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One of the chief concerns we have as website owners is how to drive traffic to our websites. Unicef Finland wanted to raise awareness for children’s rights and raise funds with a minimum cost. The Marketing Ideas Academy is a powerful online course, full of time-tested, proven marketing ideas that—when used daily—are GUARANTEED to achieve results for your business. Some fashion brands have gained a reputation for their impressive window displays, most notably high-end brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel.
For one telecommunications leader, economic and competitive pressures were making it increasingly difficult to attract and keep new customers in a highly competitive space. New small-to-medium-sized business customers represent a substantial economic gain to this communications services provider because these customers generate a higher percentage of cross-sell opportunities and are one of the faster growth segments in business today. A customer’s first contact included an informational and legal document to confirm an order–traditionally a generic, off-brand direct mail piece with no offer.
This was followed by a number of different welcome kits from each product category that were sent up to three months after a new customer’s service activation. Senior management recognized that the more services a customer purchases from a telecom provider, the less likely customers will take their business elsewhere, but the move from a product focus to a customer focus was not an easy one and required a commitment from multiple stakeholders within the organization.
Customer-centric communications must be frequent and consistent, targeted, timed, and delivered in a manner that is most appropriate for the individual customer.
The first step was to understand business priorities and analyze and document the telecom’s current state. Messages developed early in the relationship should be designed to set and validate customer expectations. Using multiple touch points across a variety of media are preferred by customers – because channel preference is situational. From this insight, the company set out to identify the critical milestones for each business customer through time-driven occurrences and data-driven activity.
At the core of the company’s new strategy is a precise contact strategy that optimizes each customer interaction.
At each lifestage, the focus and intent of the communications change as a customer progresses from one stage to another. Small business customers are contacted several times within the crucial first six-month period, not including billing and account information.
Of course, this new approach requires changes to infrastructure, budgets, and available resources that will be deployed over several phases.
Joseph Fiochetta is director of strategy for Harte-Hanks, a worldwide, direct and targeted marketing company that provides direct marketing services and shopper advertising opportunities to a wide range of local, regional, national and international consumer and business-to-business marketers. Matt is a husband, father of four, marketing consultant and founder of Marketing Ideas 101.
A news or press release about a new program or event is a wonderful way to inform the local media and its audience about your latest efforts.
In the world of search engine marketing (SEM, commonly and erroneously referred to as SEO the same way everyone insists on calling all facial tissues “Kleenex,” there is a technique referred to as “back linking.” Back linking (spelled backlinking, back linking or back-linking, depending on who you talk to) is an activity whereby you add your website to niche directories, submit articles, post videos and podcasts, post blog comments and more – all of which include one-way links back to your website. Then came link farms, where links between sites were less direct, placing sites in a circular chain of links.
From day one, I began to see the “if you follow me, I’ll follow you” phenomenon in Twitter. I believe one of the best ways we can shine in the world – including the virtual world of social media – is to show integrity in our communications with others. The next time someone asks you to “like” them back, make sure you can do so with a true heart and a clear conscience. Matt Schoenherr is a husband, father of four, marketing consultant and founder of Marketing Ideas 101. Marketing is always at the top of any business agenda but coming up with ideas and concepts can be a challenge, but not any more if you attend our 101 Marketing Ideas & Concepts conference. At just ?25 per person this innovative and business focused event offers you each marketing idea at just ?0.25.

101 Marketing Ideas & Concepts conference offers you the opportunity to discover how marketing and marketing platforms can improve your organisation, bottom line, brand, sales and shareholder value. We are pleased to announce that we are open during the day for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, paninis, cakes at CICCIC, and what a great place to relax and enjoy a cuppa with our amazing art gallery, beautiful day lit Victorian hall and why not read our latest Arts & Culture newspaper too. Blues music is a growing music genre and excellent to watch and hear live but with over 32 types of blues music genres it’s no surprise the most common blues music is that from the Deep South of America, jazz blues, gospel blues and of course blues rock. Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool. Creative Innovation Centre CIC, with the help of Universities South West, Regional Growth Fund, Arts Council  and working with Somerset College and Richard Huish College is researching into what local Taunton Deane 14-24 year olds like and do.
Creative Innovation Centre CIC is non-profit Community Interest Company and social enterprise Company No.
This type of marketing takes consumers by surprise with its out of the box design and advertising. Without knowing how to get more traffic, how else will we get more leads, make more sales and continue to make money online? While this seems like it should be obvious, people are still caught off-guard without their business cards. They also wanted to reinforce their position as an organization dedicated specifically to children’s welfare. In doing so, you support the local artist community, gain word-of-mouth through the artists, and bring more interest to your walls. Create a Recipe Book Everyone brings in a favorite family recipe which is then compiled into a single document, beautified, and published for resale. Have you ever walked past a restaurant or cafe and been captured by the rich or appetizing aroma wafting from inside? This may be the first bill, a customer service call, a retail experience, a Web site…any event that helps clarify the relationship with a particular brand, product, or service. Identifying and anticipating those points of clarify is critical to maintain and grow a profitable customer relationship. But new customers typically tend to be more vulnerable to competitors and generally churn at a higher rate during the first weeks and months of the business relationship.
In addition, customer service was not integrated into the marketing mix so contact with the customer was conducted independent of other channels.
The shift away from how the company was organized versus how customers engaged with the brand created an impact on the organization at strategic, tactical, and operational levels. To combat the problem of new customer turnover, the telecom performed a number of qualitative and quantitative measures necessary to realign the new customer experience. Programs that are data gathering stimulate: customer interaction, transactions (revenue), stickiness (retention), and usage.
Customer-centric programs that address the lifecycle of the customer through vulnerable periods are more profitable.
Channel alignment, combined with predictive modeling and analytics as well as customer-centric messaging and creative, is the foundation of this evolving new customer onboarding process. As a result, the telecom is able to identify each stage and allocate the right offer, message, and budget to that customer’s situation. Number of contacts, channel mix, message, and offer are determined by in which lifestage a customer resides.
This package establishes the one-to-one dialog with the new customer and thanks the customer for choosing the telecom, delivers product information, sets expectations for the customer experience, and validates the decision to interact with the brand. The goal of this effort is to provide the customer with evolutionary products or services rather than the telecom’s focus product during that time period.
The sales and direct marketing channels work closely together to present a consistent and cohesive face to the customer.
Although still in the first phase, early indicators point to the success of the new program. As a student, teacher and published author, Matt supports the worthy goals of service and commerce in the small business and nonprofit communities.

Before you do this, however, you must know exactly what your intent is for your news release. In the course of performing routine search engine marketing tasks, I received a message from someone who had just “liked” one of my Facebook fan pages, Marketing Ideas 101.
I try to inject interesting content, helpful tips and a wealth of wisdom in my contributions to the Internet community. The more conduits leading back into your website, the more traffic you have, and the more conversions (sign-ups, comments, calls, sales, etc.,) you should receive, right? It wasn’t long before people figured out you could swap links and accomplish similar results. Being new to Twitter country, I took this virtual exchange with random strangers to simply be part of the Twitter culture.
Usually, this person was a celebrity, so they would have a million followers in contrast to the five people they were following.
How can anyone trust you as a person of influence if you “like” 3,000 pages and many of them are junk or of little value. Our daily challenge is to bring that integrity to every corner of our presence, both online and offline. This may be something you conduct through a local school or university, or it could be offered through a local business association or group.
So if you are looking to push your business forward for the coming year this event is right up your street.
You’ll go away infused and confident that your marketing activity can work even better for your business.
Discover how a content marketing approach enabled a Devon based SME to engage with a global audience who were unaware of their existence and enabled them to increase sales leads, improve conversion rates and generate more sales. As a married father of four, it's usually about whose turn it is to pick out the story at bedtime. One of the greatest marketing ideas that has changed over time is the simple concept of color. To execute this fundraiser Send around a sign-up sheet so you can get a feel for the kinds of dishes people would like to contribute.
If your office is a little more highbrow, simply keep the toys in a nice chest and offer them only when children are present, rather than leaving the toys out at all times. For example, within the company’s old business model, small business customers received multiple contacts from various channels (direct mail, e-mail, teleservices) across various products with no integration.
Within each lifestage, expectations were established and the metrics for success were developed to support the business case for this new change.
Further, each contact is treated as part of a continuity curriculum, where the conversation with the customer extends over a period of time versus the traditional single message approach. The telecom company was able to reduce customer churn, increase sales and revenue, and experience higher overall response rates as a result of the innovation. As fan pages were created, people and companies began to realize the power of “likes.” This power – similar to Twitter, whereby a broadcast became more powerful with the growing size of the fan base – was a real turn-on to anyone who understood the marketing principles of exposure and amplitude.
As you move onward and upward into the business community, you will be called upon to give presentations before groups (one of the best ways to be perceived as an authority on your topic). You’ll be amazed at the great ideas you lose track of as you get caught up in your day-to-day efforts. You might also want to offer bottled water for those who don’t care for coffee or tea. To play the game, you must first learn the rules and I figured following random people (especially if they followed you) was how you played the game.

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