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Covers an introduction to communication theory relating to integrated marketing communications in marketing. Want more FREE resources? The DMC website uses cookies to help enhance your experience and improve functionality on our website. In disputes between members or where a complaint is brought against a member organisation by a non-member, we will seek to resolve the case informally, or when appropriate, adjudicate within the provisions of the Code.  In the case of contractual disputes, we will assess the member based on fair and reasonable behaviour and if there is no easily identifiable breach of the Code then both parties will be informed and advised to pursue an alternative resolution mechanism. We may look at and follow up with statutory agencies in very serious threats of misconduct involving companies not within membership of the DMA, if they pose a threat to the public and to trust in direct marketing. Cases may result in some form of apology or assurance to the Commission.  In the most serious cases, membership of the DMA may be suspended or terminated and matters referred to statutory regulators. All complaints to the Secretariat are reported to the Commission in a monthly breakdown report.

Those cases that the Secretariat consider should be ‘formally investigated’ (that is, to undergo a formal process of investigation and adjudication) are presented with relevant paperwork to the Commission for adjudication. If Commissioners require information on any complaint or if they deem any cases to be more appropriate for adjudication (ie ‘formally investigated’), then they inform the Secretariat as soon as possible so that a formal process can be undertaken.
Please note the above scores awarded in the Risk Register Scale of Seriousness are examples only. The Secretariat will write to the company, informing them that the case is to be adjudicated formally by the Commission and that they have ten working days to add any further information to the casework.
All formally investigated complaints are placed on the DMC website, comprising a short description of the case and the relevant Code requirement together with the outcome of the investigation. Our Toolkit will help you get organized, evaluate the leading systems and make the right purchase decision.
Selecting marketing automation software doesn’t require in-depth technological knowledge.

This straightforward guide presents a ten-step process to selecting marketing automation software.
The Secretariat does not necessarily respond again to the company in question, but if there is a minor breach of the Code then a ’reminder of obligation’ may be issued which serves as a reminder to the company of their obligations under the Code.  These reminders are made in particular to those companies who do not appear sufficiently aware of the Code’s requirements or in some cases, where it is unclear whether or not there has been a breach. A synopsis of complaints informally resolved by the Secretariat is updated on the website each month.  The Annual Report contains examples of cases to give direct marketers, the public and others an outline of the Commission’s work and how companies achieve compliance with the Code.
The Secretariat informs the complainant that the member company may write to them directly with a response to their complaint, but that the Secretariat themselves will also need to be assured that the complaint is resolved to the Commission’s satisfaction.  Any further details required from the complainant must be received within ten working days.
The Secretariat will ask for the company’s assurance that the Code will be adhered to in future.

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