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As the new decade opens, marketers are reflecting about what changes it will bring for advertising and media. It should also be noted that while digital media has been growing, the total advertising and media industry have been shrinking, at least in terms of jobs (see chart). Meanwhile a cottage industry is springing up to service the growing demand for social media programs. My prediction for 2010 and beyond, is that digital will continue to grow at the expense of traditional media in the race to attract consumers’ attention. We’ve all heard the apocryphal stories of a friend’s friend who was turned down for that high-flying city job because the HR department found pictures of his stag weekend on Facebook. How can you ensure this doesn’t happen to you?  Toby Vacher, Head of Product at social profile experts explains some things to keep in mind.
This is perhaps the most obvious point to get out of the way first, but the simplest rule to ensure you don’t slip up is to think twice before you post to public platforms such as Twitter, photo-sharing websites and (if your settings are relaxed) even Facebook. Facebook is actually a private social network, but many of us aren’t aware of the myriad settings available to us to hide what we post from people who don’t need to see it. Chances are, you’ve been active online for a long time now, and you probably have a huge number of social profiles dotted around the web.
The idea is not just to ruthlessly delete everything you’ve ever done online, but to be more selective over the content you think shows off your knowledge and expertise in the best light.

If you’ve gone through the above 4 points and are pretty happy with the way you’re presented online, start to think about how you can bring all these elements together and make sure anyone looking you up will find exactly what you want them to see. Don’t forget though, that you’re not all about your work, so make sure your personal profiles complement your professional ones and hopefully even enhance your job prospects. Toby Vacher is the Head of Product at - a beta-stage startup based in London’s ‘Tech City’ hoping to become the best place for professionals, freelancers, hobbyists and other individuals to showcase their work, knowledge or passion online. Josh Bernoff of Forrester who writes the blog, Groundswell, points out that consumers spent 34% of their total media time online in 2009, yet digital media amounts to just 12% of all media spending. According to Ad Age, employment in the advertising and marketing services industry is down 10% from its 2007 all-time high, a loss of approximately 76,300 jobs. Individuals and small firms are filling a vacuum created by larger agencies who are finding it difficult to produce social media programs profitably — or that clients are not confident they can produce at all, I am not quite sure which.
Or will traditional agencies figure out how to absorb these renegade providers into their model?
The marketers who will thrive in the coming decade will be those who know how to bring the tools and the strategies together.
If you’re posting something that doesn’t make you look good, post it somewhere more appropriate, more private, or don’t post it at all. In the top bar, look for the padlock icon, then drill down into the settings to ensure only your friends see what you post on a day-to-day basis.

This cottage industry has little overhead and offers enthusiastic and creative practitioners who understand the new tools and platforms and are willing to try new things. Showing some personality, or that you have a number of exciting hobbies and interests, is definitely something you want to hold onto within your online presence.
Although things are stabilizing they are unlikely to ever return to the levels of 2000 — when employment was 19% higher than it is today.
Many are Millennials who unable to find a traditional PR or advertising job are innovating their way into an entirely new kind of marketing career, leveraging their knowledge of the target and of digital media.
Regardless, I am in agreement with Denuo’s Rishad Tobaccowala that we are about to enter an exciting new age in marketing, where strategy and execution are more closely aligned than ever before. Search your own name, and go a few pages deeper into the results than usual to uncover your long-forgotten profiles.

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