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There are plenty of online marketing consultants, internet marketing companies, internet marketing specialists, and self-proclaimed marketing strategists out there.
As I mentioned in my previous blog post Is Your Business Sinking Because You Won’t Outsource Marketing?
When you need to set marketing and business goals, improve your visibility online, gain website traffic, convert website traffic into paying customers, and achieve more success overall, you’d be wise to do your due diligence and find a local online marketing consultant who has the experience and track record to match.
Content brought to you by Tanya Roberts, a Vancouver-based online marketing consultant that specializes in slick content strategy to rock your website traffic, build your brand, gain leads, and increase sales. Request My PortfolioInstead of pitching like a rogue telemarketer at dinnertime, I'll craft content of value that positions you as a thought leader in your industry.
Many executives still have a hard time understanding the value of building the brand—the classic intangible asset. About JulieJulie Schwartz has been researching, writing, and thinking about B2B services marketing since 1988. List of companies providing best email marketing services like mass mailing, SMS marketing, email hosting services to the target potential customers. Designed to be search engine friendly, we receive thousands of visitors every day, the majority of visitors are based in the UK.
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There’s no doubt that when done correctly, direct mail can significantly increase foot traffic, phone calls and, above all, sales for your business. At Stream Companies, we provide turnkey direct mail services that prove direct mail not only works but can also be a huge win for your business.
In this technologically advanced world of smartphones and cloud everything, a large number of your prospects and customers actually enjoy getting direct mail. At Stream, our direct mail department will start by constructing a well-planned direct mail strategy that’s supported by concrete data. Finally, we take care of the printing and mailing and will even ensure that your campaign is compliant with any co-op requirements that your business must meet.
One of the biggest benefits of direct mail is that it allows you to accurately track and measure the success of each campaign down to the individual recipient. If you want them to call your business, then we’ll set up a unique tracking number specifically for that mailer.

But our favorite way of tracking the success of your direct mail campaign is by measuring conversions. Whether you’ve used direct mail in the past or you’re looking for new ways to reach your audience, there’s no denying how powerful a properly executed campaign can be for improving traffic and sales. The right marketing consultant should have solid experience helping businesses like yours, and should have a list of tangible results and successes to prove it. The right marketing consultant should have a good understanding of how marketing and business works as a whole. We see in ITSMA’s most recent Annual Budget and Trends Survey that the digital marketing budget continues to grow, but it is dwarfed by the offline budget.
UK Classifieds is free to join, it's free to reply to ads, most categories are free to advertise in too. Plus, thanks to detailed reporting, it’s one of the only marketing channels that can be tracked 100%, which allows you to put a real dollar amount to your direct mail campaign. In fact, it’s so easy, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been utilizing this incredible strategy all along. Once your strategy is in place, our in-house design team will create the mailer, taking into account any input you provide. All of our lists are carefully and meticulously prepared using a combination of existing customers and prospects. At Stream, we can accomplish this reporting in a few ways, depending on what action you want your audience to take.
If you want to increase foot traffic in your store, we can attach a promotion to the mailer that the customer must present in order to redeem it. You can learn more about the power of direct mail with Stream Companies by contacting us or by checking out this blog post, Direct Mail Is Alive and Well. A good marketing consultant will understand how a variety of marketing strategies and tactics work on a practical level. A good marketing consultant should have more than a general understanding of a few marketing strategies and tactics. Hiring a specialized marketing consultant (such as a social media marketing consultant) is also an option if you have a good handle on all other areas of your marketing strategy.
There’s the contact database, the business rules in the marketing automation system, the followers on Twitter.

You are doing things like blogging, tagging URLs, linking to blogs, tweeting and retweeting. The digital marketing budget is only 14% of the total marketing communications budget, and a mere 4.1% of the total marketing budget. But how do you get them to go from merely reminiscing to actually engaging with your letter and contacting your business? We can even make it look like it was sent right from your office, complete with a handwritten sticky note and a live stamp.
We dig deep into each list, going from entry to entry, so we can remove duplicates, scrub out entries to which a mailer shouldn’t be sent, and clean up data so it’s clear and correct. Hey, it’s nice to have loads of Facebook fans and friends, but when it’s all said and done, how does that translate into revenue for your business? The right marketing consultant will have a solid grasp on how a variety of marketing vehicles work together to contribute to the overall success of a business.
Ideally, a good marketing consultant should have a broad understanding of how business works as a whole, and specialize in 1-2 areas (such as online marketing) on a more granular and focused level.
We also may use this information to advertise special deals and rebates to you on other publications.
On a personal level, a good marketing consultant should be highly analytical and able to make connections based on observations.
Senior executives, line of business executives, and sales teams don’t necessarily see what marketing is doing and producing. We use data from Google's Interest-based advertising or 3rd-party audience data (such as age, gender, and interests) with Google Analytics in order to inform, optimize a visitor's experience to our website and make business decisions that enhance the consumer experience. Over the next few years, ITSMA expects to see many more companies allocating closer to 40% of the marketing communications budget on digital marketing.

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