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VLC Media Player is an Open Source Multimedia Player licensed with GPL that allows you to view videos and listen to audios in practically any format. The application also supports several subtitle formats, like SRT, ASS, and other files extracted from disks.
The interface is plain, but you are able to customize it with the skins that are available. VLC Media Player is one of the most-used media players now available, not just for its stability and versatility when it comes to playing all sorts of multimedia files, but also for the number of extra features it includes. Download free Elmedia Player from this page and install this WMV player for Mac by dragging the APP file to your Applications folder. Play WMV on Mac for free with a versatile and easy-to-use Elmedia Player, which can play various media formats and features a great variety of easily customizable settings for your utter convenience. Despite of Microsoft Window’s simplicity of use that has got itself so many home PC users, there is no denying of the rise of popularity that Apple iMac has seen over past few years.
If you have been looking for Mac-centered home entertainment hub or mobile cinema on your Mackbooks, you are in luck. DVDFab Mac Blu-ray Player is a powerful Blu-ray player software for Mac and plays any Blu-ray on Mac perfectly. In an effort to ensure every Mac user’s audio-visual experience, DVDFab Media Player for Mac plays 1080p Blu-ray without any quality loss. Every image, every action, still or moving, is delicately displayed, while the DTS HD Master Audio, Dolby True HD Audio makes sure you are not compromising in the entertainment section even a bit.
DVDFab Media Player for Mac allows users to play Blu-ray ISO files, folders and other video files for free for lifetime, so that if you have an army of movie folders stored on your HDD, and never play real disc, then it’s free for you forever. DVDFab Media Player for Mac can play the newly released Blu-ray disc, even if they are copy-protected.
All you need is a live internet connection, as this Mac Blu-ray player software needs access the server to remove the protections online.
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Never miss a cool daily giveaway, Subscribe by email now: Sign up for our RSS Feed and get Free Giveaway Software like this. Because VLC Media Player can be run by command-line interface, Telnet, or a web navigator, its functionality goes above and beyond that of other media players. These are some of the many features that lots of people don’t know about for the player from VideoLan, such as the option to change the format of your videos, do live captures of what’s happening on the screen, download YouTube videos, or even record disks in physical format. It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network. Automatically download subtitles in VLC Media Player for Mac - How to get VLC for Mac OS X to download subtitles automatically.. This is a format developed by Microsoft for Internet streaming and watching videos on a personal computer. The most beneficial feature of WMV is that this format allows large video files to be compressed, while the rich quality of the video is kept. You can watch not only WMV movies, but other various file types too: FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), RM and RV (Real), MOV, MP4, AVI, etc. But when it comes to 3D Blu-ray Playing Laptops, Apple iMacs are still incapable of playing them on their own; not unless you connect an external Blu-ray drive and install a Mac Blu-ray player software that plays back the Blu-ray discs. It seamlessly plays Blu-ray discs, folders, ISO image files, and all types of video files, 3D or non-3D, and brings absolutely the best audiovisual experiences on your Mac. This Mac software player can decrypt the protections on spot immediately upon loading the disc from optical drive, no matter it is the AACS or the latest BD+.

If you are an avid Mac user who enjoys playing Blue-ray discs then this is perhaps the best software option that you have to choose from today. Prior to starting this blog, TechChunks has spent many productive years as a Software Engineer, Wordpress Blogger, Corporate Trainer, Frequent Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader.
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However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program.
Windows Media Video files are basically ASF (Advanced Systems Format) files that include audio, video or both, compressed with WMA (Windows Media Audio) and WMV (Windows Media Video) codecs.
Thanks to video compression inside this format, movies and other video programs can be easily viewed on a PC.
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