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Whether it is SEO, email marketing, social media, blogging or any of our other services, content marketing is the foundation of it all. The job of the search engines: to connect the best content with the search terms that user has entered. Over the years we have developed and built strong relationships with website owners and social media connections, together with putting together a comprehensive library of content sharing sites that are worth using. Call us today on 01793 608777 for a quotation on any of the above services and to see how we can help you with your content marketing. If you are looking to be a Marketing Assistant then you will need to be up to date with the latest Marketing tools or prepared to learn them fast. The world of Marketing is very faced paced and every changing and you need to be able to keep up to date with these changes to benefit your company. I would like to apply for the role of Marketing Assistant which you have advertised in (where) and (when). I am very organised and enjoy writing different articles and press releases and like to make them interesting for the readers so that they keep on reading. We offer a whole range of marketing services all of which are crucial for the long term success of a business. At top level, a marketing plan is a tool that pulls together the marketing strategy for your business, your products and your services – it’s a plan that will ultimately help you stand out from the crowd, tell people you exist and increase sales, revenue and growth. It’s a document that will keep you on track with your marketing strategies, goals and objectives but also within your budget.
Once you have built your marketing plan and created a strategy, it will lay out the foundations of where you need to go to build a successful business.
We hope that this guide helps you to understand the marketing opportunities within your own business to help it thrive and would be happy to offer you any advice on how to build and implement a successful marketing plan to make your business a success.
Cohesion Design invited alexandrapatrick to collaborate with them in providing valuable content marketing for a new knowledge-driven website. Maria Callow will be an expert author and produce fresh and engaging content about online marketing, social media, branding, design and augmented reality.
We engaged with alexandrapatrick because we have a shared set of values about communicating valuable marketing insights to support clients.
Sixty-six percent of marketers say they expect their organization’s content marketing budget to increase in the next 12 months.
They are using more tactics in general (13 this year, compared to 12 last year), and usage of most tactics has increased year-over-year. Their usage of the top social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Google Plus) has increased. However, their effectiveness has dipped substantially from last year: 34% consider their organizations to be effective at content marketing this year, compared to 42% last year. That’s what our research team wondered as we pored over the data from our annual content marketing survey, reported today in Content Marketing in the UK 2016: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, sponsored by Lionbridge.
Below is our analysis of this year’s results with some suggestions on what improvements UK marketers can make. What UK marketers should do: Documenting the content marketing strategy and editorial mission statement are key differentiators between effective marketers and their less effective peers that we consistently see across all of our research. Furthermore, while nearly three out of four UK marketers ask their audience to subscribe to an e-newsletter – and around half ask their audience to subscribe to a blog – the content offers pretty much stop there.

What UK marketers should do: I can’t stress how important it is for UK marketers to use content to build an audience, as this not only helps you get data around your prospects and customers so you can better serve them, but it also opens up opportunities for monetization.
It wasn’t that surprising to us that UK marketers said producing engaging content was their biggest content marketing challenge and the biggest priority for their internal content creators over the next year. What was interesting is that the UK marketers who said their firms are most effective at content marketing said measuring content effectiveness is their biggest challenge (rather than creating engaging content).
To read all the results from the UK marketing research, download  Content Marketing in the UK 2016: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends produced by Content Marketing Institute and sponsored by Lionbridge. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE!
Always a fascinating snapshot of where we are and where we are heading over here in the UK.
Lets figure out how to create more (rather than understand our audience better as our top priority), lets still collect numbers (website traffic still the most important measurement metric) and be everywhere (average of 13 tactics used).
The content we create that is present on the channels that we are part of has to be intended to make a difference, rather than pamper to a companies own self worth (and how many visits we are getting).
It is what we do that matters, not purely what is said within the confines of a website (or on a social channel). It is this role of participation and presence that makes the content discipline such a fascinating area of study and more importantly work for the businesses that we are part of. Thanks for bringing to the attention how the content approach is continuing to develop and how things are shaping across The Atlantic.
A recent survey by the AT Institute of online marketing and website traffic has shown that UK businesses are considerably more successful at it than our European counterparts.
The Institute compared levels of investment in online marketing across several European countries.
And the good news is that each pound spent by a UK business in driving traffic to their website goes a lot further than it does on the continent.
The study uncovered the fact that online marketing by UK businesses accounted for in excess of 50% of visits to those business websites. If you want to drive more visitors to your website then there is plenty of useful information on this blog that can show you how. If you want to push your website high on Google, then make sure you get to grips with our Search Engine Optimisation Guide. If you want to use Social Media, Twitter and Facebook to drive new website visitors then take a look at our Social Media channel. If you’re planning on creating a media story then why not take a look at how to write a perfect press release.
Of course, once you get traffic on your website, the next thing is to turn visitors in our customers. But with the growth of digital and online marketing it is proving to be much MORE than King today. The job of the social sphere: to connect people together with common interets and passions. Many sites out there will be of no value to build your site’s authority online and the audience itself will for many of these sites will be non-existant. As a Marketing Assistant you will be liaising with the press, writing press releases, updating Face book, Twitter etc and usually looking after the updated on the company website.

At university I have done a year in work where I worked as a marketing assistant writing press releases, managing the website communications and changes and I also got involved with some journalism aspects, document videos etc. I have been an avid user of Face book and twitter for a long time and enjoy the world of social media and communicating with the outside world.
We know this because we have vast experience in building and implementing marketing plans and measuring the success of them. It covers everything about your business and how you will market it; from information about your target market (who your audience is and what they want) to the tools and channels that you are going to use to reach your target market. It helps you plan for the year ahead… or 2 years, or 5 years or even 10 years ahead and ensures you keep your focus on your end ‘marketing goal’ whilst progressing forward. Expect some trial and error before you reach the right people in the right way but by constantly reviewing and analysing the impact that your marketing activities are having, it won’t be long before you see positive results. I believe our combined talents, skills and knowledge can only strengthen our relationship with clients and the wider marketing and design industry. Only 37% have a documented content marketing strategy (versus 36% last year) and even fewer (32%) have a documented editorial mission statement.
Without a stated plan – that can be shared across the entire team – it simply does not make sense to spend and produce more content. Producing engaging content is a perennial challenge for all content marketers, no matter where they’re based. Not only do you want to be able to double down on what’s working, but you also want to assess your efforts to decide what not to do. By doing some foundational work and making a few course adjustments, many firms will find themselves taking their content marketing to the next level in 2016. Founder of the Content Marketing Institute , Joe evangelizes content marketing around the world through keynotes, articles, tweets and his books, including best-selling Epic Content Marketing (McGraw-Hill) and the new book, Content Inc. They then looked at the source of visitors to business websites, and whether they came as a consequence of that marketing or for other reasons. Content marketing is here to stay because the social networks want it, websites and blogs want it, video platforms want it and the search engines want it… why do they want it though?
The job of the video platforms and blogs of the world: should be to provide the very BEST content to educate, entertain, enlighten or engage the end user. Is it time for them to step back, get focused, and consider whether they have a strong foundation for meeting their content marketing goals?
While there are several ways to get subscribers (video, print, podcasts, followers via social channels), email subscribers are often the best approach, as you have the most control over them. Stopping less effective activities is truly essential if you want to have time to focus on what works. This ideology is the foundation and cornerstone of our content marketing and content outreach strategies.
Our approach is more manual (or more human) than most, but the results you gain will speak for themselves.

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