process. The single best content marketing strategy that has worked for me this year is the same one that has worked for me since I launched the Local SEO Guide blog in 2007 – keep sharing as much valuable information as you can for free. I ditched my tried and true video project format and did a one off video that was just for fun (My Insanely Automated Home & Morning Routine). As always there’s a growing emphasis on ‘quality’ going into 2016, with a continued focused on delivering high calibre content that not only looks great on desktop, but works well on mobile too. Although I have a love-hate relationship with buzzwords, Rand Fishkin coined the term ‘10x content’, and keeps a document containing examples that match his criteria here. If you’re struggling to understand level of quality required to step up your content marketing, start here. Looking more at the link building side of things, people will continue to be receptive to infographics and interactives, though again they will have to be of exceptional quality and consist of unique ideas and concepts. More visual content pieces such as infographics and interactives have continued to be really successful throughout 2015.
This ended up attracting over 100 pieces of coverage on sites such as Boing Boing, Laughing Squid, Business Insider, Daily Dot, and IGN. Unique –  The idea hadn’t been done before, which always tips the odds in your favour. Research – It’s immediately clear that lots of time has been invested into the research of this piece.
Design – The piece is very aesthetically pleasing, and if you’re looking for people to post it on their own sites this is an absolute necessity.
People continue to churn out low-quality infographics and people get inundated with outreach, so it’s important your piece matches the above criteria and stands out from the noise. There are so many different levels of content marketing and they all require various strategies.
I’m not sure I’d call this a full strategy, though I did want to see if I could find a better technique for churning out articles that would do well. I think this can be replicated by finding a topic in your industry that has scattered information and just putting it all in one place. As the amount of content creation continues to rise, it’s going to become even harder to build an audience with our content. Strategies like blogger outreach will become even more valuable as time goes on down to the fact that it’s so effective.
But, this presents an opportunity for those who are focused on building long-term relationships to adopt a “helping” mentality. It just starts off with saying cool things about people and letting them know about it, but there’s a lot more scope.
If you can involve influencers directly in the content creation process, they’ll be far more likely to share your content with their audience. Other platforms will be in the limelight more than in 2015, with bloggers expanding their text content into other mediums like video with voiceovers.
On that note, I would like to thank each of our experts for being a part of this exclusive roundup.
The future of content marketing will be having better impact contents centered around values. I am agree with Zac & Neil, and definitely follow their tips for my future content marketing campaigns.
The marketplace in which many businesses operate within has become fiercely competitive due to the decreased consumption patterns of consumers.
2 million pre-orders in 24 hours is what Apple recorded for the long-awaited arrival of its much-anticipated iPhone 5. Being known as an expert and recognized for your ability to work efficiently in your particular field of trade no matter what challenges are presented is a highly sought after attribute. As I mentioned in an earlier post, entrepreneurship consist of mastering the art of the hustle.
Entrepreneurship is about embracing the challenges of independency within such a dependent oriented society.

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Fall is in the air and the homebuyers are still out in force buying homes that are ready now through the end of the year.  Why not get into a new home in time for the holidays? Local malls include Cumberland Mall, The Galleria, Vinings Jubilee Lenox Square and Town Center at Cobb plus many great local shoppes and eateries. Smynra Grove is already wildly popular with four homes sold since the Grand Opening party in August!
Smyrna Grove is in-demand for good reason.  Located in a Gated Community, you will find quality built homes with a lot of individuality and timeless details. Check back as more information becomes available or call Sandra King at  770-254-5412 or Tim Baldus at 678-232-0221 or visit us online. It encompasses looking after a gamut of functions such as website content, blog posts, social media, white papers, ebooks, and of course, promotional tactics.
For example, when you read marketing posts in the future, you may select the type of company you have and the content will be more actionable to your business. I started writing much more detailed content in 2015 and it has helped grow my traffic at a much faster pace. The goal here is to go very niche so that you can eliminate the big players with established sites or big budgets. As long as Google continues to rank sites based on their quality, link power and relevant — going extremely niche is the place to be.
Since most of my content is based around how to start a blog or make money online, it’s easy to provide my audience with real examples, case studies and personal experiences.
Content now comes in a lot of forms, video and audio content is gaining its popularity and in 2016 we’ll see even more of it.
We run a Twitter chat and after every chat we post a recap full of tweets from the participants as well as our own thoughts. The main problem is that there is already more content being produced than what users are willing to digest.
Content marketers of the future must be able to cater for both skimmers and deep readers and the only way to do that is to give users a choice of how much of information to consume on a page. I would typically start with my own research and form a basic content piece and then invite those whose opinion I highly value and invite them to contribute in some way. In doing so my production quality suffered but counterintuitively the engagement and sharing of my video content skyrocketed.
Cheap content doesn’t cut it anymore, and more attention needs to be spent on achieving great user engagement signals (bounce rate, time on page etc.). Hours were spent sifting through various resources, and those who know about the Marvel universe will understand that it is extremely complicated! I did some research in the board game industry and saw that there was very little information about it’s history.
However, I’ve only ever tried it this one time, which is why I can’t really call it a full strategy. Rather than the usual “spray and pray” approach where people send bulk emails with no thought to quality. Just give them a heads up about the post and let them decide whether or not they want to share your content. The field of content marketing is a constantly evolving one, which is why expert speak matters as it helps you filter the noise out. As consumers become more hesitant about how their money is spent businesses likewise mimic the same behavioral patterns.
Having expertise status means that you are capable of performing better than your competitors and are vastly skilled at ensuring no problem goes unresolved.
Between operating, managing and promoting your business, there seems to be absolutely no time to think in a calm manner.
As our nation grew, the independent aspect of thinking seemed to decline in favor of dependency on big corporations and the government.
The builders have been working very hard and there will be 10 homes ready to close at the end of October, ACT FAST to put your name on one of these popular homes or you may end up waiting in line for a finished home. Love where you live in a neighborly community where each and every home offers a front porch and a maintenance-free front yard. Olympic Pool, 1.5 Acre Community Lake, Community Parks, Kids playground, walking trails and gated access. Very open floor plan with formal dining huge kitchen with oversized island open to a large great room with coffer ceilings, fireplace,built in bookshelves and lots of windows. Such posts were shared two times more frequently than other posts on our blog, and also helped us build a strong community.
On a small screen, people will increasingly want content that does not require scrolling, and they will react well to content that gives them something to do (choose options, input what they see around them wherever they are, etc.).
But it could also be a way of doing things better in terms of information structure, presentation, functionality and personalisation.
My solution can be seen in practice here and here which offers busy reader a 5-minute read. One recent example was for one of our clients which had a pretty standard landing page for Sydney but I needed to make it stand out as far as content goes by providing additional value. The future will include newer technologies and content formats but the core goal of providing value will stay the same. It turned out I had been optimizing for the wrong things I now plan to integrate my new video style into all of my future videos. I agree, businesses should be ready to adapt to the changes that will become inevitable due to the varied technological changes! The problem with this though is that businesses cannot operate in this manner because it does not resonate well with consumers. The acclaim that comes with such recognition has many people wildly proclaiming to be experts on various topics in order to gain a steady following which subsequently can lead to financial success.

A true hustle speaks for itself and does not have to be verified through elaborate talk that aims to embellish your self-proclaimed persona.
While the hustle and bustle mentality is pretty mandatory to remain in contention, its frantic pace can deceive your eyesight and make you somewhat delusional. Now as these two huge structures of economic development and job creation lose their power due to power management and overzealous expansion; people are experiencing overwhelming difficulty in both their professional and personal lives.
You will spend many hours at the community clubhouse with 24 hour fitness facility, full kitchen, great hall with fireplace, office and huge entertaining deck or enjoy the outdoor fireplace lounge and outdoor kitchen.
The first level includes a formal dining room, study and front room which is adjoined by a home office. I was able to do this by spending $50 to promote the article to working moms on Facebook which generated several hundred likes and re-shares, which got the ball rolling. For example, 80% of the audience that checked this chat recap was new, so we really attracted new visitors and also celebrated the knowledge of our existing audience. This does not mean that we writers will be out of work (I hope), but it does mean that we will have to adapt to writing more for multimedia. So if you create value in the form of in depth, thorough content folks will flock your way.
It’s the same content, but structured in such way so that supplementary information is tucked away in hypotext. I decided to find out where Sydney locals like to eat and then map the top restaurants to relevant properties by proximity.
If you give away enough valuable info at some point people may start actually trusting what you have to say, And if you keep doing it, at some point they may send a nice link or perhaps some actual business your way. I ended up putting everything together into one big piece, which ended up at the top of hacker news and gaining traction on several other user submission sites.
As a business you operate in order to make a profit; consumers consume in order to satisfy specific needs and wants. During these trying economic times it speaks volumes about what can be accomplished with the right formula in your possession. This growing claim of experts though has led many to become skeptical of all these so-called experts, who know nothing more than what the average person does. Hustling is not meant for everyone because it demands an intense focus and requires you to perform on a high level consistently. How do youA knowA your marketing efforts are worth the time, energy and money put into them?
What I mean simply is that things in your reality are not as they appear in actual reality.
As aging concepts are on the brink of collapse and once huge powers are experiencing unavoidable upheaval; new challengers must step up to the opposition in order to cushion the impact of their impending demise. The construction on the amenities is progressing and is slated to be finished in January, 2016. All information is believed to be accurate, but not warranted and is subject to errors, omissions, changes, or withdrawal without notice. When creating new content, think about the different Facebook demographic, behavior and interest-targeting options that are available.
In addition to the target audience, you will also need to provide better information that what is out there — such as including original images, videos or even infographics.
We also created a very nice image made of different tips that were shared during the chat, and we keep sharing that over and over again via social media. While doing research for this I discovered a surprising fact about the eating habits of Australians and decided to turn that into a story. If consumers feel that they are being given low quality products and services they transition their consuming patterns elsewhere.
Apple seems to have found the right formula when it comes to the products it provides and the messages of innovation that go hand in hand with their production. Many people hate working hard for 30 minutes so imagine working hard for days that turn into years.
For example your business may proclaim to a€?educate while doing businessa€? or a€?exceed the customersa€™ expectationsa€?.
If you can’t align your topics with a highly discriminating audience targeting option, don’t bother creating it. The last step (yet most important) in the process is your content outreach and gaining hight quality backlinks to your site.
We really made a lot of emphasis on visually appealing content, it definitely get more engagement and visibility.
I reached out to journalists who wrote about the subject in the past and got some very nice media exposure for the client. It got translated in several different languages, which all linked back to the original source.
Businesses on the other hand cannot just reposition their consumer base instantly without suffering numerous setbacks which can be very costly.
Apple’s two main attractions; the iPhone and iPad always seem to produce hyper anticipation but why is this so? Your goal is to produce beneficial interaction that leads to increased attention which translates to increased sales.
This means that businesses must truly create value for their consumers especially during these challenging times in order to remain competitive amongst the varying options competitors present to consumers. The challenge that presents itself though is finding the right chemistry that produces this wanted outcome. You are trying to communicate to the consumer your unique selling point but fail to achieve what is promised to be delivered.

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