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The approach to our marketing partnership is to work with you to develop a plan that allows us to understand your organization, your industry and your competition as well as you do. We start by reviewing your Marketing Plan to understand your organization's marketing objectives and strategies. Our next step is to analyze the communications process, or how you can effectively communicate with your customers and prospects, including the response process. A budget can be determined, preliminary at this point, based on estimates of what it will take to achieve the Communications Objectives. Competitive Market Analysis (CMA)Your agent provides a comprehensive study of pricing and specifications on similar homes in your area. Internal Marketing MeetingOur in-house sales and marketing staff meet with your agent to review your property and identify the home’s key promotional highlights and selling strengths.
Print AdvertisingOur in-house marketing department produces display ads, classifieds and open house notices, which are placed in appropriate Chicago publications as needed. Brochures and SignageFull-color, customized property brochures with photos, floor plans and amenities provide potential buyers and open house visitors with an impressive profile of your home. Open HouseIn addition to showing your property to individual buyers, your agent hosts open houses as needed. Purchase Offers and ContingenciesAll offers are reviewed by your agent and the buyer’s financial qualifications are verified. Sale and ClosingEverything leading up to the final closing is monitored by your agent to ensure a smooth, problem-free process. Our Marketing Strategy is quite simple: Gain as much exposure as possible for your property through a variety of proven mothods. Open House Events: Once your home is listed, we send an e-mail notification to all Keller Williams agents, and other local area agents in the greater Los Angeles area notifying them of this listing, including a photo and a detailed description of the property.
Internet Exposure & Virtual Tours: Photographs are used to creat a Virtual Tour of the property, giving the prospective buyer the feeling of touring the house. Marketing Reports: We update our clients weekly on all activities related to the marketing of your property. The 3:16 Home Selling Marketing Plan is also a unique proposal to sell your Frisco TX home. As a Frisco TX RealtorĀ® with an Accredited Staging Professional designation, home staging is the added-value benefit to using 3:16 team REALTY.
However, if you prefer to use a Professional Stager, we have a few solid track-record referrals that we would recommend to you.

The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool in today’s Frisco TX home selling business. Most Frisco TX home buyers begin their home search long before they decide to work with a RealtorĀ®. To begin your home selling process in and around Frisco TX, contact us for a short phone interview followed by a home appointment.
Only then do we have the perspective and marketing information needed to develop big ideas and achieve breakthrough successes.
It is highly important for us to know where you've been, your current position in the market, where you intend to go and your plans to get there.
Various advertising media mix options will be considered, as well as other promotional mix elements.
The final budget will be developed after each of the promotional elements has been planned with a set of objectives, strategies, budgets and responsibilities for implementation.
The final stage of the promotional planning process is that of monitoring, implementing and controlling the integrated marketing communications program. All Dream Town agents are alerted to the new property listing, creating awareness among our 100+ buyers’ representatives. Your agent identifies the most marketable property features and community focal points to use in advertising materials and the listing description.
We’re the most-used website for home searches, which gives you the most effective Internet presence for home selling. We negotiate on your behalf and mediate counteroffers to reach an agreement with the buyer. We are present for each step, including the legal review, property inspection, appraisal, financing, satisfaction of contingencies and closing paperwork.
This will include a list of agent showings with client feedback, Open House attendance and advertisement placement details. It employs a combination of several time-proven strategies to effectively and successfully sell Frisco TX homes. Most Frisco TX home buyers begin their home search online – long before they contact a Frisco TX RealtorĀ® to view homes. Capitalize on our knowledge, expertise and Internet Marketing experience to give you the maximum exposure for your Frisco TX home. Because marketing promotion is one of the four integral parts of the marketing mix (the 4 Ps), we must also know about your objectives for product planning and production, pricing and place or distribution elements.

Equal attention will be given to external factors like characteristics of your customers, market segments, positioning strategies and competitors, both direct and indirect. We will develop Communications Objectives at this stage, in terms of message content and what is to be accomplished; that is, awareness, image, favorable attitudes, preferences and purchase intentions. Measuring the results, then analyzing the data in terms of the objectives provides input for subsequent planning and strategy development. We have half a million registered users and when they look for homes online, your listing always comes up first. Only Dream Town can give you that level of marketing exposure exactly where 87% of buyers are searching – online.
All preparations and arrangements are taken care of by your agent and worked around your schedule. Contingencies and sale conditions are scrutinized by your agent to protect your interests and help you achieve the absolute best sale price. Once your home is listed with us, all Keller Williams agents and other top agents in the area are immediatly notified of it's availability.
We advertise these events in the Sunday Los Angeles Times, Keller Williams Real Estate section, every sunday! In addition, emails of your listing are sent directly to active buyers who are searching for homes like yours through our targeted database marketing. Staging is accentuating the features of your Frisco TX home to attract the most amount of buyers for your home. Remove Barriers to Sign-upPeople like to think that the more hoops someone has to jump through to sign-up for your product, the more likely they are to become a paying customer, right? You can ask for it later in the engagement process.In fact, only ask for data points up front that are truly required (do you have to call ’em to get started?
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