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How should your company participate in the ever growing number of social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc? Social Media Marketing is an amazing way to leverage your content creation efforts and distribute this material to prospective customers, existing clients and your employees. Maziermedia will develop a customized social media plan to provide your business maximum visibility to your target customers, while helping with best practices on building an engaged following for your small business.
In today’s competitive business world, every company needs to strive to reach the heights of its potential.
When businesses start marketing their business on the various social media networks, they hope to see an impressive ROI (return on investment). If you want to cultivate a community, you would not find a better place than social media for that purpose. As far as the old marketing adage goes, it takes 6 to 8 months of exposure for a product to get purchased by the customers. For consultants, coaches, speakers, authors, and such service based businesses can benefit greatly from social media.
When done properly, social media marketing can significantly increase traffic to your website. In order to understand the fluctuations of traffic to your website, you may install the traffic monitoring service called Google Analytics. Skeptics often doubt the usefulness of social media marketing, but you must know that social media is not a fad and this is not something that will go away.
Relying on our team’s collective experience, when you partner with One Social Media, it’s like having your own Social Media Department.
We devote our time and energy to learning about your business and how we can apply our social media marketing expertise to build your brand and connect you to the ever-growing social community. Your prospects and customers expect you to use social media as a means to communicate and interact with them.
85% believe a company should not only be present, but also interact with its consumers via social media. 56% of American consumers feel both a stronger connection with and better served by companies when they can interact with them in a social media environment. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business engage online with your prospects and customers through social media marketing. Our social media webinars cover a wide range of topics sure to help your marketing team get better results using social media marketing best practices. In conclusion, social media marketing works because people just want to stay connected with other people. Local employers often recruit directly from Keene State College, whether to hire students as interns or full-time. For example, Paragon Digital Marketing in Keene, NH, wants students from the Department of Communication and Philosophy to apply for a Spring 2014 paid internship in Social Media Marketing. Do you have excellent communication skills, including familiarity with social media websites such as Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest? As digital media continues to integrate into our lives, business executives, freelancers and professionals from all walks have started to use social media to engage in content marketing.
And while some of us have more experience than others in the social media game (I had very little when I began exploreB2B), as we accept the need for our participation and the reality that the social landscape is ever-evolving, part of us must come to terms with the fact that often the best way to learn – is simply by doing.
Throughout this learning process, there will be misunderstandings for those just entering the world of social business. Contacts, followers and connections in social networks help you spread what you have to say. A handful of real connections are worth more than thousands of uninterested “contacts.” Real connections have an investment in your content, will interact, and spread the word. To get attention to your newly established blog, you have to work very hard – for a long time. The solution to this problem is not to shout louder; in social media could mean repeating the same status update multiple times in a short span or writing in CAPITAL LETTERS.
If you want to spend money on fans, use ads – not faulty agencies with false promises and fake profiles. Still, the best way to build a social media following is the natural way: being visible with good content amongst people invested in your knowledge and interests. There is a rule in social media that only one percent of participants will create content or start discussions, 9% will response and 90% will do neither.
There has been a rise to infographics production, partly due to the increasing popularity of Pinterest. While inforgraphics can be an engaging way to present complex information, especially if you do the job of the inforgraphic well, your audience will eventually crave for more than can be squeezed in your graphic. You will not successfully brand a company you wish to be taken seriously, or get many relevant business deals, by creating animal images. With statistics, there are always two sides to the story: (1) was the data recorded and later interpreted or (2) was the data chosen to prove a point?
If you already have followers, fans, friends and contacts, ask yourself: do you see and pay attention to the updates of each of your follower’s?
Within the largest social media giants, it is possible to consistently and thoughtfully talk to yourself for ages – remaining in total isolation. In social media, sharing information without listening to the existing conversations of your audience – and partaking in these dialogues yourself – is social suicide.
Start listening (and responding) and your social media channels will eventually get you the exposure and ROI you desire. Guest Author: Susanna Gebauer is one of the founders of the social publishing and content marketing platform exploreB2B. My book – “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” shows you how.
Engagement and building relationships sound like the underlying ways to avoid these mistakes!

Just thought you should know that whenever i use your Pin it button, for Pinterest it shows up on that site with no picture, but if I use the one in my toolbar it’s pins correctly. The basic of success in internet is write quality content always, don’t steal, if you get referred give credits, attach social media following widgets on your website, engage visitors to comment and spread your posts on social profiles.
Infolinks just boost your traffic to ordinary people, it gets more views but doesn’t improves quality of website or neither improves SEO.
MONITORING AND ENGAGING in the social media landscape is a way to tap into and join online conversations about your brand. Various marketing methods are being introduced for promoting the business and its products or services. With social media marketing, you have the option of deciding how you want to present your business to the world.
Once you have your own community, it would become a lot easier for your followers to reach you. When you have a substantial social media fan base, it will create the snowball effect that will attract new clients, customers, joint venture partnerships, media interviews, and other type of opportunities. Whenever you share videos, blog posts, or some other content from your website on your social media profile, viewers will get curious and out of that curiosity, they will check out your website. Even if social media marketing is not your biggest priority, if you keep at it, your efforts will not go futile. You’ll even get your own Social Media Project Manager assigned to your company, focused on making social media work for you to meet your objectives. Social Media is a good loyalty tool because it builds community around a business and brand. Hiring us on a monthly basis is typically less than half the monthly cost of hiring or paying an employee to handle your social media business strategy.
As such, many business owners use social sites to make customers and potential customers know about what they have to offer.
Thus, when you maintain an account in each one, you can get a wider database of “friends” who may want to buy your product or service. Therefore, you should keep that fact in mind when thinking of marketing strategies to use for your business.
Keene State College is a member of the University System of New Hampshire and the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges. Whether starting a blog, using social networks, or wanting to use other means to get noticed in web 2.0 – strong content is your best bet to get shared and receive a positive reaction from your audience. Take the time, energy and resources to establish your professional reputation, tell your company story, and engage your audience.
The more people and companies start using a blog and becoming active on social networks, the harder it is to make pages visible.
You must be active in many more ways than simply publishing on your own blog: you have to comment on others’ blogs, write guests posts on established outlets, build a following within your social networks, connect to industry leaders, and spread your content through as many networks as are relevant to your business. If you post a Facebook status update, it will eventually (if not immediately) get lost in the massive flood of updates clogging the stream.
Many times I have accepted contact requests on LinkedIn and instantly been bombarded with newsletters, which I did not register for, nor was asked for permission to be added to the email list.
This kind of fan-buying (throwing around money with no intended target audience or focused plan) is a great way to waste time and money. This way, fans at least are real, targeted people, more likely to become interested in you or your business. Infographics are a great way to share relevant information in an organized way, but do not rely on infographics as your sole, social media strategy.
Do not limit yourself to an Infographic heavy campaign because you have had success one time (or have witnessed the virality if others). Throw in one or two, but do not make these animals (prepare pun:) the meat of your campaign.
Whenever you see statistics, ask questions: where is the data, how many samples where taken, how many people asked, who was asked, what characteristics did the asked people have? The larger your following, the less you will notice each of their posts, and the more important direct contact becomes. Hard truth: connecting to random people does not get you the kind of attention that helps propel business.
Marketing is the careful interaction of different channels, well placed content, connecting and communicating (with the right people) and eventually building relationships to potential customers.
Take the time necessary to develop your online reputation and understand that it’s not a one, lane road. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. When I saw the title I was dismayed, not another one, didn’t I just read this today, but your content was refreshing, thank you. As I am no expert on Facebook Marketing I did not dare to include anything in that direction. There is nothing new here but these things have to be said again and again to remember what social media is all about. If someone is speaking you should definitely listen instead of jump right in even though you just pop out a great idea on your mind.
Albert Einstein’s formula for success was this Hard work + Luck + Ability to keep mouth shut. Engaging with your customers is a great way for your customers to continue to learn about other services you provide, as well and build trust in your brand. However, it is important to understand that social media marketing or any type of Internet marketing does not work like that. Likewise, once they become a part of your community, you get to have direct access to them. It is a lot similar to how it is in real life; a crowd gathers around something that some people started checking out in the first place.

Once they are on your website’s page, you will get the opportunity of inspiring your visitors. Yes, the many social networking sites out there are great venues to market your products and services if you have an online business. There will surely be people in your network or in the network of your friends who will want to know more about your product or service. The perks mentioned in this article as just a few benefits you can get from using social media to advertise your business.
This “content” may relate to information about your company, products or services – the chief mission should be to educate and entertain. You can buy fans and collect contacts – but you cannot purchase a meaningful dialogue or longstanding relationship. Many people and companies become frustrated when they realize that all their good content does not get the attention the author hoped it would produce.
You can help with being open, always respond and include some discussion points into your content: ask questions, mention controversial viewpoints. As you should be open to more than one outlet to present your content, you should also be open to more than one type of content. If you want to prove a point, you will certainly find some numbers that seemingly say what you are trying to prove. In other networks, you have to rely on contact and connection with people you already know, to avoid drowning the excess content. Involvement then meant waiting for the numbers from the selling department to determine if the campaign worked out.
Social media engagement is a multi-way highway that requires precision, stamina and awareness.
It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog. Buying fake fans and mindlessly posting without listening or sharing content that your audience is interested in won’t see results. Hear your friend’s enthusiastic narration of an experience with a new product or see the frustration in your mother’s face as she laments poor services received and you find it difficult not to be swayed.
We offer two levels of management: social media marketing and online reputation management. Much like not being able to measure ROI of being on the busiest street corner in your town you can’t measure social media ROI, but YOU WILL notice it in sales results.
Though it hasn’t been long since this type of marketing was introduced, the business world is catching up quite fast. It is a time consuming process and results may not be as obvious as sudden growth in revenue generation. This way you would get to know about whatever challenges they are facing and also what they have to say about your products – both good and bad. In order to be effective on social media, you would need to share interesting content, answer fan’s and follower’s questions, and serve the audience.
People become curious about what the fuss is about and this curiosity leads them to become a part of it. Aside from traditional forms of advertising like newspapers ads, TV advertisements and flyers, you can use social media to further promote your business. Thus, when you build up your reputation the right way you can be sure that you will attract the right people.
You can also just use your profile page on Facebook as an extension of your company website. If you conduct an experiment to gain knowledge about your hypothesis, you have to base your insight on those results.
Do not blindly believe the interpretations of numbers being shared – and certainly, do not share these statistics if you are not clear on how they were derived or what they mean. Overdoing it means loosing impact with these people and (most likely) loosing a current or potential follower.
Regardless of which network you want to use, you have to connect before you can expect people to listen. We finally got to the point where we have convinced agencies and companies that they need strategies and strategists, but they continue to fall back on thinking they know how to do this on their own. Interaction, even if it’s just a click and not a comment, is the heart of social media. Approval from someone that you know and respect can be stronger than all the celebrity endorsements, clever ads and catchy jingles combined.
Think of it as laser targeted advertising to your exact target audience with ZERO wasted efforts or dollars. Simply put, social media marketing is the marketing technique that uses the various types of social media networks.
With the help of social media, it would be possible for you to engage in social interaction, which is much more valuable that any type of paid market research.
The thing to remember is to start small, make a name for yourself, and your friends telling their friends about your business will do the job of advertising your service or product.
You will be amazed at the speed with which your business will see increased profits in no time.
You, too, can harness the incredible power of friends and family online with social media management. Such social media networks may include sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn, Pinterest and so on.

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