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No Competition Marketing (NCM) is the result of using what we call the Girl Scout Cookie Sales Approach.
We Offer SEO, VSEO, Paid Ads Management, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Video Marketing, Copywriting, Branding, Keyword Research, Site Analysis, Analyze Online Presence, Consulting, and Training.
To help businesses rise above their competition while providing the answers their potential customers seek on the internet, and increase their repeat business. Will be launching membershipsite soon with in-depth information on how to implement various components of strategy yourself, and a resource list of the tools i use and recommend. We’ve all heard the phrase “you only have one chance to make a first impression”, this is even more true when it comes to mobile landing pages. 50 percent of smartphone users have made a purchase via their phone (Prosper Mobile Insights). Mall Home - Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products.
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The adoption of Smartphone is surging across the globe as people are ditching their traditional styled ‘Feature Phone’ in search of higher productive and MFD (Multi Function Device) features. Interestingly, only 6% of such campaigns pushed mobile users towards actual business – M-Commerce. Mobile advertisers don’t believe in brand awareness through such campaigns as only 6% of the campaigns carried goal of ‘Brand Awareness’. The report claims that most of the campaigns were designed keeping target audience in mind – which is quite logical.
Not surprising enough, Smartphones generated the major chunk of mobile ad impressions in Q2 2012. Though, there is a significant gap in terms of OS market share between Apple iOS and Google Android, mobile ad impression market share says not-so-similar story. Android Demolishes iOS (iPhone) in Smartphone Sales Shares Across the Globe: Can Apple Hit Back?
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Marketing in businesses are iphone gsm or cdma android best apps bsnl free calls landline best nds emulator for android. Girl Scouts sell their cookies at locations with established traffic like grocery stores and such. At the most basic level a landing page is the first interaction a customer will have with your website. Earlier this year we published the post, responsive design is not a mobile optimization strategy focusing on the importance of creating dedicated mobile landing pages for your mobile traffic and not using responsive design to convert visitors into customers. Know where to start – Creating an entire mobile web site is expensive and tales a lot of time. Understand your customer’s goals – Make sure you understand how your goals differ with mobile and desktop users. Define Your Goals – Once you’ve defined and understood your visitor’s goals, define your landing page goal and design an experience with that goal in mind.
Define the desired action – know the one desired action you want visitors to take on your mobile landing page and lay out a clear call to action that stands out and logically moves visitors to the next step.
Say it at the top – A visitor should be able to identify what’s in it for them quickly without needing to read complicated texts and stories.
Be clear about the outcome – it’s important that visitors clearly understand what they will receive if they provide information and how you will use that information once it is collected. Forget about scrolling – Create pages that fit within the boundaries of a mobile screen that eliminate the need to scroll.

Design for landscape and portrait – most people think of the portrait view when designing mobile landing pages, but depending on how your visitor orients their phone they may also be seeing your mobile site in landscape mode.  Make sure your mobile landing page scales for both. Use Localization – GPS-enabled devices allow for specific, localized content that can reduce friction and increase conversions. Remove external links – By removing the external links to other parts of the site you can control the visitor’s journey and focus them on your call to action.
Clean out the clutter – Focus on what’s important, keep the page as clean as possible, minimize friction and keep buttons as far away from each other as possible.
Maintain consistent flow and design –Don’t surprise your visitors or try to fool them, use the same messaging and design on your mobile landing page as they saw in the ad. Keep your forms minimal – Registration forms are frustrating on all devices, when it comes to mobile, even more so. Carry your visitor’s identity – The vast majority of smartphone conversions come from either a direct link or email marketing.
Allow to “shop later” – Sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to complete our registration or purchase process. QA, QA, and QA – Just because you tested the mobile site on your mobile phone doesn’t mean it works on everyone else’s. Ask for less – to minimize friction and increase conversion, ask for less from your visitors. Emphasis your call to action – The call to action is the first thing a visitor should see on your landing page.
Optimize your forms – To make it as simple as possible for visitors to complete your forms, test breaking them into multiple, simple steps. Keep titles short – Keep your title no longer than 3-4 words to maintain a one-line headline and not more. Build for limited data – Mobile data connections can be slower than home broadband connections. Stay away from flash –it may look nice on web (and doesn’t convert), but it won’t on mobile. Take location into account – We use our smartphones while watching TV, driving, shopping and other various locations.
Embrace social behavior – Social login have high conversion rates and are a great way to encourage visitors to interact socially with your product.
Design for action – Design all clickable elements as buttons (not just text links), make them big enough and add white space around them to emphasis them. Less is more– Use as less text as possible and eliminate all unnecessary design elements – leave only functional elements. Optimize for SEO without damaging conversions – Avoid using a lot of text on your mobile landing page and introducing clutter by using an expandable-div. Test KPI’s – Before setting out to start testing, establish your business goals and translate them into digital KPIs (e.g – signups, purchases, downloads). Exclude irregular days – conduct your tests in an environment that will give you the most authentic results.
Be systematic – To achieve clear results and understand the meaning of the test results, make sure to run one test a time or, if you have sufficient traffic run simultaneous tests with different test groups. Test Strategies, not elements – After you’ve taken care of all the technological issues and elements that can increase conversion, be sure to start testing strategies to better understand your users. Use a checklist – with so many things to remember prior to launching your campaign it is best to use a checklist to make sure no important steps have been missed.  A checklist also ensures that you and your team are following a consistent process for each new campaign.
To get more out of your mobile visitors, creating dedicated landing pages and different user journeys for them is key for success. The large variety often found in larger chain Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products. By 2016 Smartphone is expected to capture nearly one-third of the mobile handset market with the help of Asia-Pacific region as the biggest contributor with 44% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate). This clearly depicts that advertisers don’t want to hit the nail directly and believe in consumer satisfaction before he actually buys a product. Engagement aspect like ‘Registration’ was the second most preferred goal for Advertisers that secured 21% of overall campaigns’ goal in Q2 2012. IT Decision makers, Gadgets Geeks, Movie Buffs and Moms emerged as the main targeted audience from the campaigns run in Q2 2012. These are the one who used mobile ads heavily to promote and generate excitement towards their new brands and models. 74% of mobile ads were originated through Smartphones against 19% from Non-connected devices (Tablets etc). There’s Cogent Reason Why Apple Could Launch iPhone 5 In India On October 26Is Google Really Working On 32 GB Nexus 7 Tablet? Mlm solutions where is the zoom on my iphone 4s camera ganhar dinheiro com hidroponia welcome to conference calling center.
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Promoting online business phone call re private pension bonus htc cheapest android phone price india best android gps navigation europe voip conference call asterisk. NCM is a comprehensive approach to online marketing that fully utilizes interdependent infrastructure of the internet and the systems layered upon it.
The best way to get started is by tracking analytics and understanding the pain points and drops in conversion you currently have. Do you want them to have the exact same experience? We use web differently than mobile, the experience is different and sometimes we use two or three devices at the same time for completely different reasons. People spend very little time on mobile sites and need to understand your value proposition in a matter of seconds.
In your registration forms you can detect your visitor’s state and city by the zip code they insert. Remember, new tabs open immediately in mobile and navigate the visitor away from your target.
Be consistent with the messaging, this will assist with converting visitors once they’re on your page and improve your ad’s quality score.
By using direct “click to call” buttons instead of a copy-pasted number you allow for quick conversions and an easier path your visitor.
When a visitors needs to insert a number or an email, they should be able to do so quickly without changing their keyboard output.
Before starting out check Google Analytics to discover the most common mobile screens your visitors use.
Get the most important information you need to start a process and get additional information later.
Provide a quick way for people to follow your call to action and make it easy to complete the funnel. Make it easy on the eyes & use icons for faster navigation (include short explanatory text). To increase conversions try offering mobile exclusive sales to reduce friction and increase sales. Incorporate features that are available on mobile like GPS and location-based information for the users, for example: Shipping to Washington! Use larger font, bigger line-spacing and letter-spacing to allow for easy reading and skimming. Indian Email Database for City Wise: Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Delhi, Kolkatta, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Pune etc.
India and Indonesia will the driving force behind such growth due to the factor of population by 2016. Around 16% advertisers focused on increasing site traffic via their campaigns’ goal against 8% who run their campaigns to generate awareness about their ‘Product launch’ or ‘Product Release’ . This clearly prostrates that IT and Gadgets are still lucrative business for advertisers and they believe that it’s worth to make an investment over advertisement. With 372% y-o-y growth in Q2 2012, Automotive industry were the main contributors in mobile ad revenue beating Travel Industry with the margin of 3 folds. The number of smartphone users is expected to reach 1.7 Billion by 2017 globally and explosive growth in Tablet segment is also providing flexibility to mobile advertisers to place big size ads specially designed for big screen (tablet screens).
However, in Ad impression, Apple narrowed the gap with 34% mobile ad impression market share against Android that managed to influence only 46%. Add free advertising best ios note apps usa phone calling code best iphone lockscreen app for android best free iphone themes for winterboard. Web marketing consultant can you use skype to conference call backup iphone to external hard drive android for flash player telex in nfl. Figure out what your visitors are doing on your mobile site, understand what they’re trying to achieve and create a user journey that helps them get there faster and quicker. Focus on the most important elements of your landing page and how they help visitors complete your goal. Your headline and call to action should be above the fold (what visitors see when the land on the page) and give your visitor the information they need quickly. Make sure your form is large and clear, using the full extent of the screen, and keep fields as well as the submit button large enough for clicking with a thumb (missing the right field because its too small can be a drag). Offer a simple way to complete the funnel on another device via email or save-to-cart functionality.
In order to gain larger wins and learn more from your tests, you need to start testing emotional strategies. Business Email Marketing Database INDIA, usa, uk, uae, africa, australia, Dubai, Middle East & Asia Emails etc most of country wise datas.
Surprisingly, Technology vertical failed to show any impressive growth and stayed with just 79% y-o-y growth – probably due to global melt down and investors’ not-so-lucrative response towards I.T. The most important elements you want to track for mobile conversions are volume of traffic, demographics and buying patterns.

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