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Managing content and the conversations around it have always been part of the PR job description.
While a separate Google Calendar is one option for planning, most clients feel more comfortable with an actual file to review.
Solo PR PRO Premium members, click here to access these examples as customizable templates. In this case, unless you have an additional scheduling calendar, you’re trusting the person in charge of each communications vehicle to express the information appropriately. By including all of your channels on the left and listing out each communication (with color coding), you can see at-a-glance everything planned for a given week, and adjust as needed. As we know, scheduled updates don’t negate the need for real-time engagement across social networks, but proper planning is a necessity to stay on top of the many communications vehicles at our disposal today. Hi CMG- We provided screenshots for those who would like to re-create the templates themselves.
You can cancel at any time, and all of our hundreds of pages of Premium content is available to new members on day 1, so you can try us out and get these calendars for just $25. Marketing Sweet can give you access to professional, reliable and knowledgeable blog post writers, meaning you can have confidence that your blog posts will be relevant, regular and SEO-friendly. We work collaboratively on all projects in-house, which is what makes us the best at what we do. Please try again perhaps you did not fill out the form correctly :-( Please validate your fields. Writing a perfect listing blog post should accomplish a few things including 1) making your seller happy, 2) increasing your digital footprint in your marketplace and 3) increasing your blog content. We will look at all these reasons today and go over what needs to happen to have that perfect listing blog post! Having a blog post listing of a specific property address, while nice for the sellers, will not help you sell too many houses (including the one in the post). Very few people will be searching for an exact address when they are searching for homes to buy. OR the person might live in Stratford Lakes and want to find a Realtor who specializes in the area.
Before we get into exactly what you should have in your Listing Post, please read this carefully… DO NOT USE YOUR MLS DESCRIPTION!
First off, your MLS description is aggregated out over hundreds of sites around the internet so you are just putting up duplicate content that will not help your website rank. Lastly, many MLSs have a limit on the number of characters that you can use in your listing. There are LOTS of things that you can include in your post, but having a wide range of great content will help your chances of ranking for something that someone is searching for beyond just the title of your post. In this part of the process you are trying to rank for keyword terms that buyers (or sellers) might be searching for. As you can see in the examples below, while I am in fact talking about a single home, there is the chance to rank for different search terms in Google and the other search engines. Now, this can feel a little like you are writing an MLS listing, but remember that you are going to want lots of words that the search engines can index, but don’t go overboard!
Have you ever wanted to be “that Realtor” who has all the best Google rankings for your area? This worksheet and word doc will walk you through all the steps of writing a perfect realtor marketing listing blog post that will make your sellers happy AND help you to rank higher in the search engines for key real estate terms.
It is awesome how you can leverage your listings to get even more buyer and seller clients! Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans.
This week several useful resources have been published which are handy tools and reference points for Facebook Best Practice.
1 – Europe is one of the largest markets for social networking, with an engaged user base accounting for a larger proportion of total minutes on social networking sites than any other region. 2 – On Facebook in the UK, France and Germany, 32 percent of a users time is spent on the Homepage, which features the Newsfeed.
3 – Impressions directed toward Fans, which if Liked are subsequently seen by Friends of Fans on their Newsfeed, can successfully expand a brands reach and create a new audience with which to engage. 4 – Friends of Fans often have slightly different demographic profiles to the core Fan base of a brand. 5 – Fans of retail brands and across all categories often represent a brands best customers. 6 – Using paid media to leverage the potential of earned properties such as the Facebook Brand Page yields positive ROI.
How could your career and job performance look if you jumped in to the second half of 2016?
Whether you want to publish more content, the same amount, or even lessa€”the challenge of planning, publishing, and sharing that content is resolved with your content marketing editorial calendar.
Let me contrast that stat: 12% of you plan to publish the same amount of content you do today, and only 2% plan to publish less content. The fact that you found this page this right now means that you're here to rock at content marketing.
The difference between having a content marketing editorial calendar and not having one is simple: One is flying by the seat of your pants and the other is executing a strategy. Execute your plan using a content marketing editorial calendar to publish and share your content. Audiences are made of individual people who don’t want to be treated as an anonymous crowds or mere demographic statistics. Keeping your best ideas and content for yourself, behind a paywall, won’t inspire customers to try you, much less trust you.
With your content, you’re not giving away the farm, just starting with a couple of chickens. You might be telling them how to remodel their kitchen, but you’re not giving away lumber.
Which do you think you can sustain: attention you have to keep paying for, or great content your customers come back for on their own? Though we're really talking about content marketing editorial calendars here (and only just getting started!), skipping to this point without understanding how you'll be successful in the first place is kind of a waste of time.
Start by simply finding the best ideas to plan them as content with your editorial calendar.

This way, you start planning content that revolves around a problem or challenge your audience is facing. And I'm sure you could think of dozens of other ways to understand your audience's biggest challenges. So you need to know who can help you out with strategy, text, graphics, editing, and social media. Project manager: The person who helps the team understand your audience, goals, and the stories you're going to tell.
Proofreader: These people proofread and make sure the content will connect with your audience the way your project manager dreamed up. Content designer: This person adds tons of value to the post to help your audience consume the hard-to-understand information at a glance (actually, 60,000 times faster than text alone). And you could probably think of a dozen more roles that might work better for your business. Once you know how many hands you have to help you out, you can plan a realistic publishing frequency the entire team can handle.
So one of the first things you need to do is develop effective habits with your content marketing editorial calendar.
These things are a million times better when everyone who's involved uses the same tool to create your content. And a great way to develop effective habits is with a recommended-reading-defined workflow. That's your workflow—and your entire team needs to pitch in to help make it a reality. A clearly defined workflow will help your team communicate more efficiently, and it gives everyone something to be accountable for. There are some things your content writer, designer, and proofreader should keep in mind when they create and publish your content.
The beauty of you talking about what you know best is that you create value around your product or service. If you have any empathy for your fellow human beings, leave the jargon at the door, please! You’re not looking to be the industry expert (unless your audience is business-to-business), but an expert for your customer. He wants to know about running events, training options, the latest running mobile apps, outdoor trails, hydration, knee health… Wouldn’t you sell more shoes if you wrote about all of the things runners are interested in? Your content should definitely include your core content (in this case, the shoes), but also write about connected content (that other stuff).
Take control of your content strategy by consolidating your tools into one content marketing editorial calendar. CoSchedule is a content editorial calendar that keeps you insanely organized while saving you tons of time. 14-Day Free Trial, No Credit Card Required.By signing up for CoSchedule you agree to our terms of service, end user agreement and privacy policy.
But today, there are many more communications vehicles, with advanced content marketing and management increasingly falling into the PR domain for many organizations. So once you’ve thought through your strategies, there are three calendar approaches I’ve found work best to manage updates in most client situations (note that these are separate from the blog editorial calendar process). This calendar can be as general or as detailed as you need it to be (word-for-word tweets, for example), and can be customized for any number of assets.
If you’re working collaboratively with a team, Google Docs (now Google Drive) remains one of the best tools for handling content management, since all of the above calendars can be placed online as a spreadsheet and edited by those with permission. If you’ve used other methods with success (or if you have any lessons learned to share), please let us know in the comments!
Hope that helps, and feel free to use our Contact Us form if you have any further questions!
Blog post writers can write about a wide range of topics, have the ability to do in-depth research and convey this research in a way that is easy to understand.
All our marketing consultants are qualified and trained professionals who work with you using an easy to understand process. Through our marketing consultancy process, our research and experience will produce a marketing strategy and presentation to clearly explain how we plan to get you ahead of your competitor. Once you’re ready to go ahead, you will have a dedicated Project Manager who will guide our in-house production team.
Web designers > to build incredible websites so your visitors take the actions you want them to take. Website developers > to build eCommerce websites, custom integrations and mobile applications to give you the technological edge.
Instead they will be searching for broader terms like your state (if they are relocating from out of state), your major metro area closest (ditto), your actual city, then the subdivision of the property and then very maybe, the house address itself.
THIS is what makes ranking for search terms so powerful and why you should use every one of your listings to put a breadcrumb out there on the internet so that people can follow it back and hire you as their Realtor.
Your resposibiity to that owner is to do the best job you can selling their property so make sure you are focusing on that in the MLS description. The internet and especially your blog does not have that same restriction so make sure you are using LOTS of words in your Realtor marketing blog post! With this in mind, you want to include broad terms in addition to just the home’s address. Yes, have info about the home, but remember that your main goal is to rank well for something higher up the food chain like subdivision or city.
Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People. The time spent social networking in Europe continues to grow at a healthy pace of 17 percent year over year (comScore MMX, May 2012). European retail brands such as ASOS, H&M and Zara have the ability to disseminate marketing messages to up to 44 Friends of Fans for every Fan the brand has on Facebook. Understanding where the differences lie provides brands the ammunition to strategically target these demographics to drive them into the physical or online stores. For the retailers studied, both Fans and Friends of Fans were disproportionately more likely to visit the brand websites where purchases occur compared to the average internet user.
Using an exposed versus control test, Facebook paid advertising generated a 130% uplift in purchase behaviour on the ASOS website in the four weeks following ad exposure. We quickly identified for one of our clients that promoting new products or heavy brand related content was well received by the current fan base, more so than non fans through Marketplace or Facebook Premium adverts.

FLITTER have worked with Honda New Zealand, the NZ Fashion Festival, Movember, Tedx Auckland and recently joined the team at Shine Limited leading their digital strategy program. If you’re serious about your blog, the smaller it is, the more you need a tool that helps you focus your content and ups your publishing rate.
Instead, it wants to push its message in front of every face possible, whether they would be interested or not. They have names, careers, families, interests, and concerns, and those are the things they care about the most. When that happens, the trust you've built from your content will influence your readers' decision to buy what you have to offer. You can do that by searching for socially-inspired ideas, planning them in your editorial calendar, and writing to connect with your audience. These content ideas are based on what your audience actually needs help with, then writing content to help them out—building the trust you set out to create in the first place. Now is the best time to plan the best way to write those ideas so one piece of content carries on the story where another left off. They should make sense together so you can build your audience around a central topic—the biggest challenge they face.
But you only need to understand what resources you have available to you to create the content you're planning. Maybe that's all up to you—or maybe there are some other awesome folks who can help you out. The point is, find out what works for you, and plan how your team will work together to publish the content you need to create. Features only interest the sellers because they make an impressive list for those in the industry. You could blog all day about the new shoe styles, shoe sales, shoe trends—you could be very shoe-centric. You aren't confident in the work you are producing and most days feels like a frustrating mess of haphazard attempts to get stuff done.
You can collaborate, schedule, and automate all of your content marketing and social media!
While there are some tools that simplify the end-to-end editorial and social media management process, they’re usually outside the budget range of Solo PR Pros and their clients. By popular demand, save time and purchase a .zip file of these templates in Excel for a one-time fee of just $19. Save time and purchase a .zip file of these templates in Excel for a one-time fee of just $9.
Blog post writers write informally and conversationally to ensure they connect with the widest possible audience.
Our process is designed to capture your needs, linking the different marketing options available to you based on your marketing budget. We are seriously excited about getting results and have a strong focus on maximising sales with your marketing budget. If you are not a huge listing agent, you can post multiple instances of each listing you have, targeting different keywords with your title and content.
The cool thing about having multiple listings in the same area (marketing to a farm) is that you will not have to do the neighborhood and metro research over and over again. However, despite the dominance of consumption in the Newsfeed relative to the brand page, a relatively small portion of Fans see content from a brand in a given week (across retail and other categories). For example, ASOS fans were 3.6x as likely to visit the ASOS website as non-fans, which may be expected given their stated affinity for the brand. This is relative to those consumers who were not exposed and importantly demonstrated a similar affinity to ASOS as the test group (e.g.
So we switched to promoting new products with Promoted Page posts only and the results have been great. Having a repository of Conversation Calendar Templates can be enormously beneficial in meeting varied client needs. Namely, it should be very easy to curate content, but also very easy to integrate with existing blogging platform like WordPress. They also know how to organise headings and keywords to make sure the search engines index their content.
It is amazing that even saying the same thing over and over again, if you write it from your head instead of copying and pasting you just can’t say it exactly the same way every time, no matter if you tried!
There are different opinions on whether you should first write the title and then your blog or first give your blog a “working title” and then find the title upon completion of your article. Personally, I lean towards the second solution, unless I was kissed by the Muse before.The meta description or the intro with a strong read appealAs I was a publisher of consumer magazines for 20 years, I naturally brought a part of my wealth of experience to the Internet world. If necessary, edit and shorten the meta description beyond the editing of your post.But how do I create a strong read appeal?In the introduction, you should go immediately to your potential reader. It does not need to be on the first level of signification but rather on the second or third level. And do not forget to put the keyword in the image title and the alt text.The correct length for the contentThere is actually no right or wrong length for a blog post. The length should be appropriate to the content so that you reader isn’t bored after 800 words.
In this case, when the content of the illustration allows a reduced size, install the image smaller or larger to fit the entire width.Videos are a very strong asset to a post, but should only be complementary to the post and be no longer than one minute.
If the video is an audio-visual reproduction of the written content, then add only a link to the video, and do not embed it.Call to actionIt is always good if you can keep your readers’ attention until the end of your post.
Question whether they’ve had problems of a similar nature, or whether or not they’ve had more problem solving ideas. Or whether they have links to interesting articles on the topic (but be careful with that option).Share on social networksAlmost every blog has buttons for sharing posts on social networks. This is for the reading comfort of your visitors and is of utmost importance.The latest studies show that a post has an average of 10 links. But avoid bombing your visitors with too many links.So dear reader, if you follow all this, then you are close to writing a perfect post.

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