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Full-time, regular employees receive 100% employer-paid health care benefits, vacation, etc. Raw Story does publish the work of freelance reporters and reviews pitches from interested reporters. Raw Story only publishes exclusive, original, timely, reported journalism in keeping with the editorial mission and voice of the site. Interested candidates should be quick learners who are able to work in a fast-paced environment and have exceptional writing, blogging, and multimedia skills.
Social Media Marketing is a method of achieving responsiveness for a website through Social Media Platforms.
Six D Marketing Solutions (P) Ltd offers NDI’s Optotrak® PRO Series Optical Tracker, a portable coordinate measuring machine for scanning and probing with dynamic referencing in one system.
Quickly bring physical parts into the digital domain with handheld laser scanners that combine instant tracking performance with high-speed, non-contact surface scanning.
Wireless capability and significantly improved accuracy make this the tracker of choice for the shop floor. We help increase awareness for your products by running campaigns on the leading affiliate networks.

We help you improve your website's visibility in search engines via organic (non- paid) search results. Pitches should be sent to the executive editor, Tony Ortega, and be limited to 5-6 sentences that explain what the story is, what the original reporting will show and which sources will be used.
Pieces accepted and published by Raw Story may not be reprinted elsewhere, including on personal sites, and nothing should be sent to us for republication.
They also put in considerable work on creating a strategy and then research is performed on audience identification. Optotrack PRO series is specifically designed for the shop floor, a wireless, armless and beamless system that is quick and easy to set up, with a small footprint to address today's congested workspaces.
Raw Story is an equal opportunity employer and is particularly interested in publishing reported stories from people underrepresented in the media. Instead you’ll receive real, hands-on training in producing one of the top independent news and political sites in the US. Mobile Phones play a major role in allowing organisations to notify their users of latest offers and other news in real time, and exposing users to frequent advertisements. Therefore, if you are business owner in London, it would be an excellent idea to contact a social media agency in London.

This highly customizable and scalable system has three measurement volume sizes and various configurations to address specific price and performance requirements.
We publish pieces between 750 and 1000 words; journalists interested in longer form pieces should consider how they can be broken up iteratively to hew to that format. As an intern, you’ll help keep our editors on top of breaking news, manage our wire service content, help us with social media, pitch and write stories, and help produce video content. According to the statistics, Facebook has come in at first place with the most active users and Instagram at the last. Raw Story reserves the right to reject submitted stories for any reason, and does not pay kill fees.

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