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We work with you to uncover who you are and what you want to accomplish to create a custom marketing plan.
We offer community banks personalized and affordable marketing and consulting services to help increase market share, build relationships with customers and strengthen brand position throughout the communities served. Here are three reasons why community banks rely on SA Peters Marketing and Consulting, Inc.
Marketing consists of all of the activities you do to promote your product or service and can extend to everything you do that touches your customers and prospects both directly and indirectly.
Do you know what return you are getting from your current marketing and advertising dollars? LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, asi como para ofrecer publicidad relevante.
Success in the NDIS demands that services are responsive to consumer needs and wants. To survive, your service models will need to be designed around giving consumers what they want.
We are seeing that consumers are starting to ‘switch services’ in the trial sites; loyalty to existing service providers is quickly diminishing. So pre-NDIS marketing is essentially a ‘downstream function’, performing its work after all service design has been completed.
Our ‘Meet Your New Boss’ campaign was all about understanding consumer needs as the new NDIS organisational imperative. The best forms of market research are the ones that engage current and prospective clients. After all, the fundamental goal of NDIS marketing has to be for you to keep current clients and attract new ones and the best way to do that is through genuine engagement. Make sure these interactions are a really positive experience and not just you asking people for their valuable time and information. You will get a wealth of information that will help you design services that successfully compete and keep clients loyal.
In upstream marketing it is also essential to see what your competitors are doing, analyse best practice in service models and find your place in the market. You need to know you can provide a service which is as least as good as your competitors and you need to be aware of the likely threats and opportunities you will encounter in the market. If you want to be working upstream in the NDIS you need to know that marketing is a strategic function and it needs to have strong place at Executive level.

We’ve spent years working upstream including running lots of client engagement groups and have ideas and tools to share with you free of charge.
Roland is one of Australia’s most knowledgeable disability professionals and has spent the last two years working on the design of the NDIS, leading the NDIS Community Engagement Project for the National Disability & Carer Alliance. The Value Proposition is a foundation concept for organisations wishing to be customer focussed in the NDIS.
We know the NDIS ‘insurance approach’ requires the NDIA to find ways of minimising each participant’s lifetime costs.
We've created a LinkedIn page to help you connect with us and one another around NDIS Housing.
To ensure this does not happen to your organisation, you need to understand consumer needs and design your services to suit. In the pre-NDIS system, governments would design our service models and we would work from there.
Most organizations we encounter focus their marketing spend almost exclusively on the collateral or promotional side of things. We have to find out why clients choose different services, what new services they want and where they go to get their information.
We have found a huge additional benefit of this approach is that it helps you build deeper relationships with clients, and this is the absolute key to marketing intangible disability services.
Vanessa’s recent article speaks to the essential nature of staff engagement for implementing organisational change. Staff engagement is just as important for marketing your services. All of this is foundational work that must inform your service models and business model design.
Just give Roland a ring on 0407 556 520 and we can work out which approaches will work best for your organisation.
I probably know as much about mentoring in the legal profession as anybody in the country. I also bring with it a strong business sense for what a law firm or an employer needs, because I recognize that piece of it as well. Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion. Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion.

Yet in most organisations, marketing, which is a key expertise required for designing the services that people want, only undertakes part of the functions required. Marketing was all about promotion of those services and often had a huge focus on fundraising.
Most people who have an intellectual disability, cognitive impairment or significant mental health issue require assistance with decision making.
Show lots of hospitality, make it fun and give something back like information about latest developments in the NDIS. When you genuinely enquire about what it is that people need and how you can provide that service, the outcomes are all positive.
A receptionist can do more damage to your organisation’s reputation in a moment than any amount of advertising your services can undo.
There is no use providing a service which is already in over-supply, which is not needed by consumers or is likely to damage your brand. We will not try to sell you anything, this service is about us engaging, practising what we preach and getting to better know what organisations need. As a result, most organisations have marketing departments staffed by employees who have no voice at the Executive level.
So the decision making unit often includes family and influential friends and professionals. We constantly hear stories of front-line staff such as bus drivers damaging a whole organisation’s brand. Ring them up, visit them, or run some groups with clients and key people in the client’s decision making unit.
It is vital that marketing is seen as a function in every staff member’s role and that in the NDIS, their jobs will depend on giving great customer service.

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