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By now, you’ve likely heard that content is king (or queen) when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines. Through the years I’ve surrounded myself with some of the best designers and developers around. Given the fact that a customer’s buying journey has become really complicated with so much information being available, customer backing will be more crucial than ever.
India has witnessed a remarkable growth story in the recent years and has brought about drastic changes in the lives and livelihoods of rural Indians. As an economy, India is seeing a decentralisation of Mumbai’s centre of gravity or let’s say decentralization of all metros and the real estate scenario reflecting just that given the pace at which erstwhile distant rural suburbs are now being seen as future cities. This works as a great opportunity for Marketers as they can now create a unified design narrative which allows them to set up the lifestyle proposition and further translate the core premise into visual branding, communication cues and activation. Customer engagement has come a long way and a lot has changed in the world of customer engagement, but the one thing which remains constant is the brand’s inherent the desire to find and retain loyal and satisfied customers. The rise of mobile, coupled with an evolving, more web 2.0 like marketplace will present a vastly different communications landscape going forward. We are taking the lead in the use of technology to have a lasting impact and be a sales enabler. This revamped and innovative website contributes significantly to improve and surpass the promises we make to our customers. Today social media is the preferred mechanism to connect with both individuals and corporate entities. We also use it to convey rich multimedia content transparently and are probably the first real estate brand in the country to have branded youtube channel, which has sets dedicated to walkthroughs, news about the brand and project updates. Our on-ground consumer engagement activities are complemented by contests run on social media platforms- this not only build a positive association but also increasingly creates engagement opportunities with key prospective customers.
Our advanced online listening tools crawl the web to help us understand conversations about industry, brands and ourselves, allowing for both personal and one-to-many responses to comments and queries in the online space. Girish has also successfully established a global sales & distribution network by setting up overseas sales offices and signing on international partners for GPL. A management graduate from the University of Mumbai, Girish is also an accomplished Speaker and Writer at many Domestic and International Marketing and Leadership forums. ABOUT USPaul Writer is founded by Jessie Paul, considered an expert in brand internationalization and frugal marketing.
The New Year is upon us, and 2015 promises to be an interesting time of innovation and growth for the digital world and for social media marketing, which is such an integral part of it. Not only on Youtube but on Facebook as well, as Facebook scrambles to improve video options for their users. This is a fancy term for “hitting them at all angles.” Very similar to the marketing techniques used by the movie industry in order to firmly implant the presence of the newest movie into your mind. The movie industry will literally piece together a story around us instead of simply presenting it all in one place.

The decline of Facebook dominating as the king of social media networks could be on the horizon, as users are becoming increasingly agitated over privacy invasion and the way their information is being used.
Numbers are the deciding factor when choosing where to place marketing content, and if Ello begins to draw the numbers in 2015 keep them in mind as a possible fertile marketing field. Along the same wake as the previous point, businesses using Facebook as a marketing venue are also growing weary with their ever increasing greed, namely, the trend to limit posts that fans of a page can actually see unless those posts are “promoted” (paid for) posts. In complete opposition to Facebook’s tactics, Twitter is opening their arms to marketers, offering more choice and flexibility so that small to medium sized companies only pay for what they need when using Twitter as an advertising platform. Google demands that you provide users with engaging, informative, interesting, and media-rich content on your website on a weekly basis (at least). Your site may need more than an injection of search engine optimized content and a social media presence. Position your customers as the heroes and your products and solutions as supports to satisfy their desires. If you have a long list of happy customers, you will have a considerable lead over competitors.
A case in point can be Panvel on the outskirts of Mumbai and Gurgaon in the north of India. To rise to this challenge, Marketing and Brand Managers will need to think like their technology counterparts and there will be little surprise if we see marketing guys wearing two hats- that of a brand custodian and an IT specialist. The leads we convert to site visits are greeted by high-tech multi-touch kiosks, and we plan to build on the experience with WOW factors like virtual reality in the near future.
We run contests on google +and linked that allow us to connect with diverse customers, and support our on-ground activations.
The design principles that guide the development of the master plan are carried through to the product proposition and customer communication.
Since he took over the brand in November 2010, Girish and his team have been instrumental in establishing a sharp marketing & brand vision for the business. In addition to his key role of marketing & sales, Girish is also in charge of managing the Development Manager Operations for some of the Vikhroli developments of GPL including the highly successful Godrej Platinum. As Chief Marketing Officer of Wipro's IT business, Head of Marketing for iGATE Global, and as Global Brand Manager at Infosys, she has been recognized for her contribution towards putting the Indian IT industry on the global map. Here are a few social media marketing trends that could affect your marketing choices for 2015. Businesses can cash in on this hugely inexpensive means of putting their commercials before their audiences while entirely bypassing the traditional television path. You see a trailer on T.V, you see the movie title plastered on the cups at your favorite fast food restaurant, your kids are playing with miniature versions of the movie characters plucked from their kids’ meal bag, bits of the movie fly about your social media networks as your friends share the clips.
In the midst of this dissatisfaction enter Ello, hailed as the forever ad-free social networking experience.
Facebook ad pricing has steadily increased in the last two years and 2015 promises to be much the same.

When she is not creating great content for her clients, she is lost in a world of construction paper, glue, fractions, and sentence diagrams.
Your website needs to be outfitted with title tags, headings, meta-descriptions, and structured in a way that Google understands while remaining aesthetically pleasing to the public eye. A brand is not just the name and identity; it is a whole lot of other things like your company’s market stand and stature, its philosophy when it comes to their products, and most importantly its commitment towards its customers. Rising to the challenge will also entail many changes in old processes, from compensation to measurement.
The website opened up the company to International home buyers who could not only view sample flats of properties from a 360 degree vantage point but also call us for free via integrated IP-based calling that is connected to our 24X7 multi-lingual call centre, which is trained to handle specific campaign-related enquiries. This immediate availability of facts at your fingertips extends the transparency we are so well known for into the digital space.
First, we use it to build communities of like-minded individuals, without an overt brand presence. Our engagement is over an extended timeline spanning the lifecycle of a project and has been fairly successful – we have added design or ‘success by design’ as the fourth pillar for our brand. Jessie is the author of No Money Marketing, Tata McGraw-Hill's fastest selling professional book on marketing. Social media marketers can continue to keep their costs low while still reaping all of the benefits by using cost effective writing services to produce video scripts for these easily accessible social media videos.
Marketers are beginning to see that content, SEO and social media should not be treated as separate marketing tools, but rather tools that can be intertwined. An ad free social networking platform still offers great marketing opportunities, but with the exception that your brand and marketing content will only be shared with members who chose to be a part of your information sharing. Once the table has been set, I will set you on a monthly course that will allow your site to strategically move up the charts in an ethical natural manner that keeps you safe from Google algorithms. It has not only enabled significant social, financial and economic inclusion, but also led to the creation of a strong ecosystem and thriving business models which in turn has lead to the creation of disruptive value at the bottom of the pyramid.
This allows for a lot of creative flexibility and the ability to co-create products by crowd-sourcing trends and preferences. With more than a decade of experience, she enjoys creating and curating content and understanding brand complexities.
I’ll make sure that your site is adequately represented on all of the expected channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) while identifying new opportunities within other more niche networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, and Reddit.
I will optimize and edit (sometimes rewrite) your existing site content, maintain your weekly blog, and even teach you how to contribute online content on your own, should you desire.

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