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You want content so irresistible it makes your followers swarm to your website, light up the comments and share it like wildfire.
You want content so persuasive that readers stampede your email newsletter subscription box, instantly download every report you publish and snap up your products.
And our working example will be an upper-crust cultural weekly (the most popular upper-crust weekly at that). Technology media is joining the bandwagon: Fast Company is producing long-form posts that draw readers. Then there is a scrappy company called Copyblogger Media — a nearly seven-year-old software company built solely on the back of authoritative content, and the audience that it attracted. It’s not just a list of 73 ways to become a better writer or a gargantuan guide to content marketing.
These epic articles fly in the face of conventional wisdom that says people don’t want to read a lot of content on the web.
Pocket (formerly Read it Later) data shows that, on average, users keep a video or article in their queue for 96 hours before marking it viewed.
Let people take content with them, and they will soon value it more highly than if it is shot at them.
The rise of tablets, smart phones, and apps like Instapaper and Pocket (formerly Read It Later) have also made it easier for people to find and save articles for later reading. In turn, websites like Longform, Byliner and The Atavist and #longreads hashtag have surfaced to help us satisfy our desire for epic content. In a panel at SWXW on the Death of the Death of Longform Journalism, Evan Ratliff and Max Linsky (founder of Longform) discussed how the problem wasn’t that the stories were too long. Perhaps not surprisingly, the data from more than 100 million articles on ReadItLater shows that consumers save articles consistently throughout the day. More and more companies are using content marketing to build brand awareness, acquire more customers, and generate leads. According to the CMI report, these companies are spending 33 percent of their marketing budget on content (up from last year). Furthermore, fifty-four percent of marketers will increase their content marketing spend as more executives are buying in.
Marketers are unclear about content marketing tactics and their two biggest challenges are producing enough content and creating content that engages. Educate with stories — Dig into the history of your company or customer testimonials.
Speak their language — When you answer their questions, alleviate their fears and encourage their desires you will write effectively for both people and search engines.
Create a schedule — A giant publication like The New Yorker knows six months out what content it will createa€”and when it will publish.
Honestly, I am tired of creating more content for the sake of attracting another pair of eyes. Eventually that can happen, but until you have a minimum viable audience, you’re going to have to hustle to get the word out. Having a successful blog is a two prong strategy ; a fine balance between epic content and SEO content.
We’ve found that the best SEO content works for readers first, and then is (gently) tweaked for search. Great article, there is a big debate within my home, I say epic content is better and my other half prefers to switch off if something is too long.
Short and straight to the point is ok if you are reporting that a celebrity has fallen over in the street drunk but for more important and educational pieces you cannot scrimp on words, too little and you might leave people guessing. Haha, that’s why I love my mom She reads all my fiction stuff without a grain of salt. It’s probably because of this fact that I read Copyblogger, and sites like ViperChill and Fast Company. That being said, I’m thankful that I read the whole thing because it confirmed what I thought I knew instinctively, that there are others out there like me who appreciate the deep dive as Sonia mentioned. Now I can write without the inner voices screaming at me to condense everything to 600 words. The cheap chic retailer is set to make its Canadian debut next month and is whetting consumer appetite with a 60-second television commercial from its creative agency KBS+P. The national brand spot follows Target’s mascot dog, Bullseye, on a journey across Canada, highlighting local landmarks and touching on a number of cultural nuances along the way. The spot debuts this Sunday during the Academy Awards broadcast in English Canada and during La Voix in Quebec (see screen shot below).
In one vignette, for instance, we see a group of friends carrying a large tub into a house.
The commercial is an evolution of the social and experiential marketing efforts Target Canada has launched throughout the last year, said Zufferli, who joined the retailer’s marketing department last April.

The company hopes the new marketing platform will continue to convey the sense of excitement that these events have helped generate, she said. The inspiration behind it is based on the idea that Target Canada is the new neighbour in town. It borrows one of the most familiar theme songs from one of the most beloved children’s series of all time and hands it over to a Toronto-based electronic band. Target Canada purchased the rights to the Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood theme song and gave creative licence to Dragonette to give it a unique twist. The television commercial is part of a larger integrated campaign that includes out-of-home, social media, radio and newspaper. The OOH creative borrows from the neighbourhood idea, with different versions designed for each market by illustrator Marcos Chin. In January, Target Canada announced its exclusive design brands including the Nate Berkus Collection, Sonia Kashuk Collection, Giada De Laurentiis for Target, Shaun White for Target and a limited-time-only collection from Roots. Other clothing, cosmetic and grocery brands coming to Target Canada include Archer Farms, Market Pantry, Merona, Mossimo Supply Co.
Target Canada expects to open the doors on its first location in March, though a date and location have yet to be announced.
Brown-Forman Canada has launched a new Canadian whisky in Ontario liquor stores, a product the company hopes will boost interest in the flagging product category. Collingwood Canadian Whisky, which hit LCBO shelves this month, includes in its ingredients list Georgian Bay spring water and Ontario-grown corn. According to Brad Fletcher, country manager for Brown-Forman Canada, the company’s proprietary distilling process that uses toasted Maplewood creates a product that is smoother than most competitors in the Canadian whisky category. Fletcher said Brown-Forman began developing the new product several years ago after noticing that Canadian whisky was under-performing in the marketplace.
Fletcher said Ontario would serve as a test market for Collingwood Canadian Whisky and described the product’s summer introduction as a “soft launch” promoted mainly through in-store displays and sampling. Fletcher also said Brown-Forman would actively promote the product during the LCBO’s Whisky Month event in October. Fletcher said the municipality of Collingwood, Ont., as well as the provincial and federal governments and Grain Farmers of Ontario, have all indicated an interest in using the new product as part of their own marketing and public relations initiatives, including tourism-related activities. Bell‘s Fibe TV subscribers will now be able to access Netflix through their set-top box. Bell has been aggressively marketing its internet-protocol TV service in Ontario and Quebec as an alternative to a cable subscription since its launch in 2010. The Netflix app joins Bell’s own video-on-demand streaming service, CraveTV, which launched in December 2014. Netflix has disrupted the traditional TV subscription business model by offering thousands of hours of existing movies and TV shows as well as original content for as low as $7.99 a month for its basic plans. Netflix has also begun to pursue partnerships with TV providers directly, striking deals over the past 18 months with Cogeco Cable and Telus to add its app to their set-top boxes. In February, the Media Technology Monitor research group said its surveys showed 38% of English-speaking Canadians had a Netflix subscription. In a few moments you’ll know not only how to write content that engages, but also positions you as an authority in your space and dominates in the search engines.
They’ve built their brands, generated leads, and acquired new customers based on massive amounts of content.
There is a drilling-down into a topic that will leave you reeling with a load of new information. Content creators will be rewarded with a longer social lifespan for the stories and videos they work so hard to create. It’s one of the reasons that Matter could raise over $140,000 on Kickstarter to create long-form journalism on technology. With a simple Chrome extension, I save articles as I surf the web, which are also saved on my phone. A recent research report from Content Marketing Institute (2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends) suggests that we don’t think so.
Lack of resources leads the list of top challenges for content marketers, but this is closely followed by a lack of skill to create engaging content. The more vehicles in which you communicate your message the more people you will reach and the more effective you will be. And don’t forget to make Google+ a strong component of your content marketing strategy. Create and manage an editorial calendar, using tools like the WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin.
In the meantime, get free access to the Scribe Content Marketing Library and work your way through the Copyblogger guide to content marketing.
It’s your readers who share content, link to it, and give all of those signals that the search engines look for.

But those guys are taking content not used for a story and developing a short book out of it–and then selling it as a Kindle Single.
The more platforms you can exist on the more chances you have to interact and reconnect with your target audience. This is why it helps to diversify your content–not all of your readers will want a long post. Eventually it all comes down to the question of whether we are willing to invest in its creation.
Sometimes it just means creating relations between one subject and another from a slightly different perspective. Long articles, captivating stories, some witty and humorous approach… The web even allows placing of breathtaking images as to bring the editorship to a whole new level. And this practice although fairly innocuous with regards to their overall brand development, is however limiting their potential. One of the more humbling things that I learned as a writer was that only about 10% of your audience will read every word you write. Keep in mind, before you create content, you need to have a strategy based upon your business and marketing objectives. I’m one of the loyal members of the copyblogger tribe and have come to trust its contributors because Brian and Sonia vett well. This is meant to reflect the Moving Day ritual in Quebec, Livia Zufferli, director of marketing at Target Canada told Marketing.
If you are an existing print subscriber and you have not yet created an account and password for your digital access, please select “Create an Account”.
This is why low-grade content creators like Gawker and Buzzfeed have jumped into the long-form game. It is the equivalent of a This American Life episode (and the Ira Glass Guide to Link Bait). And when I’m stuck at the Chinese joint waiting for my Moo Goo Gai Pan I can read a great story. Epic is a relative term but in my experience I have found that posts about topics that no one has heard of has gotten me the most traffic. I believe you can create epic content in fewer words (takes great skills) and you can deliver trash in 10,000 words (That’s annoying, you know).
Random affinities ( a term coined by Ian Laurie from the SEOMoz community meaning two topics that are connected by a common audience) are always a perfect way to captivate the audience by being original and inventive.
I always think about great content being similar to those long articles you find in a nice magazine that you read while waiting at the barber shop. If you can’t be succinct and provide valuable, actionable content, I get bored and move on.
That’s probably even lower online (and even lower since that percentage is fairly old). They’re trying to add content with substance to build companies with depth and maturity. Consumers are demanding that writers respect their intelligence — and give them something substantial.
I want people to come running, to take their seats on the front row and wait patiently for the next act. You can drone on for 5,000 words on a topic that doesn’t matter to your audience, and nothing comes of it other than filling space on a web page.
It goes back to knowing who your audience (your other half doesn’t sound like our target audience. I find that whenever I make a long evergreen article, or some interesting interview the links come by themselves. And I think this post is a good one too, but that’s probably because I wrote it (not because it is long). If we are very focused on this we will end up with epic content — NOT always but more often. It shows that people are aware of and sharing the content, but it doesn’t mean they read the entire article.
Are people really as interested in this epic content as we think, or are they sharing without ingesting themselves?

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