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It’s early November which means that marketing directors are busy planning efforts for the New Year.
It’s a far from perfect marketing plan template and it certainly isn’t much to look at, but I’ve been using it for close to 6 years now, and people who I share it with seem to appreciate its simplicity.
You should never launch a marketing initiative without a plan, yet I meet way too many marketers that get caught up in the day to day and forget about the big picture.
And as an added bonus, the global tactical documents help you next November when you are trying to remember what worked and what didn’t. Use Marketing project plan, open this template on your Excel 2013 for Project Management templates.
Currently we have more than 425+ Presentation Designs and Project Management templates ready to download, and more new templates will be added periodically!
Download this Resume Template to gain instant access to all the pages of the resume and cover letter. Other documents can guide the details of these initiatives; this document is focused on giving you a high level perspective.

We specialize in PR and marketing services for technology solution providers and B2B companies. Your strategic business plan is the catalyst that drives you toward action and a tactical marketing plan template will allow you to breakdown the steps that you will take towards achieving your business goals. Each piece is necessary and has its place, but it’s nice to see the whole year laid out on one sheet.
Walker Sands Digital offers a wide array of digital marketing solutions and helps firms to get the most from their online presence. The easy-to-use tactical marketing plan template allows you to enter your project requirements, list the tasks and log who is responsible for the oversight of each task.
On the template there is an area for listing the budgeted expense of each task, the timeline of events and completed tasks, color coded status update on each task along with relevant comments concerning the coded status.In the lower portion of the section for each determined goal there is an area that is used to summarize the result of the completed tactical marketing process. All of the pertinent information is there on one sheet in an easy to read outline.Use the tactical marketing template to document progress with social media marketing campaigns. Just because social media is a less expensive way of advertising does not mean that it should be left off of the tactical marketing plan.Download: Tactical Marketing Plan TemplateNot what you were looking for?

For marketing purposes, it’s likely that you are going to have a lot more expenses to keep track of than you would for a private budget. For anyone keeping track of marketing expenditure, this marketing budget template will help you to divide your expenses into individual categories. In each category, you have the following headings: estimated quantity, estimated cost, estimated subtotal and notes. These will allow you to successfully divide your business expenditure and easily keep track of it.
Finally, you will be able to enter your estimated marketing grand total.In addition, there is a budget plan chart included in the template. This will let you input your information into a pie chart for easy and fast viewing of the division of your expenditure.

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