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Europe : While the arrival of the iPhone has generated a universally positive response from mobile games publishers and developers, the volume of paid-for mobile game downloads has nonetheless flatlined across North America and Western Europe, according to Juniper Research. The report found that although the retail value of the global mobile games market is expected to rise from $5.4bn in 2008 to more than $10bn in 2013, the potential for growth in many key markets is being dampened by a combination of limited on-portal revenue share for publishers a€“ meaning that some are exiting the mobile games industry a€“ and poor games marketing. According to report author Dr Windsor Holden "The revenue share offered by Apple to games publishers is incredibly attractive.
The report also found that while ad-funded downloads have increased markedly in popularity, the revenues accrued from advertising are unlikely to be sufficient to provide developers or operators with a primary revenue stream. Juniper Research assesses the current and future status of mobile games market based on interviews, case studies and analysis from representatives of some of the leading organisations in the growing mobile games industry. I work for a mobile app development company, so I often help our clients market their games after launch.
Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social. As a mobile game developer one of the main concerns is to create great games as well as market them properly. First of all, you need to focus on video, because videos are the ones that entice people to check out your game. Moreover, you should try and partner up with the local firms if you want to have a global reach, as this is crucial. You need to try and use a more natural type of advertising, so try to use retargeting as well as deep linking, since these are some valuable methods that will help you a lot in getting the attention of your customers faster. Another trend here is that getting your game up high is close to impossible, mainly because the apps created by high standard companies such as Google or Facebook are up top. Successful serial entrepreneur with multiple bootstrapped companies in the online marketing space, leading his brands from start-up to full blown organizations. Let’s stay in touchSign up for our newsletter and get news and updates delivered to your inbox.
Our Moderators review all comments for abusive and offensive language, and ensure comments are from Verified Users only.Please report a comment only if you feel it requires our urgent attention. In some markets, such as Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam WP8 already has a market share of over 20%.
It is true that the demand of smart phone in 2014 will grow very fast; yes, it is a different thing that according to market experts, the demand of high-end and budget phones will go down.
All major specialists of this industry are also giving a positive signto itso doubting over it is nothing but a wild choose chase.
China’s Mobile GamingMarket–it is estimated by some market analysts that the year 2014 will be a good one for the China’s mobile gaming market.
Top apps on Apple and Google– If We talk about Apple’s top apps, we find that The list of top 10 highest growing apps was released in 2012 or before it. On the basis of the above mentioned points, we may say that the competition will remain stiff between both of them – one who is growing fast and the other who is at the top. It argued that, with cost per mille (CPM) rates likely to fall in the face of pressures on advertising budgets, advertising would be largely employed by most publishers as a means of monetising older content. I reached out to a variety of experts including app developers, game studios, app summit organizers and extreme gaming machine builders to get their thoughts. Generating buzz about the app before it hits the app store and in the first few days can really make a difference in your results by giving it fuel in Apple’s search algorithms.

The most successful tactic I’ve seen is to just put a web ad on a target website, like a gaming website, and click through to the app store listing.
But with the market changing at a rapid pace, you need to change your approach to marketing as often as possible, and this is why we have comprised a list with some of the best marketing trends that you can follow in 2015 in order to get the best results. With the help of a video, you will also get better SEO, not to mention that this is one of the best methods that you can use in order to generate new leads and improve results. Using the social features and the viral power of social media is very important if you want your game to be a success, to try to leverage that power with the help of sharing valuable information with your customers. Of course, in order to do that you need to get new publishers, but with such help, you are bound to get some impressive results in the end, so try to do that! Still, with enough commitment and virality you are bound to get some astonishing results in the end. No one really likes ads, sometimes they can intrude with the gameplay, and avoiding them becomes a necessity. Instead of catering to the larger audiences, like many other developers do, try to create niche titles, as these usually sell a lot better, and they will most of the time attract more people to the niche as well, which is a good idea.
It’s crucial to try and implement them as fast as possible if you want your apps to perform better!
Leading exit rounds of his prior online marketing companies, Raoul has set on a mission to conquer the mobile marketing space with various different initiatives. This year another billion will be sold, so the installed user base will pass two billion in the course of this year. They have formidable global sales, marketing and distribution and they make technically excellent handsets across a wide range (12 models of Lumia) to suit the market. If we castlook over the growth of the gaming market of last two or more years, we can know what differences have come with the growth of the gaming market. No doubt, it will grow rapidly in 2014 but predicting anything about “Who Dominate The Mobile Gaming Market in 2014” is not really an easy task. According the Distimo’s 2013 year in Review report which is released recently, $ 12 million revenue was generated during the month of November by top 200 apps of Google play store.
To stay on top of the pile we run a rigorous PR strategy, which includes sending early “preview” builds to reviewers, which often generate buzz, and being persistent with our communications to the platforms themselves (iTunes, Google) to make sure they know that our games exist. Sometimes, gamers will quit your game completely because of the ads, so try to provide the user with complete control in regards to when the ads show and how they do that. The mobile device market has put substantial computing power - and game-playing capability - in the hands of over 1 billion people in just a few short years, and rapid growth continues. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder.
If we take a look over growth of different gaming markets,other reports and collected pieces of data, we can have an idea about it. This means that Google offers good opportunities for those who wish to come into this industry. Although the difference between the revenue gained by both is big, but it cannot be said it is impossible for the Google as we have read above about the speed of Google that how it is growing. Share lots of content including trailers, videos, artwork, screen caps and gameplay captures.
Tablet sales grew 60 percent worldwide in the last quarter versus the previous year, according to IDC.

He also adds that the mobile gaming marketingwill grow 29% more than the PC Gaming Marketing. Although this is the biggest player in this market but the growth in revenue noticed in two years do not seem much impressing as that of Google’s Android. On the otherhand If we talk about the Apple, we know that it is Topper of the mobile gaming market and will make every possible effort to secure its position in the smart phone gaming market.
You can have someone click an ad on Facebook and send them right to the app install screen. Our players can create a BscotchID account, which let’s them access cloud saving, cross-game perks, and a simple social network, and once they do we’re able to ping them and let them know that our stuff exists. If you’ve had success with previous apps, mine that community and user base to rally around the new app or game. Smartphone shipments grew by 50 percent worldwide in the last quarter, according to Canalys. You can get really targeted about interests, age, geographic locations, etc., and you can spend as much or as little as you want. Encourage influencers to download your app and share their opinions with their fans and followers.
Given the size of the market already, that's amazing.Almost 50 percent of US households with broadband access have at least one tablet, and that number is growing fast.
Apple has lost some its market share in the tablet market (down 14 percent in the last quarter), but new product releases may erase that decline. India, for instance, has overtaken Japan to become the third-largest smartphone market, and those are all Android-powered phones.While iOS still generates twice as much app revenue as Android, that gap is narrowing. Fragmentation and market addressability continues to be an issue for Android, but every large mobile developer is creating games for both iOS and Android, and usually optimizing for both tablets and smartphones. If your app os free and ROI is an immediate concern, work on in-game purchases and incentives to lure users into paying even small amounts to start recouping your investment asap. It just doesn't make sense to pass up the opportunity to make good money on both platforms. Sadly, Blackberry and Windows Phone continue to be a non-factor for games, since their market shares are hovering around 2 or 3 percent apiece. They need to reach double digits to even begin to be a consideration for large game developers.Smartphone and tablet games have become some of the best moneymakers in the game industry.
Those are numbers approaching the revenues of the best AAA console and PC games, but with roughly twice the profit margins. With the continued strong growth of mobile devices, we should expect $1 billion in revenue from the top mobile games to be achieved in the next year.It's no wonder that all game publishers are taking mobile into consideration, and many are shifting some or even all of their development efforts in that direction.
We are starting to see deeper games (like Supercell's Clash of Clans) generating substantial revenue, but there is great potential ahead for genres that have proven successful on consoles and PCs but have not yet been big winners on mobile.Read the rest of this analysis, including what genres have the biggest opportunity, on our sister site the [a] list daily.

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