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I later found out this VP secretly sold the defective products to his customer any way, simply adding our claim payment to his bottom line (and annual bonus payment) through some accounting jujitsu. The dude was eventually fired for this type of behavior, but that did little to comfort me when I still had to work with him every day.
I knew that I would only be in the sales position for a few years at the most, so I decided to weather the storm and approach the challenge patiently and calmly, as long as my own ethics or any laws were not compromised. Understanding this wisdom is difficult but a key to success in a fiercely competitive world. I’m currently working with a supplier that is imposing new processes that will take up more of my time and dramatically hurt my cash flow. They may get away with it for awhile if the switching costs are high, but in general the information flow of the web has dis-intermediated many traditional competitive hurdles. I believe what is really challenging companies today is that our values are changing rapidly. Yes, companies must adapt, but they cannot adapt by simply meeting the new broad market demands and trends.
I don’t believe you, me and everyone else are becoming so similar that companies need to move to center and lose the very meaningful differentiation that comes from serving these niche markets. The other point is that at least for me, my competitive advantage is the sum of my experiences.
If you can’t work with a customer for whatever reaon, long experience teaches me that you walk away. The customer is still the customer; but how you find your customers and how you set up the engagement with those customers is just as vital as the actual exchange of goods, services and products for the price they cost. An excellent point — often customers don;t know what they want until you show it to them! Hello Hansjorg, I’ve been finding customer behavior, and decisions are mostly emotional.  What have you been finding?

Yes, I knew I was in trouble when I asked a potential new customer who their customer is and they said every person on the planet. The other aspect to poor service, even if you are unable to switch companies, is the word of mouth that customer will now spread. Thank you for the kind words, you are consistently putting out content that challenges me or makes me stop and think. But eventually they will get found out, and if you can hold your head up while they flounder, then you will be all the better for it.
The dilemma when starting out (a company or small biz) and you have only a few customers is how far should one bend to accommodate your customers?
Any chance you have ever felt right as a customer and or wronged by the person doing the selling. I think there is an interesting dynamic at play.
This is an interesting point and I think a key here is that I would not want to encourage any behavior that lets anybody off the hook for bad quality. I’ve been trained to define my ideal customer, attract them, and work with them exclusively. How do you empower employees to proactively manage customer relationships when they go sour, and what can you put in place to ensure that both the customer and the sales team win? Not just difficult and demanding people, but unethical, bullying, liars at Fortune 100 companies. This is an unfortunate development but they really only have one choice: Figure out how to adapt to the customer service needs AND maintain a low cost structure. But sometimes, as business owners you need to identify when the customer isn’t right for your business.
They must again find niche markets and make the tradeoffs [every company makes them] that align with these markets.
Instead, they need to adapt their differentiated value proposition, ensure there is a viable market for that value proposition and stop believing that something is still differentiated and viable today just because it was before.
I wrote a peice not so long ago at my blog on the fact the customer is nearly always wrong! There are services I still use-despite the fact that they are not ideal-because of a myriad of reasons, but the first chance I get I will warn anyone to stay away before they get stuck. I love the fact you provide a forum for all of us to share our reactions and you take the time to respond, refuting, supporting, or generally setting us straight!

Sadly (in a lot of cases) they are and you have to put up with a lot of idiots in positions of power (I use the term idiots only because I don’t want to get not posted for word abuse!).
But I would go to the ends of the earth for the ones I respected and who treated me fairly and in a spirit of partnership.
Taking an enlightened and progressive view of business will help everybody win in the end and create new value on many different levels.
It was taking advantage of power in a stupid way that ultimately led to his professional demise. They’re not going to be able to dictate customer expectations and still compete in the long term.
Otherwise all of these companies are responding to the broad market and moving to the center with their offerings.
So in the end, it is always better to look at the emotional aspect of a decision to be on the right track. If you can’t please a customer, it is almost better to simply say no than leave such a negative impression that it hurts your word of mouth marketing, referrals being the second largest source of purchasing decisions.
It’s when a sales person is selling to someone who does not practice the art of sales for a living that everything seems to go wrong. In the process, they lose the ability to have a meaningfully differentiated value to niche markets they once served. In the first example that was not an option but it is something I have exercised in my own business.
Now I have your adage to repeat instead, and it’s a much more comfortable one when dealing with clients like the ones you mention. It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way.

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