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NCET is a member-supported non-profit that produces networking events to help individuals and businesses explore and use technology. Larry DeVincenzi will give you key steps to help position your brand in today’s competitive market place, in addition to resources to build effective email campaigns and websites.
Chuck Sweeney will provide specific tips and techniques that the savviest of networkers can put to use immediately. Julie Ardito will share a hot list of ways you can build your business through public relations, media exposure and self-promotion, at little or no cost.
Jarrod Lopiccolo and his team of developers will do a walk-through presentation on the set-up of several well-known free social sites, including: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn and WordPress. Julie Ardito is principal of Julie Ardito Public Relations, a multi-faceted public relations and marketing firm that serves a diverse group of companies providing strategic and creative services that achieve results and a return on investment. Larry DeVincenzi is a creative brand marketing strategist with more than 25 years of progressive leadership experience in both mature and high growth companies. Jarrod Lopiccolo co-owns and operates Noble Studios, an international Web development and digital marketing company.
As a multi-award winning company, Noble Studios provides clients with a high level expertise in Website design and development, prototype development, Web applications, user interface design (UI), print advertisement, marketing, and strategy.
Chuck Sweeney is a Business Coach and Motivational Speaker who has more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and leadership development. How would you like to find one place where you can go to get all of your small business marketing questions answered?
Having known Tara Jacobsen professionally for over ten years, I can sincerely and unequivocally vouch for her high-standard work ethic and her 360-degree expertise in all marketing strategies.
I speak to hundreds of small business owners each month and the vast majority of them are just looking for answers.
SEO, backlinks, keywords, daisy chaina€¦.is a mental health counselor really supposed to know anything about these things? Why Marketing Artfully is the ONLY Company That Can Deliver theDo-It-Yourself Small Business Marketing Program!
Tara Jacobsen of Marketing Artfully, has a Midas touch when it comes to marketing, on and off the Internet. Finding out how to generate leads for your small business is invaluable BUT we have tried to make this as affordable as possible for small business owners looking for help!
If you hire us to do your small business marketing for you, it would cost $1,490 to set up your internet marketing empire. If you spent money on a one time ad in a print publication it can run you from $800 to well over $1,000 easily to reach a limited number of eyeballs. Even direct mail (which I recommend doing by the way) would cost you well over $400 to do right. We have tried to make this affordable to all small business owners…if you pay just $149 you get access to the latest small business marketing ideas, tips and tricks.
I’ve helped business owners transform their businesses in as little as 30 days, just by implementing a few online systems. Lifetime membership to the Marketing Artfully membership site guarantees that we will make all content online today available for at least 3 years following your signup.
Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans. You’ve done all the hard work of collecting potential customer emails and built up a strong customer email list. Receive updates on the latest trends in outdoor and guerilla marketing as well as special offers and seasonal reminders.

This blog article covers some great ideas that can help you enhance your affiliate marketing business. When you begin your affiliate marketing career it is always a good idea to research the company(s) you are planning to become associated with.  Companies that frequently create new products are a great resource for any affiliate marketer. You need to educate yourself in the field of affiliate marketing before you can really be successful with it. One good tip learned from several accomplished affiliate marketers is to place deadlines on purchasing products.  If visitors see that there is only a small amount of time left to purchase a product, they might feel encouraged to buy the product before time expires. A good way to prolong a visitors time on your website is to post trivia questions on banner ads. Affiliate marketing is powerful because you are creating income opportunities that are capable of producing serious financial rewards now and into the future.
For questions or comments, contact me or connect with me on my Facebook Profile.  For the YouTube Video click here. In addition, anyone who wants to start in affiliate marketing on a budget should consider our ?10 per year unlimited website hosting plan. You’ll gain insights to building your brand that can save you time and money, and much more. You will learn how focused self-promotion will help you develop a web of prospects; maintain existing relationships and how to “plan” for your next networking opportunity. Attendees will learn in a hands-on atmosphere as the Noble Studios team will use several members of the audience to demonstrate how easy it is to setup and start using social sites for business. With nearly 20 years of experience, Ardito excels in all aspects of public relations, including strategic planning, brand development, marketing communications, media relations, issues management, internal communications, public affairs and crisis communications. He is recognized for his expertise at building business and rejuvenating brands by identifying the market opportunity, crafting a vision, developing core strategies, hiring and training talent, and leading high-performing teams. Jarrod brings more than 10 years of UI development experience with an emphasis in Web technology to the business. He was a senior executive with the New York Life Insurance Company where his background includes responsibilities for both national and regional marketing strategies as well as business development, sales, and special promotions. If you want a one-stop shop that can teach you how to set up your total internet marketing plan, you have come to the right place. We offer solid small business marketing advice that keep you on the cutting edge of social media marketing, internet marketing, keywords, blogs and websites. In todaya€™s Net world, Tara offers impeccable knowledge in all forms of social media and beyond.
They are not sure what will work today and how the interent can help to grow their business. I’ve helped hundreds of business owners transform their online profit picture in as little as 30 days, using Internet techniques that geared to small business owners NOT techy types! I certainly didna€™t, but Tara Jacobsen made this all extremely simple for me, and now I have an effective system that is boosting my visibility, traffic and a€“of course!!- business to my websites and my practice. She can help you create solutions fast because she has been on the Internet longer than most strategists.
There are no costly monthly fees or setup charges, you get lifetime access to all of the small business marketing ideas currently available, as well as ongoing information on a monthly basis! I can show you how to get these systems set up in the shortest time possible because of my years of experience. Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People.
I think this article is very informative and addresses the concerns many have about article marketing.

Many of our customers are affiliate marketers, and the low cost allows them to start many different affiliate sites. She has broad experience in assisting clients build their business through increased awareness and strategic brand development. He excels at strategic marketing planning, brand repositioning, creative advertising, Internet and direct marketing, marketing communications, public relations, social media marketing, business development and account management.
As co-owner, he is responsible for securing new business, building strong relationships with clients and the overall strategic direction of the agency.
Chuck is a member of the National Speakers Association and talks on various subjects including, Leadership, Motivation, Negotiating and Having a Balanced Life. You are about to discover how you can overcome the barriers that keep many small business owners from getting more customers & increasing their business profits using the Internet. Never feel like you are getting left behind again – help is here at a shockingly affordable price! Thanks, Tara, for helping this a€?dummya€? now look like a genius (my peers are very envious of my web presence)! I have made each of these videos myself and continue to add frequently to the content, keeping you up with the small business marketing changes as they occur. So you are up and running – earning significant revenue, without having to run all around finding answers to your marketing questions in a million different places. This is also the time when women and men start thinking about getting in shape for that beach vacation. These simple yet attention grabbing inflatables are becoming a staple in the marketing strategy of brick-and-mortar businesses because they are cost effective, easy to install, and really work. Both large and small companies can incorporate guerilla tactics to attract the attention of their market. You also have the potential of generating additional revenue when you have new products to sale.  Satisfied customers are usually willing to look at your new product and buy from you. Among the client’s Julie Ardito Public Relations has the pleasure to partner include: EDAWN, Microsoft Licensing, GP, Muckel Anderson CPAs, and Wild Island Family Adventure Park. Jarrod also serves as a preferred consultant to many businesses in the region, and his creative diversity has made him an influential player in his profession. He is active in his community and has been an officer of several business and community associations.
Way back in 1999 at a dot-com start-up, Tara spent three years managing projects ranging from mom and pop shops all the way to large scale projects that integrated with IBM and other Fortune 50 companies. Some are boutique type places, others are larger stores, but they all have one thing in common – they know how to make outdoor marketing work for their business. Even Adidas has incorporated these methods into their advertising – the sports brand launched one of their new stores with the help of a load of small blue rubber ducks.
After starting her own marketing business in 2001, Tara took a couple of years off to apply her golden touch to the real estate market: within two years, she was in the top 10% of commission-only Realtors in her office.
As a result, Tara has a rare combination of online and offline marketing experience, along with more years on the Internet than most consultants.

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