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Did you know that the wedding industry in the UK is worth over 10 billion British Pound (GBP)? Now, imagine that you are a British shop owner who wants to earn a business selling bridal dresses. First and foremost: to be successful in any business, you need to genuinely understand your customers or clients.
The keyword wedding dress generates a massive list with search phrases, like “affordable wedding dress”, “backless wedding dress”, “bridal dress”, “budget wedding dress”, “custom made wedding dress” and “lace wedding dress”. Is this person someone with a tight budget, a woman who wants the latest design or someone who does not truly know what she wants? The phrase “wedding dress” generates 60,164 daily searches (broad match) for UK related sites or about 1.8 million searches per month! To get a rough estimate of the monthly US-based web traffic for these 3 websites, I used Site Analytics by Compete.
Use specific niche keywords and include a social media marketing strategy to drive organic traffic to your web shop.
Now, let’s get creative with two examples: the phrase “wedding dress” shows us two fascinating results for the UK market.

Maybe they can not afford to buy an Alexander McQueen or Vera Wang wedding dress, but they certainly want to look like Kate Middleton on their wedding day! Create compelling content, inspired by these keyword phrases and spread the word via various social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.
Come back next week to learn more on how to identify the problems these brides face, and the desire that keeps these women going. Takeaway: if you ever consider starting your business in the wedding industry, make sure you “pay attention to the beliefs of the people who aspire to get married”. It takes a lot of smart work, a bit of hard work and consistency to build your online business.
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About BittersweetBittersweet Design Boutique creates photo marketing templates, photography magazines, affordable logos & premade branding kits for professional photographers & creatives. What’s more, an increasing number of Chinese brides order their custom-made wedding dresses online via UK-based websites.

Plus how to address every common objection and aspect of resistance they might have for not choosing your bridal gowns!
His company offers state of the art community management services for public figures and successful social brands. An online magazine to support Dutch entrepreneurs and marketers with social media marketing. Each layer is completely customizable, so you can easily change the colors, text, and images. Bittersweet is not responsible for any printing errors, so please double-check the sizing, colors, bleed lines, etc. From there watch your competitors, study them, talk to people in the wedding business and create a smart content strategy to stand out. I've always found keyword research to be a little tedious and boring, this helps put it in a better light for me!

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