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It’s quite normal these days to see brands and businesses maintaining an online presence, particularly on major social networks. The problem may lie not with social media in general but in how they choose the right social media platform to use with their business. The key to social media marketing success is to select the best social media platforms that would work well with your type of business and targeted audiences, and focus your efforts into optimizing each of your campaigns in these channels. Facebook ranks high in the social media pedestal and is one of the most powerful digital marketing channels from almost every aspect available. Facebook provides businesses with various channels where they can engage with targeted users and present their brands, products or services.
Facebook is one of the most widely spread or diversified social network in terms of demographics. Almost all types of content can be posted on Facebook and digital marketers just need to know how to harness the power each of these types of content can deliver. If you’re looking for a platform where you can quickly send short, direct updates to targeted users, Twitter would be the proper channel to use. Like text messaging in mobile phones, Twitter is the ideal platform for sending out quick and short messages to a wide number of people. Twitter is ideal for businesses who want to make frequent connections with targeted audiences, like businesses related to sports, news, showbiz, marketing and online service providers. Relying on real-time updates or breaking news, Twitter posts would do well if done multiple times a day and on strategic time frames within the day. Branding itself as the “professional social network”, LinkedIn sets itself apart as the social network for business people and employed professionals. Originally intended as a portal where prospective job applicants can connect with managers and executives of various corporations, LinkedIn has evolved as the main social network where professionals and business people can connect and build relationships within the channel.
Businesses and service providers focusing on the B2B market may do well in social media marketing through LinkedIn.
The success of YouTube was drawn from the natural tendency of people to rely or lean more towards visual content.
Pinterest has only 70 million active users on a monthly basis but it can generate more referral traffic than other social networks combined, including Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit. Pinterest was originally known as a site where housewives can share recipes, photos of bags, dresses and cosmetics on pinboards during the early days of its conception. With up to a 4:1 female user ratio, Pinterest is an ideal site for businesses focused on products and services geared towards this market. Visual content in the form of videos, photos, graphics and other images that are creative and visually stimulating in nature are ideal for posting in Pinterest. Google+ now has more than 300 million active monthly users from a 540 million registered user base. Another Google product, the strength of Google+ is its compatibility with other products from the same company, including YouTube, Google Hangouts, Circles and Communities. Google+ is another ideal channel for B2B marketing or those targeting individuals and companies that are focused or related to the technical and engineering industries.
Instagram is another platform focused on visuals, with up to 17% of adults in the United States using this site as well as 43% of mobile users aged between 18 and 29.
Just like Pinterest, Instagram is another social platform focused on more visual content, except for the difference in user majority. Great, interesting and compelling visual content is obviously the main recipe for success at Instagram.
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Not all social medias, however, are equally important, and that serves as a dilemma for business owners when they are deciding on one preferred platform. Users are becoming diverse and hence they are joining more social media apps for multiple channels of information and entertainment.
To make sure that your money is well spent as a business owner, you need to weigh your options and consider this list to understand which platform will be best for you and where you can amplify the ROI on your social media strategy to the highest. When you know who you are targeting and why this special group of people are the only ones that can potentially become your customers, you will be able to define your strategy accordingly. These forms contain blanks where audience have to fill out the information asked by company.
These questions can help extremely helpful in deciding where you can interact better and from which platforms your advertising will bring the most profits.
Social media is so diversified and open, it makes sticking to rules unhealthier for individuals and businesses. Just because a general market research shows a very little number of audience being present on a certain app does not you can’t try it.
You can also use analytics tools like TabFu and Bleupage to get a deeper knowledge of the social media intelligence.
Social media is a very broad term that combines a multiple number of meanings under its umbrella. Use that information and build a framework that is flexible for all major social media networks. For example, while Facebook is the best way to perform b2c communication, LinkedIn works best in b2b interaction. Instagram and Twitter are a way for keeping people entertained and up to date on specific topics by using hashtags and keywords or phrases. Once you have understood all these points, the next step is to build the further content in accordance to the preferred channel. Even if your findings show that Facebook is not be the top platform used by your customers, it should always be in your social media marketing agenda. Keep tracking your progress through analytics and use social media intelligence to make future Facebook and other social media campaigns better and inspirational. Since we all know that, let’s concentrate on what it will take to start making this a reality on your small business, and sooner rather than later!
Decide on your social strategy – You must have a clear idea what you hope to accomplish with social media before expecting it to generate huge following and massive results. Eliminate the bad fits – There is no sense attempting to use a platform if the demographic and content shared there is of no use to your or your audience. Once you’ve laid the groundwork for a successful social media initiative, you can begin to cultivate and build the type of following that will not only look forward to hearing from you, but will gladly help you spread the word. Kyle is also the chief presenter of the NH Strategic Marketing live events and online events. The NH Strategic Marketing Program is a complete marketing system unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The exclusive NH Strategic Marketing Program combines some of the best elements of proven marketing systems and strategies to help you control your market. Kyle is also an author, coach, speaker, product creator, membership site manager, and has trained over 3,000 entrepreneurs in all 50 states and in over 40 countries on how to grow their businesses using the internet. If someone is on the fence about using Kyle, I would strongly suggest sitting down and talking with him for a few minutes. If you have an opportunity to work with Kyle, or learn from Kyle, or even just observe him in action… then my advice is: Get going already! If you’re thinking of working with Kyle, you couldn’t have a better team member or manager.
As a seasoned marketer, I’ve always known of all the various tactics for delivering my message to my audience. Kyle always seems to have a very good idea of what WILL work – and he’s got the unique ability to motivate me to get my butt in gear, and implement.

For any small business owners who want to branch off into online marketing, you would be in good hands working with Kyle. Kyle contributes well beyond the Marketing conversation. Creating a larger audience requires a visionary skill that few possess. Kyle has the knowledge, experience, and proven track record of being very successful with Internet marketing. Kyle has a great ability to brainstorm new ideas and strategies; and help put together the resources to put it all into action. First, he can probably help NH Small businesses get an understanding of how to best use the internet and online technology to increase their reach and generate new customers and leads into their business. Kyle is going to bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, along with real-world experiences of a seasoned veteran. You’re going to have a blast working with Kyle and you are going to love the energy he brings to a room. Would you like to make more money, continue growing your company, and have more free time to enjoy your life?
But before we get too carried away, it’s worth remembering that social media is just another marketing tool.  It sits alongside a whole raft of other channels that businesses use to communicate with their audiences. If you ask yourself a few basic questions before embarking upon a social media initiative you could save yourself time and money. A lot will depend upon demographics – if you are trying to reach a younger audience, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter could be right for you.  If your product or service appeals to an older, professional group, LinkedIn could well be the place to build business profile.
You may have to do some market research to help you decide which social media platforms best suit your business.  This doesn’t have to be costly and should be seen as an opportunity to connect with your current customer base.  Incentives and giveaways to encourage feedback often help! Once you’ve selected the appropriate platforms, find out what the rules of engagement are.  For example, if you post as regularly on LinkedIn as you do on Facebook, your messages may not be well-received!  The content, tone of voice and regularity with which you post should all match the platform you choose. Once you’ve researched your target audience and set-up your chosen platforms, make sure that your other marketing initiatives flow into and through all communication platforms (face-to-face meetings, direct marketing, media coverage and social media platforms).  Businesses often sit social media marketing off to the side of their ‘mainstream’ marketing efforts and the result is fragmentation of message and confusion.
Your marketing messages should flow through all customer touch points and should act to create awareness, trust and knowledge regarding your products, services and markets. Most importantly, having opened up this channel of communication with your customers, don’t just send out information – listen.  This is the aspect of social media marketing that most often causes concern for businesses. Many may have heard the success stories several businesses achieved using this digital marketing platform and would like to cash in on the opportunity themselves. Each platform has their own unique sets of features that allow businesses of certain types to attract and engage with their kind of targeted user. The following provides a detailed overview of various social networks available to provide business owners and digital marketers valuable insights on which channels to choose for their brand’s campaign.
By size, it is undoubtedly the strongest force in the social media world, backed by an estimated 1.28 billion monthly users which include up to 73% of the adult population in the United States. However, business success at Facebook is achieved not by bluntly selling or pushing your products, but in developing long-term relationships with your audience.
Almost all demographics that matter from business perspective can be found here, even senior citizens. Breaking news and trending topics marked with hashtags make it possible for brands to harness this channel made up of more than 255 million monthly users. In other platforms where users can set aside content for later viewing, Twitter relies on real-time updates, breaking news, call outs, questions or immediate comments or opinions to connect with other users.
Businesses relying on up-to-date or real-time information and information would do well using this platform. The graph below from BufferApp indicate various spikes in use and Click Through Rates, usually during commuting times, and dips during lunch and dinner. Up to 38% of online users with $75k yearly income and above are registered in this network along with 27% of Americans who are currently employed in various trades and professions. It maintains a more serious atmosphere compared to Facebook or Twitter and focuses mainly on professional, trade or business-related discussions and sharing of information. It is geared towards informative materials related to industry niches, trades and professions. There are over a billion users on YouTube watching up to 6 billion hours of video each month, with at least 100 hours of new video materials uploaded every minute. Videos that are dragging, too long or uninteresting will not work well for business wanting to send their message across.
Up to 21% of adults in the United States are using this platform, and interestingly more than 84% of these users are females. Since then, the network has evolved into one of the fastest growing site for sharing visual content that includes photos, images, and videos. This includes fashion, food, travel, events, interior decoration, jewelry, home improvements, DIY, and other related content most females would be interested in.
Unlike other social networks that lean heavily towards popular content, Pinterest automatically pushes old content down in lieu of fresh and more recent content. 67% of these are male and the average user age is 28, many of which are in the technical and engineering fields or industries. This makes it an ideal channel for sharing relevant content for targeted users who are present in these resources. Interestingly, Instagram is the only platform where a large number of Hispanics and blacks are registered and using the site.
Businesses should take this fact into consideration particularly when planning their content posting campaigns. This includes restaurants, clothing, technology, architecture, lifestyle and design related businesses.  Brands targeting the 18-29 age group may do well in this platform.
Once a day posting of photos, images and short 15-second videos will do well in creating good branding for your business. Again it all boils down to choosing the best platform to use that would work best with the kind of business you have and the type of targeted audiences you want to reach. Yes this post was intended to teach people how to approach the top 7 platforms specifically. In fact, it holds a crucial place in paving the way for a company’s success because it has the ability to build and strengthen relationships between customer and business. The social networks and apps are evolving so rapidly that it is no longer viable for marketers to just focus on Facebook promotions alone.
With budget limits, it is unmanageable for beginners or small businesses to build campaigns across all eminent platforms, but it is also unideal to rely on Facebook because of its worldwide use and incredible number of users that actively use and participate on the platform. Focusing on getting to know that behavior and what motivates them to buy a certain product is your goal. Their goal is to build awareness about the brand as well as get insight about the audience and visitors of the page. To ensure that the visitors of the page pay attention to this is by providing an incentive like coupon codes, special offers, gift cards etc., that are only assessable once the user has submitted the survey. Experimenting with different formats of content on different channels will help you to choose the right platform as marketer of a small business. You also become able to create diverse content in different forms while staying true to your brand identity. Use Google analytics to see the curves and graphs and extract that data to decide your platform and content marketing strategy for social media. Although Facebook is one network on social media, it is usually considered equal in the meaning, so often beginners confuse social media with Facebook only. You can only get the customers and audience to trust you if they know you and actually understand your existence in the market. We can all agree (at least I hope so) that social media is not only where the people are, it has also become a viable source of traffic, engagement and marketing for almost any business that would choose to make use of it.

Determine what your goals are and how you want to brand yourself, handle customers, advertise, and engage.
Using Pinterest for example, which is heavily skewed to a female audience may or may not be a good fit for your small business. He has a background in Direct Marketing, Online Media Buying commanding $150,000 per Month Ad budgets, Live Presentations, and has extensive experience designing Marketing Funnels that make money. During these events, Kyle takes business owners of all sizes and their teams on a crash course through the NH Strategic Marketing 8-Step Perfect Customer System.
This marketing system has helped many businesses become the #1 company in their local market and it is based on principles that have been proven in over 350 industries. His experience gives him the ability to know exactly how to drive traffic to our website, which has led to directly to increased sales. I worked with Kyle for a couple of years and his ability to manage a project and keep all the wheels turning on time and in the right direction is remarkable.
He has a knack for coming up with quick and simple solutions on the fly, and he’s renowned for ensuring fast implementation of them. What that means is doing whatever it takes to reach full potential and exceed expectations in rapid fashion.
I never dreamed it would be possible to actually build a relationship with a client that I’ve never seen or met. If you’re serious about growing your business then Kyle is the guy that I recommend for the job. However, many are not finding the results they envisioned, getting inconsistent results from all their efforts and investments. Another pitfall businesses fall into is joining these social networks all at once, spreading their social media resources and manpower too thin – resulting in sub-par results. Because users are required to include real identities and personal details upon registration, it would be easier to use targeted advertising intended for certain demographics when you make use of Facebook’s advertising tool.
Another example is generating up to 60% more engagement by keeping posts shorter than 250 characters. Twitter is the fourth largest social network in terms of usage, with up to 46% accessing the site every day and use the features and services more extensively than other platforms. User demographics are on the higher-aged range, with up to 79% aged from 35 years old and above.
It’s an ideal network for companies, employers and headhunters looking for skilled or professional manpower, as well as professionals, freelancers and service providers looking for employment or projects. Job postings are of course welcome as well as informative materials on products, services and technologies posted at least two times but not more than four times a week. It is a good channel to deliver compelling visual materials to targeted audiences, with really good ones going viral and have the potential of reaching millions of Internet users across the whole social media sphere.
A good frequency is to publish new materials at least once or twice a week, with tutorials, how-to’s and demonstrations favored over videos that are obviously marketing in nature. But aside from its platform suitable for e-commerce businesses, products and services relying on visual elements for branding can do well using this platform. Thus, businesses should focus on posting multiple times each day during strategic hours where engagement and click-throughs would be at their highest.
It would be hard and impractical to maintain a presence on all social networks, so choose wisely and select only the best – those that deliver the best results. Look at their interests, their age, gender, education, income and other such things because this information will lead you into creating the best content for a preferred platform. Lead capture pages can play a crucial role for any business in deciding their platform for social media campaign as they have ability to collect the information in the form of opt ins and survey forms. Its unique features like publisher tool, live streaming, Facebook groups, Facebook events, Facebook tabs and many more offer a chance for your business to do great things. Once you have clarified your social media goals, you will be able to get the best ROI you can imagine. It will only work if you are devoted to consistently providing value and engaging with people. He’s got more tricks up his sleeve than a seasoned stage magician, and his results speak for themselves. These two qualities combined make for an incredible helper and partner when it comes to putting your products and services in front of your target market.
He has helped me go from being completely unaware of the process to applying simple, easy-to-follow instructions that has taken my Online Marketing much further than I could have ever imagined.
He can see what affect and impact growing a business will have on an organization and partner with Leadership to design the best plan to meet the new demand in a professional and customer-serving way. Following Kyle’s tried-and-true principles, you will be using tools that previously successful organizations have employed to create phenomenal outcomes. Kyle quickly showed me how my thinking was flawed, and how in today’s economy there is a replacement service or product around every corner. He’s been the largest contributing factor to my personal success, and I continue to work with him to this day.
So connecting with real people in a more meaningful way through Facebook can help businesses generate valuable leads that would often end-up as loyal customers or followers. Ideal post frequency is once or twice a day with posts on Thursdays and Fridays getting engagement rates by as much as 18% higher than other days.
Check out our Digital Marketing Services today and let us help you in achieving positive and profitable results for your business. Anything less will be sniffed out as a lame effort to grab some cheap traffic and leads, rather than trying to actually engage with your audience. The bottom line is that Kyle can help you grow your business, streamline normal business operations, reach new customers, and build your brand in new ways. He provides sound advice, suggestions and recommendations that can be put to use immediately. As a veteran of Team-Building, I would have no hesitation having Kyle be part of my team, if not leading the team to the goals it has set. If you base your investments on measurable results, you need look no further than Kyle’s track record. Kyle has had extensive, provable results and outcomes that he can point to as evidence of his abilities.
Kyle uses sustainable and effective methods that have been tested and produce the kind of success that few people can achieve. This has been quite possibly the biggest component to my personal success in the market place. My Internet Marketing dreams are coming true because of Kyle’s guidance and I am looking forward to great success as long as I follow his lead. You are fortunate to be working with someone that has already been through the battles and is bringing back to you the right way to take your business to the next level and beyond.
Make the time, make the investment and create your success using Kyle’s Online Marketing tools. One of the most impressive attributes Kyle possesses is his level of care for you and your success; he makes sure that level of care always comes first.

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