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February 8, 2014 by Hoang Tran 1 Comment Nowadays, it is common for small businesses to have a Facebook page as well as a web business site. The emergence of social media networking sites transformed the business arena for all businesses; especially small business owners.
A small business must manipulate the best of social media sites such as Facebook to boost its market presence and bottom lines. One of the best forms of Facebook manipulations is to generate a high number of ‘likes’ on the web business page. It is crucial to create a custom welcome page that represents the small business professionally. A well designed web business site is commonly ‘like’ and shared with others which is an excellent form of free promotion for the business while establishing the brand name in the marketplace.
The innovative small business owners need to think out of the box to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors by including components that their competitors do not have to make their web page stand out in the crowd.
Video inclusions are simple creations which can also be used on self introduction with regards to the business, headshots of staff and owners who are serving the consumers as well as clear demos of business products and services to convince viewers of the dynamism of the business offerings.
Modern consumers enjoy business websites that have pictures or photos of the staff, especially customer services to link a face to a name and services rendered. A small business website can garner more ‘likes’ than its competitors with a high dose of proactive services compared to a lackadaisical attitude by business owners. Proactive services to every visitor to the web business site make the visitor feel important to generate a positive response such as a ‘like’ on the webpage.
Quality blogs can be posted regularly and directly to the web business’s Facebook to entertain web visitors. Web visitors would more like to click the ‘Like’ button on the web business page if there is an obvious ‘Like’ gate staring in their face. A direct request to ‘like’ the page is very effective when the request is posted professionally.

These are essential business components in today’s modern business environment to stay ahead of the competition.
As more and more consumers climbed onto the social media platform to stay connected, small and big businesses are also capitalizing on the benefits of social media avenues. The full potential of social media networking features must be capitalized effectively to bring about the desired business outcomes. This would draw the attention of popular search engines to generate a high ranking to the web page which augurs well for the web business.
This page may be simple but crucial in introducing the small business with its plethora of products, services and brand to visitors. There can also be some inclusions of promotional components that encourage visitors to ‘like’ the web page as they navigate through the site. Hence, the web business site that incorporates interesting videos and colorful photos that are relevant to the topic of discussion would stand to enjoy more likes from visitors.
Well executed videos are great advertising tools that allow an effective dissemination of product or service information that would compel viewers to make a purchase immediately or establish the brand power in the market as more visitors view the video. When good services are rendered such as fair recommendations and tips or caution on the suggested products, consumers are more likely to ‘like’ the webpage for the professional services experienced.
It is important to make every web visitor feel like a VIP when visiting the web business site regardless of status and purchase capacity.
There is a status update feature that can be manipulated to garner relevant information on potential leads with open options for visitors and fans to participate in any update activity.
Sponsored web events or quick updates on relevant market happenings via Facebook event features are proactive services by a small business to garner more ‘likes’ on its web page. Clicking the ‘Like’ button opens to another space of more interesting contents that would captivate readers. It is necessary for a small business to track its page activities professionally with quick responses to customers’ mail while cleaning up the mail list to keep the website always professional in appearance and contents.

But small business owners should also consider optimizing their Facebook pages as well as their web business sites for greater effects and returns to business. Many small businesses are enjoying great success when Facebook marketing is incorporated into their online marketing strategies and campaigns. There is a plethora of dynamic Facebook features that are powerful in enhancing the small business enterprise’s sales and profit. It must be well designed and structured to facilitate easy navigation that would encourage more visitors as well as a frequent return of visitors. These videos or photos about the business, product or service can be shared along the circle of influence’s network of the consumer. Small business owners can make use of relevant Facebook apps such as Contact Me to create the relevant contact form for a quick contact option by visitors.
Hopefully this article can help you somewhat with the knowledge and tools to be able to make money online.I like to write articles about your favorite array as Design, WordPress, make money online and SEO. A small business owner must learn to take advantage of these features to impact its online marketing strategy. Hence, the number of ‘likes’ on the small web business site would increase faster to capture the attention of top search engines for a higher page ranking.
Due to limited knowledge article will equally cliche, so look forward to receiving many words your suggestions to improve.

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