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Experience with social and emerging media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest a plus! Last year 447 bands played a role in 300 music festivals worldwide. Some brands even took the next step and fully owned a festival, like Budweiser’s yearly end-of-summer Made in America festival, held in Philadelphia. Brands use festivals to take part in the fun and pair themselves with the lasting memories from the event. Participating at music festivals helps brands reach the large audience present at the event, but it doesn’t end there. An exclusive VIP moment like the one Bud Light Platinum created will be hard for people to forget and with the premium experience, people are sure to think of Bud Light Platinum as an upgrade to the usual.
Don’t slew random advertisements at people (especially Millennials), they’ll probably see right through it. If you have a product that people can sample, you should seriously consider giving people a taste of your brand. Finding a solution to a current problem is a smart way to create a powerful connection with potential customers. About MavrckWe all know word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing, but word-of-mouth automation at scale has always been a challenge. By focusing on influential customers who engage a high percentage of their friends around a brand's relevant topics or keywords, Mavrck's patented micro-influencer marketing platform powers consumer brands like Hershey's, Sears and Unilever to discover and activate millions of their micro-influencers to distribute content and drive conversions across social networks. On average, our "always-on" activation engine will get 3 friends to convert for every 1 micro-influencer activated.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. There are many industry blogs on the internet that discuss how there is more to content marketing than long blog posts, some audiences are more receptive to creative content such as video, audio or design. For years brands have been marketing themselves in collaborations with the music industry; from early jingles on black and white TV, to sponsoring massive music festivals during the summer. A great example of brands incorporating music into their marketing strategy, is Fred Perry. Fred Perry have set up a microsite titled "Subculture" linked to their site, it contains the latest music, some of which is available to download, and "arty" cinema.
It is not just brands that have roots in music fashion that are trying something different with their content marketing. Although this is nothing new; coffee giants Starbucks have been selling the CD's of the lounge music they play in their stores for years. Welcome to this John Oszajca Music Marketing Manifesto Review, Are you currently a music geek? This music marketing manifesto also provides secrets and tactics to any or all individuals who would like to publicize their musical masterpieces online.among the primary feature of the music marketing manifesto is the fact that within couple of days and days of your time , the music you have produced gains recognition one of the online media. Music Marketing Manifesto is definitely an e-book that will highlight how you can market then sell your music online. In Music Marketing Manifesto, you’ll learn to design lucrative internet sites, divert plenty of no cost traffic, add site visitors for your subscriber list, improve your group of followers, get a fans to purchase your music plus much more. The details and comments on a reverse phone lookup have proven that this is an excellent return of investment.
Check out this van that comes equipped with a xylophone encourages users to play, for free. Join me tomorrow, May 13, 2016 at 5:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time as I host my first Blab to discuss what happened, why, and where we go from here.
If you can’t be there in person, leave me a 90-second voicemail here, or share an mp3 file with me. This entry was posted in advocacy, careers, marketingmusiceducation, music education, podcasts, promotingyourmusicprogram, Uncategorized and tagged Blab, diversity, NAFME on May 12, 2016 by Kathleen Heuer. Read the full article about Jeff Grogan I wrote for the Music for All Orchestra America Newsletter here.
Jeff Grogan serves as conductor and artistic director of the InterSchool Orchestras of New York as well as the Greater Newark Youth Orchestras and music director and conductor of the New Jersey Youth Symphony. In addition, he spends a large portion of each season working with school music programs, festivals, and conducting All State Orchestras throughout the country. This entry was posted in advocacy, burnout, careers, fundraising, marketingmusiceducation, music education, podcasts, promotingyourmusicprogram, Uncategorized, volunteering, wellness on April 28, 2016 by Kathleen Heuer. This entry was posted in advocacy, arts advocacy, burnout, careers, fundraising, marketingmusiceducation, music education, podcasts, promotingyourmusicprogram, volunteering and tagged advocacy, advocate for music education, arts, band, band geek, band nerd, burnout, community, community outreach, education, educator, fundraising, JDM & Associates, John Gallagher, marching band, marketing music education, mused, music, music ed, music education, Music for All, Music for All National Festival, music student, music teacher, musiced, NAFME, National Association for Music Education, New York State School Music Association, NYSSMA, podcast, promoting your music program, public relations on March 6, 2016 by Kathleen Heuer.
David DeSalvo of Forbes describes how and why a stick of chewing gum can help clear your head of musical distractions. One test subject mentioned that chewing on a cinnamon stick also worked, but I’d sure as heck rather chew gum.
Keith Ozsvath is passionate about teaching music, professional development, and integrating technology.
Greg Scapillato teaches band in Northbrook District 28 (IL), conducting the Wind Ensemble and teaching lessons grades 4-8. This entry was posted in advocacy, arts advocacy, burnout, careers, marketingmusiceducation, music education, podcasts, promotingyourmusicprogram, Uncategorized, wellness and tagged band camp, MFA, middle school, middle school summer band camp, Music for All, summer band camp, summer camp, Summer Symposium on December 16, 2015 by Kathleen Heuer. This is the second of two episodes with Richard Crain; find the first half of our conversation here!
This entry was posted in advocacy, arts advocacy, burnout, marketingmusiceducation, music education, podcasts, promotingyourmusicprogram, tips & tricks, Uncategorized and tagged burnout, Chicago, fundraising, McCormick Place, mentor, Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic, Midwest Clinic, music education, music educator, Richard Crain, teacher turnover, Texas, volunteers on November 18, 2015 by Kathleen Heuer. This is the first of two episodes with Richard Crain; be sure to tune in next time for more! This entry was posted in advocacy, arts advocacy, burnout, fundraising, marketingmusiceducation, music education, podcasts, promotingyourmusicprogram, volunteering and tagged burnout, Chicago, fundraising, McCormick Place, mentor, Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic, Midwest Clinic, music education, music educator, Richard Crain, teacher turnover, Texas, volunteers on November 16, 2015 by Kathleen Heuer. In fact, these super fans account for 61% of purchases, according to the research (live music, merchandise, direct funding etc.).
In an industry which has been revolutionized like few others have, consumers have been massively empowered.
So in a world in which you potential customer doesn’t have to buy something to get it, how do you make money? Establishing a connection with fans has always been the most sustainable marketing strategy for bands and musicians. In business to business marketing we focus on nurturing prospects through a lengthy often complex buying cycle that continues on even after the purchase is made. There’s a real opportunity for artists and labels to move past the one night stand of a single sale or digital stream and move on to a much more fruitful one to one relationship with their fans. In the last decade, the movie business struggled to adapt to a modern environment just like the music business did and still does.
Taylor Swift recently made headlines when she decided to remove all of her music from Spotify, because she wouldn’t make enough money from people streaming her stuff.

In their matrix of the progress of economic value, Pine & Gilmore explain how the source of competitive advantage is evolving on markets. Most musicians market their music as if they were goods and fail to understand that they provide an experience. One of my very favorite people to follow around the web (sorry for stalking Robert!) is the co-founder of the Content Marketing Institute Robert Rose. What digital has simultaneously done is to make it easier to become “a little bit famous” and much more difficult to actually “break through and become lasting”. Heavy metal bands were one of the first to understand the value of a dedicated community of super fans.
The British band Iron Maiden launched they fan club 30 years ago (!) and it is still around and well. To illustrate a little more in detail, I want to introduce one of my very favorite bands out there: In Flames. One of my very favorite bands is a Swedish melodic death metal (don’t worry, it sounds more brutal than it actually is) called In Flames. They did the same outstanding job than the bands I mentioned above in terms of building a community.
When I finally got to attend a concert of the band in November 2014, they invited a fan on stage to film the whole experience from the their perspective. Think about who your target listeners may be (or should be?) and adjust distribution accordingly.
Remember that people who listen to your music will always have the choice between listening for free and buying your stuff (whether it’s a CD, T-Shirt or ticket to the next concert). Make it personal, make your music part of their identity, make it memorable and make them want to recommend you.
In order to keep fans engaged you might want to think about delivering experiences through alternative formats. There is an awesome post on the role of SEO for musicians on Moz which you should check out right now!
I’ll continue stalking you around the web for your articles… ?? And looking forward to your book! It absolutely revolves around creating an experience, though I must admit I never thought about it in the context of the funnel model, with the music sitting at the very top. Langfristiger Nutzen schlagt kurzfristige Faszination: Content Marketing ist mehr ist als eine geile Kampagne! Everyone’s in good spirits, people are dressed in trendy outfits (even if they’re covered in sweat and dirt), and the energy of the crowd is unmatched.
A music festival is known to be a positive experience and brands are looking to tap into the good vibes. If you want to make the same type of impact on your potential customers, create your own experience!
Fans have been dancing and sweltering in the heat for hours and they happen upon Sony booth. Not only do people like free products and services, but when you provide for them at a time of need, you’re making an even bigger impact. VH1 hosted a GIF booth at Lollapalooza where people could create an animated picture that they could email and share on their social networks. We can look to brands at festivals and see their heavy focus on social media and their use of a variety of social media channels to increase their awareness. Your marketing should be too! Even if you can’t tackle a music festival in the flesh, by keeping a fresh perspective and following these tips, you can rock your marketing and effectively capture attention and drive conversions. At Mavrck, we harness the power of human-to-human marketing at scale by tapping into your most valuable asset: existing customers with influence.
In this blog post I will look at how using music in a content marketing strategy is ideal for some brands. Throughout the brands history the famous laurel wreath has been worn by 50s Mods, 60s skinheads and Soul Boys etc, all with their own choice of music.
This is directly targeting their target audience with highly shareable content that will ensure their brand remains synonymous with cool, underground music.
This has now evolved to offering customers a free download on iTunes every week via a code they get when they purchase a drink. And do you consider you are able to rock the blockbuster charts together with your musical rhythm? Even when you are able to secure an agreement, you need to make certain you will get enough sales. The recording includes a six step plan the desire tell how you can marketwise your music within the online market. On one side, I can relate with the hippie mind that came up with the idea while on the other, I can’t help wondering what was that guy thinking? The National Association for Music Education has replaced their CEO after allegations of possibly racist statements made at a NEA event. You can also leave me your thoughts here in the comments or on social media, and I’ll be glad to read them.
Learn more about the Orchestra America National Festival here, and how students can apply to work with Jeff Grogan as a member of the 2017 Honor Orchestra of America here. He is in his sixth season as the education and community engagement conductor for the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, where he leads the NJSO in a variety of concerts each season. Prior to his appointment with the NJSO, Grogan was director of orchestras and associate professor at the Ithaca College School of Music. They’re the coordinators of the brand new MFA middle school track at the 2016 Music For All Summer Symposium.
We discuss the challenges they face as middle school band directors, like recruiting, retention and burnout.
Then click here to sign up to get more information as it’s available, and check out this feature article here.
He joined the music faculty at Rotolo Middle School in Batavia, Illinois, in 2000 and teaches the 8th Grade Band, Jazz Ensemble, and the Symphonic Band. The focus then shifts to cross selling, upselling, and turning that customer into an advocate where they can then share their experience with other prospects.
Reach potential fans through accurate targeting at the top of the funnel then nurture them with great content beyond just the music, and finally turn them into advocates and lifelong fans through a total experience.
I had a few short chats with Robert and one of those was about the music business and content as an experience. There are innumerable business models available to musicians today, but sadly too few of them actually employ them.
The cycles are simply faster, so record companies don’t have the three years of time to develop artists any longer like they used to.
Membership allows fans to access pre-sales and receive 3 magazines per year (Content!) and exclusive products.

The footage was then integrated in the pro shots, which really makes it unique and memorable for everyone who was there! If you are a musician, you are lucky because Facebook is still a plattform on which you can reach a vast number of fans.
Acknowledging the experiential nature of music means that you should leverage emotional aspects of the relationship. That is a prime example of a band who tried to fight the changing digital music industry in the beginning, and eventually was smart enough to adapt.
They can talk about artistic integrity all day long, but unless they begin to make it more about their audience (the fans), and less about their own money and fame, they are going to be fighting a losing battle. They are the people who will purchase tickets to their shows, buy merchandise and post on social media while at those shows, and who will share the music with their friends when they get home from those shows—both online and in real life. More than $1.34 billion will be spent sponsoring festivals, tours and music venues, a 4.4% increase from last year! Brands are also looking to reach a certain demographic and music festivals could be a great way to target the right people. So, other than simply showing up at these festivals, what exactly are brands doing to connect with the crowds?
Your business should try to implement a number of social media tactics but only if you have the ability to manage a large number of networks well. You’ll easily have the ability to stick to the steps regardless of your actual age or what your level of skill is.
After dealing with this ordeal themself and doing lots of research, author Jon Oszajca created a effective online marketing system that he’s now discussing along with you. Additionally you require the right understanding, and you will certainly have that from Music Marketing Manifesto. They also share why they saw a need for a camp like the MFA middle school camp, as well as their approach to designing the event from scratch. We discuss the importance of professional development for music educators, especially as it relates to burnout and teacher turnover. We delve into funding for music education, including fundraising and sponsorship, and go deeper into the importance of music education advocacy at the local level.
With all of the current technologies, platforms, tools, channels and the massive amounts of data available to artists and their respective label’s, there simply no longer any excuses for not monetizing this new model as an ongoing experience.
Because it failed to understand that theatres are actually in the business of providing experiences. The only way to get them to pay is to build relationships and reward them with meaningful experiences.
Instead, you’ve got to develop within 12 months – and then hopefully last beyond that. A whole section even displays Tattoos fans got –  isn’t that the ultimate form of endorsement and advocacy?
It’s unfortunate that an extremely successful artist like Taylor Swift is complaining about Spotify when she really should be caring about the music and her fans.
Their audience wants to consume their music in their own way, to become a part of exclusive experiences as their fans, and the artist would be smart to recognize the value in that. 88% of attendees said they planned to use Facebook at the event, 71% said they would tweet, and 68% said they would use Instagram. They also opened up a “Java Monster Cafe,” where gave away free breakfast and a Java Monster Coffee so festivalgoers could get energy for the day. The more people who try and like your product, the more people will become customers and actually purchase your product!
Sony solved a problem presently affecting potential customers and they are sure to remember this kind gesture. By creating fun social sharing activities, VH1 gave people a positive experience and in turn, the brand was able to spread awareness through a variety of social networks. All that you should it to test the Music Marketing Manifesto 2.0 of the marketing includes a lots of advanced methods that will help you to obtain a better understanding on which is really the rhythm of music. I clicked the link and found not only a treasure trove of templates for public relations—all tailored specifically for music education programs—but tumbled down a deep rabbit hole of online resources all designed to help you market music education right in your own community.
While teaching the Beginning Band, he introduced a demonstration concert designed to improve parent investment and engagement.
What do I mean by that? Let me explain what it really means and how content marketing can help. But in order to get to the point of bands like the ones above, you need to get your music out there and in front of the people you want to reach. However music is a highly emotional and engaging topic which gets a lot of engagement on this platform. Connect with interested listeners and make them subscribe to a newsletter or another of way of getting in touch with them.
This means marketers’ messages can easily spread across social channels during and after the festival. This BLP experience was made complete with private performances from DJs like Tommy Trash, 3LAU, and Desctructo. He is a member of the American School Band Directors Association, National Association for Music Education, been recognized twice by “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers” and is an Eagle Scout.
She’s far from the struggling artist who actually gets it, trying to get their name out there via YouTube and street corner. They understand the value in getting their music into the hands of as many people as possible in order to boost their revenue for live shows and other experiences. Bud Light Platinum made concertgoers’ festival experience platinum using the unique concept of producing an intimate club inside a festival.
He has been an Illinois Summer Youth Music conductor at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana.
Scapillato’s direction, has benefitted from special performance opportunities, including joint concerts with professional ensembles and service-based performances such as the local Veterans’ Day Ceremony. Additionally, he has presented sessions at the National Middle School Association Conference, Illinois Music Educators All-State Conference, and at VanderCook College of Music.
Keith currently teaches two VanderCook MECA classes: Tech Tools for the Music Educator and an online class, You Made This!
Scapillato also initiated a biennial alumni concert to connect students to those with a life-long love of music performance. Scapillato enjoys developing his expertise with technology and its integration to accelerate student learning.
Scapillato is grateful for supportive colleagues, friends, and family. He calls Arlington Heights, Illinois, home with his wife, son, and an incorrigible Golden Retriever.

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