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The number one reason clients don’t return to a business is because they simply forgot you care.
You are slowly putting a protective wall around your clients thus making it much more difficult for your competition to lure your clients away from you. The only way to build an identifiable brand is to keep it memorable and in front of your clients face.
How amazing would it feel to take your spouse on a well deserved vacation for supporting your dreams! I have struggled with implementing a newsletter for our studio, but after being referred to your services by Bruce Hudson’s e-mail newsletter. I have heard that a newsletter should be in the top 3 of a business marketing list, because it works!
So, I’m excited and embarrassed to say that after 20 years, we will be doing both hard copy mailing and e-mailing our first newsletter, thanks to your simplified way of doing the majority of the work for it! The reality is that as full time established studio’s the only way to survival is to use every marketing tool at our disposal! Some suggestions on how to exploit the communication during the occasion are available in the email marketing strategies belonging to top brands, such as Dokers, Crocs, Lacoste but also Sur La Table.
It’s interesting to notice how much relevance is given to the word DAD in the email communication. Another interesting detail is the presence of the pre-header: as we can see the subject is FREE SHIPPING, no minimum. Another suggestion for those in need of a last minute gift: a virtual gift card to be used online, in stores and towards a cooking class.

Once more, we can see how email marketers use any occasion to strengthen the relationship with their subscribers; in this case most of the communications enforce the commercial strategy, especially for those brands with an e-commerce channel.
Check out NewsletterMonitor, the benchmarking platform with over 2 million emails in 5 languages.
The digital version is created through their CMS and then sent out through an email marketing system to their subscribers. Among communication tools Telecentre Europe uses regular newsletters to keep its members informed about its activities, news and events in the ICT and digital inclusion field. Therefore, it is important to reflect on the performance of newsletters having sufficient data.
With a newsletter, your personality can SHINE because you have the space to make it happen. The message in the main image invites subscribers to find a boutique to shop during the weekend and the call to action recalls the invite to the stores. How do you deliver what consumers want and businesses need without going overboard on your overhead? Each month the magazine features several articles that reflect their fun brand personality.
This analysis should help to identify the most successful newsletters in terms of KPIs, understand the content, the audience and their reading dynamics.
But where I've been lacking was the follow up AFTER the session - like 3 months, or every month!
The analysis is the basis for conclusions and recommendations to improve future TE newsletters.
Most photographers will go out of business because they continually ignore their client list.

Your offer came at a time when we JUST got emailed some clients who had been in every year that we had not heard from .
I purchased the newsletter and the very next day had it completed and ready to print within an hour.
Think about the power of that!) Its not their job to remember to send you referrals – you have to consistently remind them!
Impress with 1000+ FREE iStock images and 1 GB of media!Send unlimited newsletters and autoresponder campaigns to generate in-store traffic and orders.
Announce a special seasonal or Holiday offer!Join the email design revolution!Try it free30-day free trial.
Remember, it can take 5+ touches to close every sale!Use custom web forms and free online surveys to find out what customers want and at what price point.
Technology is all about relevance!Segment your contacts and target your messages according to purchasing history, size of business, IT budget allocation, and other qualifying criteria.Not sure which items to feature? With GetResponse, you can split test up to 5 versions of your titles, design, and content for higher ROITrack, measure and evaluate your marketing progress with email analytics, at-a-glance charts and detailed reports delivered to your inbox daily.Join the email design revolution!Try it free30-day free trial.

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