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Marketing Management Solutions will analyze existing client marketing data, point of sale data and customer data, as it is available, along with competitive analysis and prospect consumer information to identify trends, gaps and success measures.
Marketing Management Solutions creates and implements customized marketing plans for clients with a national and global reach.
Database marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses databases of customers to generate targeted lists for direct marketing communications(See also Direct Marketing). Using our opening example, a database at a technology store might well be able to produce a list of customers who had purchased similar products and might be interested in a new promotion.
Various businesses use database techniques to refine their direct marketing campaigns, including finance companies, retailers, technology vendors, internet service companies, insurance companies, and B2B companies. Database marketing is particularly useful for large firms, which have large customer bases that generate huge amounts of transaction data.
Many of those larger companies attended the Direct Marketing Associationa€™s annual National Center for Database Marketing Conference and Exhibition, where companies network and discuss how to improve database marketing.
As with other forms of direct marketing, the most responsive customers to database marketing are those who have opted in to mailing listsa€”such as when an online shopper checks a box marked a€?Send me information on future promotions.a€? Such customers have already expressed interest in the companya€™s products, and as such as more likely to be interested in new products and sales from that company. However, careful database analysis can produce many other lists of customers based upon other activity, who will be just as (or more) likely to respond to a particular direct marketing message.
While data on existing customers can be collected through transactions, data on prospects is largely obtained (purchased) from third parties. Larger companies will often manage all the data they collect from varying sources through a data warehouse.
In addition to direct marketing, database information can also be used in some systems to pull up customer information while interacting with the customer (known as real-time business intelligence), which allows for greater personalization.
The extent to which database systems can be effectively employed depends upon a number of factorsa€”how up-to-date the information is, what analytics are used, and the software network and level of connectivity in the business. Marketing managers need at least a bachelora€™s degree, generally in marketing or business management, and an established record of success with marketing initiatives and team leadership.
The actual creation and maintenance of database systems may be the province of the computer programmer; however, it requires the knowledge and skills of the marketer to put that data to good use. Coursework in market research, statistics, and analytics will equip you to deal with the vast amount of information available to businesses. Since marketing is fundamentally about communication, marketing programs emphasize such skills, as well as require students to practice and develop communications and presentation skills in their other classes. To learn more about what a marketing school can do for you, start by requesting information from schools with degrees in marketing, and begin collecting the data that will help you decide on your future career. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. INTRODUCTIONDatabase marketing is a form of direct marketing using databases of customers or potential customers to generate personalized communications in order to promote a product or service for marketing purposes.
DATABASE MARKETING TECHNIQUESDatabase Marketing and techniques tailored to fit your own products and services, you can gather and store targeted information about your visitors, clients or prospects.1. WHY DATABASE MARKETING ???If your work in a market niche with a limited number of prospects, e.g.
CHALLENGES OF DATABASEMARKETINGTracking their online behaviour has become the most effective means for most organizations to understand what is top-of-mind for their target audience RIGHT NOW.

CHALLENGES OF DATABASE MARKETING - CONTD? Web analytics systems evolved primarily as reporting and site analysis systems.
You have several new products arriving in your stores this week, and to spread the word, you decide to implement a direct mail campaign to neighborhoods near your stores.
Such databases include customersa€™ names and addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, purchase histories, information requests, and any other data that can be legally and accurately collected Information for these databases might be obtained through application forms for free products, credit applications, contest entry forms, product warranty cards, and subscriptions to product newsletters. These databases, once built, allow businesses to identify and contact customers with a relevant marketing communication. Exhibitors at the 2011 conference included American Express, Experian Marketing, Pitney Bowes, and the SAS Institute. The whole point of database marketing is to make sure that marketing communications are being directed toward the most receptive groups.
Different countries have various laws controlling what information can and cannot be sold, often restricting it to name, address, telephone number, and perhaps some demographics.
When Borders bookstores went out of business, the company sold customer records to Barnes and Noble, which was then able to market directly to Bordersa€™ former customers (for example, by offering Barnes and Noble member cards to those who had previously purchases Borders cards).
The warehouse receives diverse data sets from different departments and companies, integrates it into one mega-database (often several terabytes in size), and then parses it back out into smaller databases used for various functions.
Database analysts develop programs for filtering and mining the data for actionable information. Additionally, databases fuel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, which use the information to present personalized offerings of products and services. Major information technology companies, such as Google and Apple, are most effective at using their databases for real-time intelligence and personalization of business. A background in information technology or relational databases helps them to be more effective coordinating database campaigns. Many marketing programs train you to gather and understand data, and then act upon that data to create meaningful and persuasive messages for driving business.
You will learn how to acquire good data, and how to make inferences and predictions based upon that data. Instructors in economics, finance, business management, and consumer behavior classes will provide you with the necessary knowledge base for operating a business, and for expanding that business in a competitive market.
You will have honed your presentation skill set long before making your first presentation to a marketing executivea€”or to the consumer. Appended Data - More in-depth data may be desired for business to business (B2B) communications like SIC code, number of employees and annual sales, for bidding projects.
Website Data – Some websites offer a means to gather their own data, too, through the use of cookies that gather information from website visitors. Message and offer, finely tuned to audience, have been and remain the key to effective database marketingTo build an effective online database marketing system, it’s necessary to use a robust targeting platform that integrates online behavioural data with any essential customer dataIt’s a very rare database marketer that wants to target based on simple aggregations like visits, page views or time on site. Despite huge amounts of seemingly invaluable online customer behaviour and a growing capability to integrate data across channels, few organizations have been able to truly unleash this capability. Companies recognized for excellent performance with database marketing included Microsoft, Farmers Insurance, General Motors, IBM, and the Whirlpool Corporation.
For example, since finance and insurance companies already must collect name, address, and other information for a sale, it takes little extra effort to retain this information in a database.

Many businesses will readily sell this information to marketers; others may have privacy agreements with their customers that prevent them from doing so.
In addition to third parties, prospect data can also be obtained through sweepstakes, on-line registrations, and other methods. The use of a data warehouse allows a business to process much greater amounts of dataa€”and again, the more data available, the more opportunities for finding groups of customers that will respond to a customized message.
They may segment customers based upon a number of different demographic and behavior factors. Technical and communications skills are both important, in order to communicate with the marketing department as well as database operators and service bureaus.
In addition to successful sales experience, brokers must have experience in developing sources for names, and some methodology for improving the accuracy of lists. A large database is only an asset if you can reduce the data to easily understandable, actionable information. Or for one-on-one relationships with clients like for realtors and insurance products, people can append data to name and address files, seeking out income, age, home value, length of residence, number of children and over 30 other bits of info. This marketing method is popular for allowing Internet marketers a means to learn more about who visited their sites, which pages they searched and for how long, and many other site statistics. And what about technology and gadget customers who live just outside of those neighborhoods?
Proper maintenance of data and opt-out options reduces the number of people who have no interest in receiving such communication. Online retailers can also easily collect such information, as well as purchase histories; offline retailers may use club-card systems to accomplish the same thing. For example, they might use RFM analysisa€”segmenting groups by how recent, frequent, or how much monetary value customersa€™ purchases are. When you have customer details on the database, you can contact them at the right time with the right offer and gain extra sales for a very low cost to your business.Your sales cycle is three months or longer. Additional data comes in from customer service, which can keep a record of all their customer communications. They may also use statistical models, such as logistic regression, to predict future behavior and create customer lists.
In a good marketing program, youa€™ll be able to learn the latest and most effective methods for turning raw data into useful information.
Appended data can be done in-house or outsourced with larger companies that have more complete databases. Email Communications & Tracking – Email surveys, customer reply forms and shipping documents that use tracking numbers and share them with the clients are excellent examples of database marketers in action. Prospects will forget about you should you be out of contact for 90 days or longer, so you need to remind them that you are there. By using this type of tracking, companies can improve their customer-client relationships, resulting in increased sales and customer retention, and earn more about their clients in the process for future sales and retention efforts.

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