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Marketing Management Solutions will analyze existing client marketing data, point of sale data and customer data, as it is available, along with competitive analysis and prospect consumer information to identify trends, gaps and success measures.
Marketing Management Solutions creates and implements customized marketing plans for clients with a national and global reach. A national education firm in conjunction with a university was looking to a conduct a two day seminar at a resort in Southern New Jersey targeting Financial professionals. Many email marketers have been looking to make their email marketing programs more effective, easier and more time efficient.
People will have slightly differing views on its exact meaning and interestingly some people will have a different name for what I call marketing automation, but ultimately it’s all about a process that uses insight devised through data collection. Campaigns produced through marketing automation are extremely targeted and highly relevant to each individual consumer if the right (email) data analysis is used. It provides the ability to automatically set up campaigns, marketing automation saves companies both time and money. As you can see, the data comes from various sources so it’s vital this database is built to handle all these sources and is not just plugged onto the side of something existing that does not have the capabilities for such a job.
At the heart of marketing automation is the database holding all customer data in one place. Unfortunately many people think they can begin marketing automation by integrating digital data into an existing CRM database – WRONG! For many marketers, marketing automation is a big step towards getting all the 4 R’s of real-time marketing.
Over the last 10 years I have developed an account management team that offers the service led approach in the web analytics industry at RedEye.
Dedicating my time to take the data available and developing new ways improve the understanding of online marketing.

Because preparing and sending email newsletters are steps within each and every campaign, those tasks can add up to a lot of hours. Use Desktop marketing project management database, open this template on your Access 2007 or newer for Project Management templates.
Currently we have more than 425+ Presentation Designs and Project Management templates ready to download, and more new templates will be added periodically! All information that a company collects about its customers – transactional data, profile information such as demographical and psycho-graphical information, customer communication, web site usage etc. Through advanced analytical methods and the use of customer data, it aims at making intelligent selections of customers so that marketing actions can concentrate only on those customers that are most likely to respond in a desired way to a marketing campaign. Marketing automation seems to fulfill the promise of saving time and adding impact to your email program.
You can in turn use this customer insight to nurture customers via the set-up of automated campaigns. By feeding all customer activity into one integrated database, marketers can understand how they should be targeting their users. It’s the ability to do all this in a real time situation that lifts it above things like offline CRM. Using this, marketers can effectively assess the patterns and correlations leading to a sale and therefore build the correct strategies to effectively target and nurture users. Solid e-mail marketing system can create the same quality of e-mail campaigns while increasing productivity. Include first and last name, address, email, phone, etc., and make sure that each is in its own column. Instead of wasting money on unprofitable or uninterested customers, marketing budgets can be spent where they matter the most.

In the marketing automation world we can get very close to real time, especially when we are using a behavioral email ESP, it becomes so much more powerful than offline CRM.
It provides the means to ensure you are covering all 4 R’s: effectively targeting the Right people, with the Right message, at the Right time and through the Right channel. Offline data is based on household name and address, whereas online data is based around email address and cookie data. More about the requirements of a real-time marketing automation database and beyond in my next article. Get into a good habit of putting all the people you meet and work with into this database, updating it on a regular basis. You can use Access 2007 or newer Microsoft office software to open and edit Desktop marketing project management database. An obvious example would be a basket abandonment email program, but it’s actually about how all forms of communication can be handled quickly and most importantly how quickly data can be captured and processed. With this tool you can sort and select, copy and paste, upload into social media and email programs, and keep updated in order to maintain a thriving database. Keep a master spreadsheet file (Excel, Numbers, etc.) that contains all the information on your clients, your prospects, target customers and friends. Your database is your GOLD, lose everything else but if you have a current database you are back in business!

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