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Since starting in the direct sales industry a little over 4 years ago Josh Peace has went full throttle with his company and it has brought him to the stage he is now. Any candidate represented by Guided Solutions will be provided with as much detail as possible prior to the interview to ensure the best possible outcome. Our consultants spend a significant amount of time discussing with a hiring manager the exact requirements of a role, along with the specific hiring needs over and above the corporate or statutory requirements.
Consultants at Guided Solutions work hard to prepare each candidate for an interview, however if you would like to prepare yourself please pay attention to the following major points in order to impress the hiring manager and increase your chances of getting the job. As in every industry the medical devices industry requires a good preparation for your interview, as medical devices companies are becoming more demanding in terms of what they are looking for, they expect candidates to show up prepared. Since competition for medical sales jobs can be fierce, you can give yourself an advantage by preparing for the interview, by researching the medical devices, being that theatre products or consumables sold by the company, as well as the healthcare industry in general.
If your background and experience matches the requirements of the medical devices company all you need to do is be prepared for an interview.
Be prepared to give well thought answers by knowing what questions to expect in a medical sales interview. Have a brag book prepared, especially if you have data to show your previous success in medical sales, and prove to the hiring manager that you have sold medical devices in your previous job and you have done it successfully. Closing an interview is one of the most important steps, if you are in medical sales you should know how to close a sale, so this should be done in the same way, only the product you are selling is yourself. Lastly, same as in every other interview, in the medical sales jobs interviews it is important to smile, take your time to think about the answers you give and enjoy yourself. By Scott Nelson • Get Free Updates In the mad rush to arm your medical device sales force with the latest iPad apps, have you stopped to consider whether your digital marketing efforts truly align with your overall marketing and sales objectives?

Perhaps more important, have you placed enough emphasis on training your sales force how to properly use the expensive digital tools you’ve provided them with?
What digital marketing option carries the most potential for disrupting the traditional medical device sales channel? 3) Read the following transcripts from my interview with Asher Cameron.  Also, feel free to download the transcripts by clicking here. Scott Nelson:    Okay, so it was either last week or the week before, you presented at the Medical Devices Digital Marketing Conference hosted by ExL in Minneapolis and you started out your presentation with digital marketing or marketing digital, and I thought that was an interesting phrase.  Can you expound on that a little bit more? The third key area is an emerging area called immersive interactive, and what we’ve seen, and Infuse Medical has been fortunate to participate and be an innovator and leader in this new field, and that is the development of surgical simulations, virtual procedures and product simulations for the Nintendo, Wii and Microsoft Kinect.  And so these are ways, technologies that enable much more immersive training and learning environment for clinicians, for sales reps, and again, we see a lot of interesting things coming out from a technology standpoint in this area to make it even much more virtual and interactive in that space. So those six categories we’ve seen are going to be persistent over time.  The technology will change within the categories, but those are six major areas we see of digital marketing where medical device marketers can evaluate options in those six areas to meet their marketing sales and training objectives.
So we continually see right now that mobile hasn’t gone away.  There have been innovators in the market that we’ve worked with, the Medtronics, Boston Scientifics, St. But those four areas, again, is what we’ve found apps will have either one or more of those elements, dynamic content management, sales presentation tools, sales productivity, and training. So the first thing I would say to anybody who kind of feels overwhelmed and says, “Gosh, it seems like I should be doing something and I’m getting pressure here from the sales force or from my boss to say, ‘Okay, what are we doing in this whole digital marketing space and should we be getting iPad to the sales force?  What should we be doing here?’” is first of all, again, don’t be intimidated by what anybody else is doing out there because this is all about your marketing plan and what you need to do to meet your objectives.  What may make sense for one company may not make sense for another company because maybe you have a capital equipment product and your sales force is selling capital equipment, somebody else is selling disposables, and that again creates a difference in terms of how you’re selling. So first of all, again, don’t feel pressure that just because other people in devices have spent a lot of money in building out these tools that you need to do all that and have something.  It’s very easy to start small and I think hopefully, again, by going back to this notion of, “Okay, what are my key marketing objectives?  What do I need to do?” that you could start with that primary objective. All of that again is a longwinded way of saying when that is done, then training becomes very easy, so when you go to the national sales meeting or have the webinar and deploy the tool to the sales reps, the 45 minutes you’re spending or an hour you’re spending with the sales reps walking through the tool, they get it right away because, again, it mimics their existing sales call and sales process.
So in our time left I definitely want to ask you a few questions about Infuse as well as your background before you made the move over to Infuse Medical.  But real quick, was there anything that stood out in regard to the data that I believe James Avallone, I’m not exactly sure how to pronounce his last name, with Manhattan Research, the information he presented on how physicians are responding to digital tools?  Was there anything that jumped out to you that you walked away surprised with in regard to the content that he presented?

We get a lot of requests for, “Oh gosh, six weeks away from now we need to able to get something out,” and we have the flexibility to do that.  So we feel very fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with all these companies, and again, I think it’s because of the fact that we’re a comprehensive digital agency and we’re focused exclusively on the medical device industry. Asher Cameron is the VP of Account Services for Infuse Medical, a comprehensive digital agency focused exclusively on the medical device industry.
This results in a level of knowledge that benefits our candidates greatly when going for interview.
Working as a medical sales representative can be a rewarding and exciting career, however sales interviews can be difficult, and positions for medical device sales representatives, territory managers, account managers are demanding. The brag file can include sales stats, certifications, power point presentations you have created, brochures if you have done any, and the types of products or equipment you have marketed and sold before. Asking whether there is anything you could have done differently, or if there is anything that will prevent you from doing the job that you could work on, will not only leave positive impression to the hiring manager but also show your commitment and eagerness for the job.
Judes of the world,  Bard, Terumo and others, but there are a lot of companies out there that are still trying to figure out what direction they want to go, whether they should purchase iPads for their sales force or not, if they do what applications should they do, etc.  And so we still see mobile as being the main area of digital marketing where there continues to be a lot of focus in terms of developing tools in those areas and making decisions around what platform to go with and how to build a mobile platform and deploy it across a corporation. Prior to joining Infuse Medical, Asher spent nearly 10 years in senior marketing roles at Hill-Rom, Medtronic, and C.R. Asher has led the development and launch of over $200 million in new medical devices and has managed over $600 million in medical device product lines. Bard, Asher launched several digital marketing initiatives involving mobile applications, interactive training modules, and web-based tools.

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