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Of course, when it comes to paid PDF editing solutions, the best-known tool is Adobe Acrobat, and no wonder: Adobe Systems created the PDF standard.
Nuance PDF Converter for Mac uses editing tools that are nearly identical to those used in Adobe Acrobat. Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate comes with a full set of tools you need to make editing PDF files on Mac as easy as in a Word processor. For many, $300 may feel like too much to spend to change words and graphics in PDF documents. If you usually deal with PDF files, you will find that not all of the PDF file allows you to copy or modify it. PDF file, as we know it, is hard to edit without the professional PDF editor, and if you want to edit protected PDF, it should be harder. Sign up for Cisdem newsletters, stay informed on the latest products news, the hottest deals, and our holiday special sales. That’s why effective salesforce reports present information in a way that is quick and easy to assimilate.
Incidentally, this report allows managers to challenge their existing account management and business development strategy. And that means, nine times out of ten, salesforce reports should be presented in a matrix format. We’ve published many blog posts that explain how to use dashboards to gain visibility of the sales pipeline. The ‘Accounts with Open Opportunities’ report in the conditional highlighting tip is an example of what we mean.
The information is accessible in a way that allows managers to absorb it quickly and make decisions on how to act.
So unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise, insist that your salesforce reports are created in Matrix, rather than Summary format. But the sacrifice we have to make for this piece of information is a lot more data in the body of the report. But in the first case, unless a piece of data adds compelling value to the report, remove it.
Watch the video on matrix reports to see how to remove the Record Count and set the report to run with details hidden.
Most salesforce reports that provide information on the sales pipeline or won revenue summarise the data by date. Fortunately it’s easy to fix (we show it in the video on tip #2), it’s just not always done! Have a look at the two salesforce report charts below, taken from the same salesforce environment. And that means many managers lack critical information on sales against target at the individual rep, sales team and company level.
The arrow indicator showing the current performance is fed by an underlying matrix or summary report.
Provides a quick and powerful summary indicator of overall sales performance against target. Using a simple dashboard gauge is a viable option for relatively straightforward target measurements and forecast requirements.
The Forecasts tab offers a sophisticated and advanced level of targeting and performance measurement.
The Forecasts tab provides advanced functionality for tracking sales performance against target.
Performance against target based on won, committed, pipeline and best case deals can be measured.

Managers can override forecasts submitted by their direct reports in order to modify the projected performance against target for their team. Extensive drill down capability to understand performance against target at individual rep and team level. High levels of user adoption by managers and sales people is necessary to secure the benefits. Managers need the ability to overwrite the forecast sales performance submitted by their reports. A custom solution offers an automated way to measure sales against target that requires significantly less user training than the Forecasts tab.
The lower portion of the screen shows the Opportunities that have been automatically linked to this target record using Apex code. The embedded chart on the left hand side of the page shows Michael’s target in blue, his Closed Won deals in green and the Expected Revenue of his April 2015 pipeline deals in orange. The doughnut chart to right provides analysis of Michael’s April pipeline by Opportunity Stage.
The information is also be summarised at team and company level Dashboards with drill down to individual sales people. Shows detailed information including performance against target with and without anticipated revenue from pipeline deals. You want to link revenue to targets using data from an ERP, Finance or other back-end system. We’ve expanded further on this option in another blog post, Is Your Sales Funnel Big Enough to Make Your Revenue Target. You can also download a Powerpoint version of this blog post by viewing the accompanying SlideShare, How To Manage Sales Targets in Salesforce.
The principle of using Expected Revenue for creating a robust sales forecast in salesforce is explained here How And Why To Use Expected Revenue for Sales Forecasting. Listen to Gary Smith and Nick Ambrose on this recorded webinar as they demonstrate the three solutions in action. Free PDF editor Mac is extremely useful as it allows you to edit and re-master PDF documents on Mac, El Capitan is also included. Most of the major features you need when viewing PDFs are included in Skim including adding and editing notes, highlighting important text, making snapshots for easy reference and navigation using table of contents or thumbnails, with visual history.
Features include the ability to add text and other annotations, insert images and signatures, and split and merge files. However, Acrobat is not inexpensive; prices begin at $299 for the Standard version, which is out of reach for most people. You can use it to edit PDF and create interactive forms, scan and convert documents to editable text; also the split-screen view of your PDF can be helpful if you need to work on a document that has several pages. You can add texts, comments, notes, or shapes (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Circle,) to the PDF, highlight, cross-out, underline text, and draw an arrow or a line. There are some PDF files are only-readable, you can’t directly edit it unless you convert PDF to writable file or directly make PDF writable with third-party application. If you want to edit a password protected PDF on Mac, removing password protection from PDF is the first step must be complete.
The green highlighting immediately shows that this customer has opportunities in two months – February and July.
In contrast, conditional highlighting means managers can quickly run an eye over the report. It’s key information for funnel reviews so we’ve created a dedicated blog post that explains how to create and apply the Accounts with Open Opportunities salesforce report.
In virtually every case, the underlying information is displayed in a Matrix Report format.

Only the essential information – the value of deals due to close each month – is visible in the report. Well, it tells us that for American Banking Corporation, the ?136,000 that is due to close in March, is made up of two opportunities not one. Plus it almost doubles the overall length of the report, meaning the viewer has to scroll much further down to see the full report. In other words, when the viewer runs the report it immediately presents the full underlying information.
If they need more detail – in this case information on the specific opportunities that make up the report – they can get it by expanding the report. And that process usually begins with the Record Count and setting the report to run with Hide Details. Yet without this information, sales executives are flying blind when it comes to managing revenue growth.
We’ve described the options and given pointers to indicate the situation in which each is appropriate. There’s no visibility of individual rep or sales team performance against sales target.
Or taking the time to re-set the red, amber and green breakpoint values on a monthly basis isn’t going to be a problem. The gauge can be used in conjunction with other dashboard charts and reports to gain full visibility of the sales performance and pipeline. It combines this with forecasting features that give managers a high quality, top-down view of projected revenue.
But bear in mind that successful roll-out requires appropriate planning and configuration effort. In the example above, we’re looking at the sales target for Michael Watson, for April 2015. The purple bar shows that based on these numbers, Michael has a shortfall against his target. This provides additional clarity on the likelihood of Michael achieving his target based on his pipeline deals. Drilling down to the underlying report shows the sales rep target, the value of Closed Won deals, Expected Revenue from the pipeline, and comparison with the individual sales target. But since PDF is an open format, other, considerably cheaper apps also allow you to edit PDF files. What’s more you can use it to read, sign, merge, split, compress, encrypt, and convert PDF files with advanced OCR technology. On the other hand, if all you want to do is edit text and graphics in PDF documents, you may want to look at this list and find one that meets your needs and your budget. In fact the resulting report is so unwieldly we had to truncate the screenshot just to display it in this article. So salesforce reports need to present the value of opportunities due to close for each calendar month.
The red, amber and green segments are created by setting the relevant breakpoint values in the dashboard edit function. If the Close Date or the Opportunity Owner change, then the Opportunity is unhooked and linked to the newly relevant target record.

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