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Samsung Galaxy S5 has been finally announced which is the next flagship model for the year 2014. Just in case if you missed and wanted to check on what all Galaxy S5 comes with, then do check out the detailed review of Galaxy S5 which we did at the Mobile World Congress. Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic.
Another space themed wallpaper, Real Space 3D Pro Live Wallpaper is more sci-fi than realistic. While the Christmas Tree 3D Live Wallpaper is definitely seasonal, it is one to check out when the holiday season comes around. Another wallpaper that simulates the beautiful outside world is the Forest HD Live Wallpaper.
If you’d rather your wallpaper be trippy than peaceful then the UltimateTunnel 3D Live Wallpaper is the wallpaper for you. And for all those who are waiting to make use of the wallpapers of Galaxy S5, we will help fulfil your wish. Since these wallpapers are the static wallpapers and not the live wallpapers, almost every smartphone can make use of these stock wallpapers of Galaxy S5.
Open the Gallery and find for the Galaxy S5 wallpapers to long press and set the same as your wallpapers.
Stay tuned to more Galaxy S5 wallpapers addition as we will also add the Live wallpapers of Galaxy S5 in this article.
Wallpapers are such a mainstay for phones in general especially on Android that you can find cool ones all over.
Basically the Real Space 3D Pro Live Wallpaper has your wallpaper emulate what it would look like if your phone was a window of a spaceship. The Christmas Tree 3D Live Wallpaper is just like having your own Christmas tree in your pocket.

The wallpaper shows what it would look like to be looking out of your window in a high rise building in the future. As the name implies, the UltimateTunnel 3D Live Wallpaper has you traveling through tunnels with all the twists and turns. While we are still waiting for complete wallpaper pack of Galaxy S5, we got 2 of the wallpapers which are from Samsung Galaxy S5.
The stock wallpapers of Samsung Galaxy S5 cannot be downloaded directly from the smartphone itself, because these are a part of the TouchWiz UI and they are locked.
We here at pride ourselves on finding the best and coolest live wallpapers and that is why we have decided to compile a top list of the best 3D live wallpapers for Android. It features all the planets and colored nebulae that tilt with your device’s gyroscope. You can pick between looking at Earth, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Mercury or Jupiter and each have actual detailed terrain. As the title suggests it simulates living in a nice rustic log cabin and does an excellent job at that. There are different fish options you can have in your wallpaper aquarium such as clown fish, koi, angelfish and more. While this wallpaper is relatively simple compared to the rest of the entries on this top list it still deserves the mention.
You literally can go on hikes within your wallpaper to discover a log cabin, waterfalls, and more.
On top of that the Space City Free 3D LWP Live Wallpaper has multiple camera angles and dynamic weather.
In the Google PLAY Store, there are many apps which pretend to offer Galaxy S5 launcher and themes along with the Galaxy S5 wallpapers but doesn’t offer you the original wallpapers.
Do bookmark this article so that you can refer back for additions of remaining stock wallpapers of Galaxy S5.

In addition to it just being a really cool time waster of an app it is pretty customizable. The Real Space 3D Pro Live Wallpaper really makes your phone look amazing with the details it has. Features of the My Log Home ILWP Live Wallpaper include seasons with real time weather, 360 degree viewing, interactive items, particle effects, built in calender and clock, customization options and more.
Yes, the Bright Sparkling King Diamond Live Wallpaper is just a big shimmering diamond with a black background but it is presented in crisp HD graphics. Wildlife abounds and you’ll find yourself admiring the birds, deer, and waving grass. Also the wallpaper has all the features you would want your wallpaper to have such as a clock, calender, etc. The UltimateTunnel 3D Live Wallpaper is certainly an interesting and fun wallpaper to have and put you into a trance!
It comes with one customary NBA themed wallpaper and you can buy the rest of the 30 teams if you’re inclined. The Christmas Tree 3D Live Wallpaper is perfect for the holiday season and is great that it is so customizable.
The My Log Home ILWP Live Wallpaper is chocked full of features that really blew my idea of what a wallpaper could be out of the water. Everything is in beautiful 3D and really the My 3D Fish II Live Wallpaper is the next best thing to having a real aquarium. Pretend you’re super rich and download the Bright Sparkling King Diamond Live Wallpaper to show off to all your friends!

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