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You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
In this month’s round-up, the two main alerts are in the sections about search marketing (notifying about a major Google algorithm update) and social media marketing (an alert about the impending Facebook brand page change). Applying Pareto’s 80:20 rule to marketing - this post proved one of the most popular of the month - many find Pareto’s rule familiar!
Latest SEO techniques from SMX London - Gavin Llewellyn reported on 5 SEO trends to be aware of. Auditing your site after relaunch Planning for site relaunches often ends at the ‘go live date’. Avoiding CRM project failure - Neil Davey canvasses opinion on the reasons behind the failure of CRM projects and reasons behind it.

Everyone in business knows about SWOT analysis, but I find when training that, relatively few know the much more powerful TOWS analysis that helps you plan forwards rather than look backwards. Our most popular post around social media marketing this month was by consultant Miriam Shaviv, author of our new social media template and example social media plan.
Marie Page explains how you can take advantage of the page layout in your Facebook marketing. Given the strength of Google and its impact on sales marketers are forced to hold their breath whenever a major new update is announced because of the fear of this type of problem. He also alerted us to these improvements in Google’s Keyword Planner, particularly to show mobile search behaviour.
Here I look at examples of the trend for home pages to use landing page techniques to increase their effectiveness.

All businesses go through a natural evolution in their use of email marketing as with this example from Argos. Our post reviewed techniques to assess the impact of this latest update announced on 21st May and other Google algorithm updates.
This free template and presentation helps you review where you are at and plan future improvements.

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