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Kimberly CastleberryAlongside sharing effective content, Kim’s business page also flaunts its growing number of fans on Facebook. Green marketing is a trend that many businesses have chosen to adopt, while for others it is also a way of doing business. Whether you are running a business entirely focused on green products or services, or you are simply looking to connect with consumers interested in doing business with companies that are eco-friendly, green marketing can be a positive tactic for small businesses in their overall marketing strategy. Here are some green marketing ideas for eco-friendly small businesses to demonstrate how they care about the environment or offer a green solution for customers. Your green marketing strategy should be a business strategy and not just a marketing gimmick.
Promoting healthier living with fewer chemicals is also a great selling point for consumers – particularly those that have pets or children. If your product has a green offering, or if your business participates in eco-friendly practices, make use of a variety of logos and insignias for your marketing and company branding that represent green. If you are looking for a few good tools to help you with creating a green logo for your business, check out our branding and graphics tools for online logo creation companies.
A well-known way to conserve resources, recycled paper is an easy way to subtly demonstrate that your business is environmentally conscious. If you have a business that is very focused on environmental concerns and green marketing is a big differentiator, than spending a few extra dollars on recycled paper is very important first step in a green marketing strategy. Online marketing, or e-marketing, is much more environmentally friendly than offline marketing like direct mail or printed advertising. The most obvious place to cut is printed direct mail, but replacing printed coupon mailers can be a challenge for small businesses that rely on coupon redemption to drive sales. Using local vendors and suppliers is a very green business practice because you are reducing the impact of carbon emissions on the environment by having local delivery of products and supplies.
Believe it or not, the vehicles you use for delivery, sales and service have a big impact on your brand image. Another green marketing idea is to support environmental initiatives by making donations or taking actions that assist a local environmental cause. These green marketing ideas are small steps that small businesses can take to reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate to customers that choosing their business can make a difference with the environment. With over 20 years of integrated marketing experience, Diane is author of the award-winning book PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn. Understanding how visitors find your website and how they respond to your content is critical to optimize your online marketing efforts and grow your business.
In a world of micro-moment marketing, customers and prospects are seeking more bite-size content to consume.
With 2016 just around the corner, it’s time for small business owners to be thinking about new marketing strategies. We know time is limited, and marketing might not be in your wheelhouse (after all, running your business is your focus), so we’ve taken the time to break down the top 10 strategies you should implement as we enter the new year.
For those of you interested in taking on the challenge, here are eight marketing strategies every small business owner should execute in 2016.
When planning your business’s key messages, you likely spend a good amount of time thinking about how to promote your products, services and specials.
Content marketing is a valuable strategy that keeps your brand top of mind with your customers without overselling your business. With content marketing, businesses begin to share fun, interesting and industry-adjacent information that they think will keep their audience engaged. If you’re not thinking about how customers see you on mobile devices, you need to start now. Internet users spend 51 percent of their time browsing on mobile versus 42 percent on a desktop or laptop. Nearly 75 percent of Americans own at least one smartphone, and for many, it’s their main entry point to the Internet. Facebook, the world’s most heavily trafficked social media site, reports that a whopping 38 percent of its users are mobile only. Not long ago, the idea of wearing a watch to communicate with others and stay informed was a concept only seen in TV and movies.
Some important mobile questions to consider include: How does my website look on a mobile device?
Testing out unconventional email subject lines is a great strategy to apply in the new year because it’s easy to execute, allows for simple analysis (how was your open rate on this email versus that one?) and costs absolutely nothing. Single words — The simple, almost mysterious feel of a single-word subject line might induce some curiosity.
Questions — Raising a question that makes the reader think is another fun way to pique interest.
Personalization — Finding ways to personalize emails, such as populating subject lines with the recipient’s name, is a great way to encourage opens. Maintaining your database is one of the simplest and most important things you can do to make sure your email results are accurate. Unsubscribes and address changes are two common occurrences that could be messing with the accuracy of your database, so starting the new year with a clean list is a great goal to set.
B2C interactions have evolved from “you need this” (where the business drives the market) into “but we want this” (where consumers are king).
As social sites change, grow and multiply, it’s vital for businesses to try their hand at emerging networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a number of other social media sites now offer enhanced advertising options to people who are willing to put their money where their ads are.

It seems simple enough: Pay the social network a few dollars and your company’s page, post, tweet or whatever you want to boost will get an increased reach. On average, social media ads account for 9 percent of a company’s marketing spend, but that number is expected to rise to nearly 25 percent within the next five years.
Video content has quickly become one of the most readily consumed forms of media on the Internet, with social networks like Facebook and Twitter both adding native video and autoplay to their platforms.
Uploading your own content or sharing third party links are great ways to incorporate video, stay relevant and keep your brand top of mind.
With sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and Google Review, consumers have a lot of power when it comes to making or breaking a company’s reputation. A whopping 90 percent of consumers say their buying decisions are impacted by positive online reviews, so acquiring these reviews needs to be on the top of your small business marketing to-do list. Managing your reputation online means being proactive and monitoring sites where your business might appear. We know there’s a lot of different information out there regarding how to best market your company, and frankly, it can be a little overwhelming. One of the most useful custom tabs on this page is the Fan Reviews tab, which instantly boosts the credibility and reputation of the business.EmmaThis Facebook Marketing page belongs to a small business that provide other companies with Email Marketing solutions. The global strain on our planet and environment, coupled with a consumer desire to choose eco-friendly products for healthier living, creates opportunities for businesses to market themselves as environmentally conscious.
The most thoughtful green marketing strategy and idea is to actually create real eco-friendly selling points for your small business. This green marketing idea is ideal for businesses that offer services like carpet cleaning with non-toxic cleaning agents or lawn care with non-chemical weed killers. This includes your website, advertising, marketing materials, signage, business cards, packaging and vehicle graphics.
Most printing vendors offer an option to have marketing brochures, flyers or business cards printed on recycled paper that is almost as inexpensive as regular paper. The good news for small businesses is that it is also much cheaper to use online marketing.
Small businesses should seek to invest in growing their email database as a solution to reducing direct mail. Make sure your customers know that you not only support your local economy but your business is also minimizing gas consumption and carbon emissions by using local vendors. As your vehicles travel throughout your local market territory they make numerous impressions on your local customers and prospects.
Customers can also support the cause by offering environmental incentives for sales – such as planting trees or donating a portion of a sale to an environmental organization. Diane also serves as the marketing director for SureShade, a growing small business that has become the new standard for shade on boats, and runs Marine Marketing Tools, a site that bridges her passion for boating and small business marketing. They are looking for information that is quick, understandable and easy to act upon if desired.
Informing your potential customers about all you offer might sound like a good plan, but it’s self-serving and should only account for a small portion of the information you share.
Your audience can only handle so many posts, emails and other pieces of content that highlight the work you do.
A real estate agent might share “10 tips and tricks for streamlining your spring cleaning,” or an auto mechanic might post “5 summer road trips you need to take.” The information might not highlight what your company can do for the customer, but it keeps your brand in front of your audience, making it easier to recall your business at the time of purchase.
You need to learn what keeps your customers engaged and find a balanced strategy for sharing information about your own services. Over the last few years, however, mobile usage has skyrocketed, and with the continuous development of mobile tech (we see you reading this, Apple Watch wearer) businesses need to make their mobile strategy a priority. You might send emails to specific customers on specific days using specific language, and that’s all well and good, but why not branch out and try something new? Here we’ve highlighted 7 great subject line techniques that are probably quite different from what you’re doing now.
Imagine this: You try a new email campaign design and the results show an extremely low open rate.
Your brand absolutely needs to be present on major networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The idea of “fringe” sites no longer exists, and instead, businesses need to be willing to try new things and spend time figuring out what new social networks work best for them.
But what many business owners don’t realize is that paid ads on social are one of the fastest growing marketing channels available to them, and they ought to jump on board. It’s no wonder, then, that advertisers are quickly jumping on board and pushing video as the dominant medium for grabbing consumers’ attention. You can consider starting a vlog (video blog), sharing tutorials, or even look into video advertisements. But as scary as that might sound, it’s actually a great opportunity to gain new referral business. But your business is your livelihood and you should feel confident that you’re marketing it to the best of your abilities. He is dedicated to producing great social content on behalf of both our clients and OutboundEngine, as well as promoting the company's exciting culture and brand. The visual branding and content used on this business page advocates the concept of using simplicity to create a big impact.Pennsylvania Macaroni CompanyThis page is for a foods store that specifically sells imported Italian products. Aligning a business with green practices is a great selling point for small businesses and, in some cases, the concept of “green” has created whole new line of product and service opportunities for small businesses to explore.
Determine how you can alter your business practices or the product itself to be more green and eco-friendly.

Logo examples include the standard recycling arrow logo, Energy Star Rating logo, membership logos (such as U.S.
Placing an online banner ad is a low-cost alternative to a print ad and produces no printed waste or negative impact on the environment. There are also new online coupon deal offers with email marketing that can be a great way to increase sales for small businesses and reduce dependence on wasteful printed coupon mailers.
If you are in the food industry using fresh ingredients and produce from local farmers is also a big selling point. Operating hybrid or FlexFuel vehicles for your delivery or sales and service cars will not only save your business in gas expense, but will send a clear message that your business is also eco-friendly. Be sure to communicate your green marketing actions to your customers to reinforce your eco-friendly business practices. When companies continuously beat their own drum, the messages begin to feel like spam and customers are more likely to tune them out or unfollow the business altogether.
Get a better understanding of why your company needs content marketing with this great post: Not Using Content Marketing? How can my business take advantage of other mobile functionalities (push notifications, apps, check-ins, etc.)? Consumers expect to be heard, to have input and, more recently, to interact with the companies they do business with. A realtor might have a lot of success using Instagram because of the visual elements of his or her job, but that might not hold true for a criminal defense lawyer.
More and more, users spend their time searching for information through their favorite social networks rather than through traditional search engines.
Photos will always have their place (and yes, being visual is a key component to a strong social media strategy), but video is dominating and you’d be remiss to overlook this trend. Try these marketing ideas for small businesses, monitor your great results, and if you ever need a little help, we’ll always be here to lend a helping hand.
What makes their Facebook Marketing efforts worthy of mentioning here is the high quality of their shared content.
Social media provides businesses with the platforms they need to have these interactions and foster more meaningful relationships. And now it’s believed to be one of the most important up-and-coming social marketing tools. Every business matches up differently with various elements of social media, so try things out and find your own recipe for success. Boosting your posts in the noisy social landscape gives you a better chance of being heard and, in the end, can provide a large return. Respond, follow up, and do what you can to provide great customer service, but at the end of the day, you may not be able to please everyone. Not only does this page share great recipes and images, they also have an effective strategy of keeping their fans engaged. Having a product or service that uses less energy or produces less waste than a traditional method is a great differentiator.
Companies can also consider designing a custom logo that is specific to their business or industry as an effective tool to communicate their green offering and stand out from the competition.
Focus on building loyalty and getting more positive reviews and soon your referral business will flourish. For example, all its uploaded cover photos follow a similar theme which increase their potential of creating brand awareness as well as instant recognition. For example, their app for Coupons effectively uses calls to action as well as like-gating tactics.
But this is not just in terms of individual users who spend time on this social media network to keep in touch with their friends and family.
Facebook has evolved into an essential Internet Marketing tool for businesses.In terms of businesses and their promotional strategies, most new and small business owners are bound by financial constraints to implement a comprehensive marketing campaign.
But when it comes to Facebook Marketing, it gives small businesses the chance to devise and launch strategic social media marketing campaigns easily. The objective behind sharing these examples is to help small business owners take inspiration from them and come up with their own creative and valuable Facebook Marketing plan.Dress It Up With Custom TabsWhen you create a business page as part of your Facebook Marketing plan, you will find a set of predetermined tabs. But Facebook Marketing is their way to follow or learn from the examples set by industry leaders and use them in a relevant and viable fashion.For instance, Coca Cola uses a variety of custom tabs to enhance the experience of new and regular visitors alike.
This is why your display image and cover photos should both be in line with your business type, Facebook Marketing goals, and attention-grabbing capability. The choice of images for their display and cover photos is just appropriate to communicate a great deal about their business in jut a glance.Give Them the Attention They DeserveFacebook Marketing is an excellent source to acknowledge your most valued customers through their activity on your business page. As a result, small businesses should keep track of their audience’s activity and thank them by making them feel special. As a result, they often stray away from the central idea of their business page and their business objectives.
Your regular followers will take no time in feeling a difference when the value and quality of your shared content begins to deteriorate. The solution to avoid this mishap is to consistently focus on creating and sharing relevant content.For example, Easy Lunchboxes is devoted to its target audience that comprises of mothers and other individuals raising a family.

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