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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Twitter is a micro-blogging service that you can use from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. The heavy hitters on Twitter may have thousands of followers and may post dozens of tweets per day. First, take a walk through the expanded MindMap to understand more about how Twitter works, 20 business uses, best practices, worst practices, resource sites with links, and more. Click here to view a fully interactive version of the MindMap on the Mindjet eNewsletter page. Second, take a look at the Whole Foods Twitter page to get a flavor (sorry!) of how a major corporation uses this tool to engage its customers and fans.

This entry was posted in Marketing Basics, News, Online, Social Media, Tech Tools, Tips & Mini-Guides, Top Posts, Trends. It illustrates why you need to care about Twitter for your business–and how to get smart about using it. A few minutes spent with the MindMap delivers a crash course in all business things Twitter. In a way it is somewhat self-enclosed like most social media networks like FaceBook or MySpace. I’ve been in contact with some incredible people from around the world — all within the context of my job!
And that too with those who choose to follow you or take notice of your reply if you follow them.

I never would have been able to find these individuals using traditional tools — or it I could, it would have taken a lot more time, effort, and money.
And, although you can be blocked from following someone, normally you can follow whomever is writing about stuff that interests you. Thus, unlike Facebook or LinkedIn where someone must actively accept your friend request, with Twitter you can see a profile and tweets unless that person decides to block you. There are some new, powerful search engines arising that tap into the social conversations.

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