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Create a professional presentation quickly and affordably with easy-to-edit designs that include master slides, color themes, photos and artwork for Microsoft PowerPoint.
Choose from our extensive library of high-quality, affordably priced PowerPoint presentation designs.
Marketing Campaign Model Canvas (MC2) is an aid for marketers to articulate and consolidate their campaign planning, quickly and easily.
Before you start talking, find out who you’re talking to. Is your offering aimed at the everyman end-user whose concerns are unlikely to extend beyond issues of personal relevance such as convenience and usability?
Getting a good handle on the target audience will let you make your moves with confidence later in the game, so you want to be as accurate as possible. More often than not, dig enough and you’ll find some that are shared by all levels – all personas.
Everybody has problems they need solving, and aligning your offering to those is key to generating appeal. If your offering can save their users time spent on routine tasks, freeing up that time to use on more crucial things (or even to get the job done and knock off earlier – thumbs up for staff morale!), call it out.
As marketing strategist David Meerman Scott put it, are you going to earn your way in, or buy, beg, and bug your way in? This is inbound versus outbound marketing – getting found through strong branding and content marketing, versus finding folks and showing them what you’ve got. Useful, compelling content is the meat and potatoes of your campaign. This is the thing that makes people even want to take a look at your offering, much less put it on the shortlist to their shortlist. The only sure way to success in any campaign is working on what you can quantify. But first you need to define what those are. Additionally, consider: what can you afford to do in-house? What can and should you outsource? And do you have reserves? The business plan PPT presentation is available in a abstract type theme with a purple background. Free business plan PPT template is available for the latest and previous versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, and iMac. You can use this template to fill the planned amounts in each of the template cells, you can easily forecast what type of budget you need for marketing.

Or does it target, say, 5-10 man companies, who would typically be more concerned about flexibility and cost savings? Now would be a good time to call in support from your comrades on the ground, and look deep into the profiling. These universal pain points bear as much attention as the big hurts that afflict only, say, IT staff or large enterprises.
If it will give cash-strapped companies a means of getting the functionality of expensive solutions on their own terms, underscore it.
Nail down what works for yours, and align them with the overall objective. Think about brand awareness. The metrics you collect along the course of the campaign will tell you how you can tweak and adjust your performance to achieve those numbers.
The template is suitable for marketing implementation as well as direct marketing presentations to be used by a marketing company or marketing firm. It is useful in briefing the mission statement and road map of your prospective business to members of the department.
Business plan PPT slides serve quite the same purpose by helping you gather all the right information. This is ideal for business, as well as academic presentations due to its vivid colors that bring a youthful energy to the slides. Our templates can be used in personal and commercial presentations but attribution is required. The font used throughout the template is in clean Calibri, to go with the overall minimalist look. The formulas also automatically update the totals for each section in Excel and it keep running total of all budget aspects. No matter how great your offering, if it doesn’t resonate with them, they’re not likely to spend on it. Product demo videos, case studies, blog posts filled with helpful tips – you have a lot of choices to present your offerings.

You want each activity you run to have a direct and positive impact on how people perceive you and your offerings.
Once you have brainstormed a chunk of information, make sure there is enough content on the slides to cover the topics of your business plan.
Highlight various aspects of your business through the presentation, such as the road followed by startup companies and also changes brought during the growth phase. The information is presented in a straightforward manner, without making the document look boring or text-heavy. Identify what matters, and what processes need to be put in place to track and measure them. The template has a guy asking himself what strategy to follow.The guy illustration is like a marketing consultant deciding which plan to follow and looking to the plans and charts.
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This free strategic PowerPoint template can be used in your own company for strategic planning or also to create business plans, conceptual maps, mind maps, or any strategic map planning on PowerPoint. Get ahead of the competition by communicating information through success PPT theme, and free marketing PPT slides.
Use standard font style, and per-assigned font types available in the business plan PPT theme.
I’d recommend you to click the blue PowerPoint template download link in order to start the free download.

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