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Sterizon wiZit is your answer for simple, quick, effective, efficient & effortless in-store or on-the-go collection of customer opt-in information. Offer the Sterizon wiZit handheld device to your customers during their visit to your business location (such as at the dining table after dining experience, or during customer checkout, or the point of experience, or at the cash register, or at a kiosk, or in the waiting area, or at the registration counter etc) for the guest to opt-in for your Mailing List or Email Club or Birthday Club or Member Registration or to take a Satisfaction Survey or to follow your business on twitter. Let the guest or customer key-in their opt-in information or feedback or input directly into the handheld device. The collected information is validated for errors (such as invalid data or missing information etc) and is saved immediately to your account (Email Marketing, Twitter or Other) over the internet. Business owners use the information collected in their Marketing Campaigns (such as Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Twitter Marketing) to directly market and communicate with its customer base.

Build long lasting online relationships with your subscriber base to grow Guest Loyalty and to increase Customer Retention.
Business owners can analyze and understand guest survey responses in an effort to gauge the guest satisfaction levels. However, the rightful credit should be given to Rachel Been, an art director, photo editor and photographer based in New York.
This is where I share my eclectic finds of art, design, fashion, creative ideas and visual inspirations. Increase brand awareness, customer foot traffic, business growth, revenues & profits with Direct Online Marketing.

Known as the Chocolate Bar Grid, it was shot by Rachel for AOL Food’s candy bar quiz.

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