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As a follow up to Justina€™s recent post on ad network bullshitting, we thought wea€™d share with you a more comprehensive list of mobile advertising networks that facilitate buying, selling or exchanging mobile traffic in some form.For our own internal competitive analysis, we track over 100 various mobile app and web ad companies. Richard is the Global Marketing Director for PapayaMobile, a cross platform social gaming network for Android and iOS. So, while the recent media excitement over mobile ad networks (post Google’s plan to acquire AdMob, in November 2009) is welcome, the speculation over which mobile ad network is biggest is counter-productive. First, no one really knows what ad network is biggest (as research operations such as IDC or Nielson will tell you).
Analyzing the data submitted by the 14 networks (so far) profiled in The mobiThinking guide to mobile advertising networks suggests 10 considerations that are more important than revenue. For definitions and more details on each category or network see the section in the mobiThinking guide onblind networks; premium blind networks and premium networks. Entrepreneurs being entrepreneurs, Tewari was very fascinated with the rapidly changing mobile internet.
The second one was when InMobi received funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers (KPCB), a renowned global venture capital firm. An InMobi China PR representative later said the company is seeing 400-million impressions a day, serving 30 000 applications in China. InMobi has offices in Beijing and Shanghai with more than 50 people running its China operations. Growing from a startup to a multi-national corporation, InMobi faces challenges like any fast growing young company would too.
This article by Willis Wee originally appeared on Tech in Asia, a Burn Media publishing partner.

Tech in Asia is an online technology news startup based in Asia, with team members all across the region. He has six yearsa€™ experience successfully marketing global digital and mobile brands in the Europe, Asia and the US. The only way to tell is by revenue and (unlike car manufacturers) no network reveals revenue data. Advertisers, publishers (and, for that matter, investors) should choose a network based on its suitability. Tewari is an engineer by training, studied at Harvard Business School, and worked at consulting firm McKinsey. Therefore, with more interest in the advertising side of the business, mKhoj was founded in 2007. Outside of India, it has offices and operations in Australia, Taiwan, the US, the UK, France, Italy, Russia, Germany, China and more. Tewari believes that by the end of 2013, InMobi will be the largest mobile ad network in the country. When looking for talent, Tewari says that hunger and passion are the key things he is looking for. Tewari said that as a young organization with little processes it was tough running a global operation with 25 offices while keeping one culture, one system, and communicating clearly with everyone. He now leads PapayaMobilea€™s global marketing efforts including strategy, branding, mobile marketing, digital, PR and community management with a team of 9 spanning both the US and China. In between all that, Tewari also had some experience working in startups while he was in Silicon Valley.

Tewari and his team started to dabble and among their first few projects was a VOIP application and also a chat application. The first was when the team decided to pivot when their chat application wasn’t gaining traction. Secondly we realized quickly there were no definitive lists of all the mobile advertising channels- often they'd be incomplete or out of date, so we hope this list will give you a great starting point if you want a good overview of whoa€™s out there right now.
Or do you buy the most suitable car for your requirements (based on speed, fuel economy, looks, reliability, exclusivity, expense, price, comfort etc). The third turning point was when InMobi received US$200-million in funding from Softbank which really helped the company scale quickly in various markets. Whereas Justina€™s list was focused on those few networks we think are really awesome (including our own app promotion and monetization network a€“ AppFlood), the following list of ad platforms is what we consider to be the top 50 most popular. InMobi was also recently crowned by MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 most disruptive companies in the world.
They partner with ad networks to deliver better results for publishers.A In addition to publishers, AdMarvel works with a broad range of players in the ad ecosystem to improve the performance of mobile advertising.

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