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I started working on a new version of a marketing landscape that will be released early next month.
One thing in particular that has surprised me in my research is how much the marketing automation category has expanded. A new wave of vendors have launched in this space — the second-generation of marketing automation: Bislr, Leadsius, inBoundio, Whatsnexx, Intercom, Inbox25, and more. I’ll have more — a lot more — to rant say about categories and labels when I release the new landscape. And there’s yet another counter-narrative, with more specialized kinds of marketing automation receiving more attention — in particular, marketing automation designed for channel and partner marketing, companies such as TreeHouse, Marketing Advocate, Zift Solutions, and others. In turn, this emerging channel marketing automation category is intertwining with many marketing resource management (MRM) vendors. But the truth is, despite all this competition, the market for marketing automation solutions — if we use that label loosely — is large and growing larger.
As David points out, the math would suggest that we’ve only seen about 5% adoption of the potential market.
Which is why I believe we’re going to see a super-collider effect of marketing automation in 2014. Read this post from Jay Famico of SiriusDecisions on How Marketing Automation Has Evolved in 2013. A negative side effect of the overlaps between WEM and Marketing Automation platforms is the confusion it will create for marketers who need to select software. In my experience marketers are often buying platforms for an element of the total functionality offered (e.g.
On the whole, I believe the positives will outweigh the negatives: more innovation, more price competition, more specialization to better suit different kinds of businesses, and more incentive for open APIs, especially around customer data records.
I’ll have a category for Content Marketing, in which you guys are clearly one of the stars. Having been around since 1998, and always having considered ourselves as a technology company that understands marketing well, we have witnessed the inception and growth of our corner of the martec ecosystem. Let me know if you want some more information, or any support in mapping more European companies in the sector. Our own theses is that no one Marketing Cloud (Oracle, Salesforce, IBM, Adobe, others to come to the party) will dominate, it will be a world of multiple marketing, sales, ad tech and other customer facing platforms and tools in each enterprise. For our CMO customers, Integrate is a SaaS-based marketing tech platform that automates and connects media investment and all the corresponding data to marketing systems and processes. Marketing automation (MA) is the use of technology to manage and automate the process of nurturing prospects based on their interests until they are ready to buy, then passing the most qualified leads over to sales.
Marketing automation solutions can track detailed data of your site visitors, including who is accessing your site and what they are most interested in.
Marketing automation helps marketers focus their resources on the most valuable sales funnels while allowing them to control the cost of marketing initiatives according to real-world performance.
Increased business intelligence through integrating web activity analytics and response rates with your CRM system.
In order for marketing automation to work effectively, it requires change management within your organization. When implemented properly, marketing automation can optimize the entire marketing process, from campaign planning to execution and analysis. Digital marketing has exploded in scope and complexity making it practically impossible for marketers to efficiently and effectively reach target customers without a fully implemented marketing automation system.
Couch & AssociatesCouch & Associates are a group of dedicated and experienced marketers that provide valuable insight into the world of technology-based products and solutions.
Marketing Automation What’s The Difference Between CRM and Marketing Automation Software?
Do you remember the day when someone first told you that Great Britain and England weren’t actually synonymous?
People often have a very similar reaction when they realize that CRM software and marketing automation software are different. Salesforce, a leading CRM software provider, defines CRM as, “a strategy for managing all your company’s interactions with current and prospective customers”.
On the flip side, Marketo, a leading marketing automation software provider, describes marketing automation software as a system that, “allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows”.
While marketing automation stores similar information as a CRM, such as your leads’ contact details (email, address, phone number, company name, job title, etc.), that’s about all they typically share. Marketing automation allows you to follow a prospect’s top-of-funnel activities, such as when they visit your website, open an email, read your blog, or fill out a form. The ability to easily segment prospects into the appropriate mailing lists based on their past interactions with your company or their interests and preferences. Lead nurturing functionality, which allows you to automatically send triggered emails at the time when a person is most interested in your product or service. Once a campaign has ended, the system generates analytics showing how successful the campaign was. In other words, marketing automation helps to foster leads and get them ready for the sales team. Sales and Customer Service teams use CRM data to optimize one-on-one interaction between the company and the customer to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Sales personnel can see where a customer is in the sales process and help them close the deal. Your business can offer targeted promotional material that’s more likely to lead to a sale and build good faith between you and your customer. When speaking to a customer, you can have a full picture of who they are and their history with your company, helping to make the conversation as personal and successful as possible. Many CRMs can also sync with social media outlets so you can keep track of which outlets are leading to the most traffic and what people are saying about your company. The system can send internal alerts when a call is scheduled, when a client’s account is set to renew, or even when a customer’s birthday is coming up so that your sales and service reps know to reach out.

Simply put, CRM systems help to secure sales by making the sales process a more personal experience for the customer. So while CRM and marketing automation systems may look like the same thing at first glance, they cater to different roles in an organization, and their differences make them more valuable to the unique teams they serve. But you may be wondering, why would we track half of the prospect’s’ interactions in one software system (marketing automation) and the other half in another system (CRM)? Most marketing automation solutions allow you to sync your data with your CRM, so that all of a prospects’ activities are accessible through one solution. Additionally, many CRM companies have developed or acquired marketing automation software, so there are a handful of systems that include both all in one system. So, that’s the guide to the difference between CRM and marketing automation software! Abigail Justen is a software analyst at Capterra, a company that loves connecting buyers and sellers of business software. CRM and Marketing Automation Software will rather be the same in meaning when it would ever come something that will overall attain good gains to any enterprise; absolutely inevitable tools.
For companies that can’t decide on how to kill all the birds with one stone, it’s good to know that most of marketing automation functionality can be supported within a CRM system too! Join our software expert blogging community, learn more about our editorial guidelines, and propose a topic you'd like to write about. Marketing automation did not change the sales and marketing process but it did foster spam.
Buying a cold list and expecting it to last is the same as buying yogurt and expecting to keep the same container for a year. Mike used a great example of how to keep up the interest of your customers even down to the second before they decide to leave you. Our team at VA Partners ensures that before any prospect is contacted, the appropriate information – such as company name, company information and background and contact information – have been researched. Mark Elliott: Mark worked 10 years for a Fortune 500 company in numerous sales, marketing, and leadership roles. Marketo had a successful IPO, and its stock has risen by 42% this year to a $1.2 billion market cap. You could argue that products like Intercom are more of an alternative to marketing automation.
Another major category of marketing software — what started out as web content management (WCM) but is evolving into web experience management (WEM) — is increasingly overlapping with the capabilities of products in the marketing automation space (and vice versa). Meanwhile, some marketing automation providers like Marketo are making a strong push to incorporate MRM capabilities into their platforms. As David Cummings wrote earlier this year, the numbers suggest that we’re just at the beginning of the coming wave of marketing automation adoption. This means that the pie can grow tremendously, even as more contenders seek to have a slice.
In my opinion, David is one of the best authorities on marketing automation (and related categories), and he’s extremely generous in the depth of his analysis that he provides for free on his blog. If you feel I missed a company that should be represented in one of the categories above, please let me know in the comments. I actually think that’s a good thing for the creative energy of how things are evolving. At the moment, I’m leaning towards having a Personalization category that I thought would be a good place to feature you.
Automated marketing responses based on personalization and loyalty rewards would describe what we do better, so I’m curious to see where you would position us. So it would be interesting to see if you will have a better category recommendation for us. For those interested, we have a library of ROI case studies that demonstrate our platform success and also forward-thinking annual reports that we sponsor.
There are so many MA platforms that are cropping up, the change in adoption rate still doesn’t make a big difference. Marketing automation streamlines sales and marketing organizations by replacing high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions. It provides insights on enterprise visitors – those who disclose their identity and those who abandon your website.
It helps marketing teams design, deliver and track campaign and customer behavior, using analytics to predict outcomes. Systems between marketing and sales must be integrated, organizational relationships may need to be altered and ongoing executive expectations need to be continuously managed. Just because a company buys marketing automation software does not necessarily qualify them to use it. Finally though, someone explained to me that my mistake was completely understandable and actually very common. Primarily, CRM software is sales-focused, while marketing automation software is (aptly) marketing-focused. A CRM system saves information such as a customers addresses, names, phone numbers, and interactions with the company.
Marketers commonly use marketing automation software to schedule and track marketing campaigns, especially email campaigns and mass business to customer communications.
You can also schedule a series of emails in a “drip” campaign, so that your company stays top-of-mind with prospects.
Once the lead has progressed through to the bottom-of-the-funnel and become a qualified sales lead (and eventually a customer), that’s when companies typically start to track their interactions through a CRM. Many companies sync the information both ways so that their marketing team knows what’s going on in sales, and their sales and customer service teams know the history that marketing has had with a particular prospect or customer. If you’re still stuck with deciding whether your business needs a CRM, Marketing Automation, neither, or both, now you know the difference! I would really love to see more examples of the software, and would really love to see an information on ERP software.

Technically defining, CRM will be like more concentrated on information and followups performed concerning the customers.
For example, everything that falls into lead management (lead segmentation, personalized email marketing, lead nurturing, analytics) can be activated within CRM software through either in-built tools or customization, depending on how complex requirements are.
Mike Volpe from HubSpot outlined the disadvantages of using marketing automation and why companies should take other measures in order to enhance their marketing efforts. He said that every time you think of using a cold list, pretend that for every email sent out, a kitten dies. The company Groupon, like many other ‘deal of the day’ companies, allows its subscribers to “unsubscribe” from their mailing list. Learn how to deliver a good user experience, how to set up an effective site and what features you need to capture lead information. There Mark won awards for Manager of the year, Top Sales and Marketing Team Member, and a $200 Million revenue quota. The SMB segment of the market is particularly diverse with products that cross boundaries from traditional labels. You could argue that the long-term effect of this may be consolidation, but there’s no doubt that the short-term effect is an expansion of choices in the space. It’s going to become more important for them to understand the depth of functionality being offered by each part of the product to ensure that the solution is adequate and cost effective.
We make it really simple for them to build and launch rich media re-targeting, email, and display campaigns to boost top of funnel leads and accelerate their pipeline. The platform that owns all of the prospect and customer profile, and the interaction data that is generated at every touch point regardless of digital channel, by integrating with the broadest set of third party marketing platforms and tools, stands to reap huge rewards.
Marketers will need lots of help to ensure the seamless flow of marketing process, data, and content across their systems so they deliver a superior customer experience on each touch. Personally, I believe that Marketing Automation will be divided in multiple ways: customer type, industry, size, business domain. Marketing automation eases and simplifies the lead management process, making it easier to track the activities of leads and scoring these leads based on their interactions with your website. It’s also important to create a methodology that supports both process and execution in order to effectively measure what works and what doesn’t.  Executing a marketing campaign without measuring or analyzing it, lacks intelligence to identify what criteria will lead to success.
B2B marketers sometimes neglect to recognize this and start looking for results too early, reverting to old practices (sending email blasts and buying lists that don’t work) instead of taking control of the buying process and increasing opportunities for ROI. Great Britain is comprised of England, Scotland, and Wales, so England is just one part of Great Britain.
At face value, both seem to be the same thing (like Great Britain and England), but they serve two distinct purposes. Look to your sales funnel to see where you have the biggest challenges to help guide your decision.
Whereas, marketing automation tool will go with measuring company’s well-organized hierarchy to manage promotional activities – to escalate its progress; nicely detailed facts, appreciate!
I was looking at one of the blogs your fellow analysts wrote and I think the name she uses, CXM is more what these solutions today are. It’s not so much of a crm but more of a marketing automation tool and lead tracking which helps my marketing efforts. An automated message is acceptable from time to time, they may come in the form of mass emails notifying everyone of a sale, which can be annoying, but also useful. This is a giveaway that the company has not taken the time to research your company and match your potential needs with their services.
Hi John) or mention your company in the email, is a red flag for spam and another indication that the company sending you the email has no invested interest in your company.
After someone clicks the unsubscribe button on the Groupon website, they are brought to an interactive slideshow. For more information about how you can enhance your sales prospecting, take a look at our Part-Time Sales offerings.
He moved on to be the GM of a moving and relocation company, managing the Toronto office that saw quality scores improve, increased sales by 10%, and doubled gross margins.
Certainly making me re-think some of the possible ways that an equilibrium could be reached — and on what time scale that might be.
We see ourselves trying to solve the integration challenge in a small way, specifically in the demand generation and lead management phase of the customer life cycle.
This technology typically works in connection with CRM systems like Salesforce, and is most effective when integrated with a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. It helps marketers prioritize their leads, keeping the communication channels with the lead open, informing them when the prospect is “hot” and ready to be sent to the sales team.
Typically, small businesses begin by adopting a CRM to optimize the bottom of the funnel and close more deals, and then as they grow and invest more in marketing, they select a marketing automation system that will integrate with their CRM. Companies are reaching out to their prospects with white papers, blog, webinars and educational resources on their website.
The slideshow shows the customer what happens to the guy who is in charge of subscribers, after they leave Groupon. A simple analogy would be to think of marketing automation software as an all-in-one integrated solution (integrated marketing) for automating and managing marketing campaigns and processes.
As it was said in the webinar, marketing automation was invented to help, it can also be deadly. Needless to say, the slideshow is funny enough that most people – when prompted – re-subscribe to Groupon’s mailing list. However, it’s a little off putting that many automation services are still centered around email and offer little to no cross channeling.
Buying a list and emailing as many companies as humanly possible within the hour), you’re enhancing your company’s image – in a positive way – amongst the competition.

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